Key Strategy Tools: The 80+ Tools For Every Manager To Build A Winning Strategy by Vaughan EvansKey Strategy Tools: The 80+ Tools For Every Manager To Build A Winning Strategy by Vaughan Evans

Key Strategy Tools: The 80+ Tools For Every Manager To Build A Winning Strategy

byVaughan Evans

Paperback | December 5, 2013

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The strategy tools you need for your business to succeed!

Let Key Strategy Tools be your guide to developing a winning strategy for your firm.  Cherry-pick the most useful approaches for your business and create a robust strategy that withstands investor scrutiny and becomes your roadmap to success. 

Covering 88 tools and framed within an innovative strategy development process, the Strategy Pyramid, this user-friendly manual takes you through each step of the process.  Whether analysing your market, building competitive advantage or addressing risk and opportunity, you’ll find the strategic thinking tools you need at every stage in your strategy development. 

Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Key Management Models and Key Performance Indicators, this book delivers professional-level information in the practical and accessible framework synonymous with the Key series.

Vaughan Evans has been a strategy consultant since the mid-1980s, working with a broad range of corporate clients, from small firms to global giants, and with over 50 financier clients, both structured lenders and private equity.  For the last ten years he has been independent, specialising in business strategy, business planning and ...
Title:Key Strategy Tools: The 80+ Tools For Every Manager To Build A Winning StrategyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:376 pages, 9.2 × 6.2 × 1.1 inPublished:December 5, 2013Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Publisher's acknowledgements


   The Strategy Pyramid

   How to use this book

   Business vs corporate strategy


Section 1: Knowing Your Business


   Essential tools

   1.    Identifying key segments

   2.    Issue Analysis (Minto)

   Example: British Aerospace’s super segment

   Useful tools

   3.    The 80/20 Principle (Pareto)

   4.    The Segmentation Mincer (Koch)

   5.    5C Situation Analysis

   6.    SWOT Analysis


Section 2: Setting Goals and Objectives


   Essential tools

   7.    Setting long-term goals

   8.    Setting SMART objectives

   9.    Maximising shareholder value

   10.  Balancing stakeholder interests

   Example: Which goals count for RBS?

   Useful tools

   11.  Creating Shared Value (Porter & Kramer)

   12.  Economic Value Added (Stern Stewart)

   13.  Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map (Kaplan & Norton)

   14.  Core Ideology (Collins & Porras)

   15.  Business as a Community (Handy)


Section 3: Forecasting Market Demand


   Essential tools

   16.  Sizing the market and Marketcrafting (Evans)

   17.  The HOOF Approach to Demand Forecasting (Evans)

   Example: Galileo’s Hiccup in Market Demand

   Useful tools

   18.  Smoothing through moving averages

   19.  The Income Elasticity of Demand

   20.  Survey methods of demand forecasting

   a. Survey of customers’ intentions

   b.    Salesforce estimation method

   c. The Delphi method

   d.    Pilot test marketing

   21.  Statistical methods of demand forecasting

   a. Trend projection

   b.    Regression analysis

   c. Barometric method (NBER)


Section 4: Gauging Industry Competition


   Essential tools

   22.  The Five Forces (Porter)

   23.  Assessing customer purchasing criteria

   24.  Deriving key success factors

   Example: Woolworths succumbs to the five forces

   Useful tools

   25.  Weighing economies of scale

   26.  Corporate environment as a sixth force

   27.  Complements as a sixth force (Brandenburger & Nalebuff)

   28.  PESTEL analysis


Section 5: Tracking Competitive Advantage


   Essential tools

   29.  Rating competitive position

   30.  The Resource and Capability Strengths/Importance Matrix (Grant)

   Example: Cobra Beer’s clever competitive advantage

   Useful tools

   31.  The Value Chain (Porter)

   32.  The Product/Market Matrix (Ansoff)  

   33.  Cross,Spider and Comb Charts

   34.  Benchmarking

   35.  Structured interviewing


Section 6: Targeting the Strategic Gap


   Essential tools

   36.  The Attractiveness/Advantage Matrix (GE/McKinsey)

   37.  The Growth/Share Matrix (BCG)

   38.  Profiling the ideal player

   39.  Identifying the capability gap

   Example: Komatsu targets the cat

   Useful tools

   40.  The Strategic Condition Matrix (Arthur D Little)

   41.  The 7S Framework (McKinsey)

   42.  The Opportunity/Vulnerability Matrix (Bain/LEK)

   43.  Brainstorming

   44.  Scenario planning


Section 7: Bridging the Gap: Business Strategy


   Essential tools

   45.  Three Generic Strategies (Porter)

   46.  The Experience Curve (BCG)

   47.  Strategic repositioning and shaping profit growth options

   48.  Making the strategic investment decision

   49.  BlueOceanStrategy (Kim & Mauborgne)

   Example: Could Facebook be undone the way it undid MySpace?

   Useful tools

   50.  The Tipping Point (Gladwell)

   51.  The Price Elasticity of Demand (Marshall)

   52.  PIMS

   53.  The 4Ps Marketing Mix (McCarthy)

   54.  Product Quality and Satisfaction (Kano)   

   55.  The Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow)  

   56.  The Bottom of the Pyramid (Prahalad & Leiberthal)

   57.  Business Process Redesign (Hammer and Champy)

   58.  Outsourcing


Section 8: Bridging the Gap: Corporate Strategy


   Essential tools

   59.  Optimising the Corporate Portfolio

   60.  Creating Value from Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances

   61.  The Corporate Restructuring Pentagon (McKinsey)

   62.  Creating Parenting Value (Goold, Campbell & Alexander)

   63.  Core Competences (Hamel & Prahalad)

   64.  Strategically Valuable Resources (Collis & Montgomery)

   Example: Virrce-based strategy

   Useful tools

   65.  Strategically Distinctive Resources (Barney)

   66.  Distinctive Capabilities (Kay)

   67.  Distinctive Competences (Snow & Hrebiniak)

   68.  Dynamic Capabilities (Teece, Pisano & Shuen)

   69.  Deliberate and Emergent Strategy (Mintzberg)

   70.  Stick to the Knitting (Peters & Waterman)

   71.  Profit from the Core (Zook)

   72.  The Market-Driven Organisation (Day)

   73.  Value Disciplines (Treacy & Wiersema)   

   74.  Disruptive Technologies (Christensen)

   75.  Coopetition (Brandenburger & Nalebuff)

   76.  Growth and Crisis (Greiner)

   77.  Good Strategy, Bad Strategy (Rumelt)

   78.  Innovation Hot Spots (Gratton)

   79.  Strategy as Orientation or Animation (Cummings & Wilson)

   80.  The Knowledge Spiral (Nonaka & Takeuchi)

   81.  The Eight Phases of Change (Kotter)


Section 9: Addressing Risk and Opportunity


   Essential tools

   82.  Strategic Due Diligence and Market Contextual Plan Review (Evans)

   83.  The Suns & Clouds Chart (Evans)

   Example: Were the Beatles worth the risk?

   Useful tools

   84.  The Composite Risk Index and the 5x5 Risk Matrix

   85.  The Risk Management Matrix

   86.  Expected Value and Sensitivity Analysis

   87.  Black Swans (Taleb)

   88.  Strategy Bets (Burgleman & Grove)



References and Further Reading




Editorial Reviews

I wish I had thought of the idea for this book. Or could have done it so well! The selection of topics is excellent, the commentary astute, and the explanations simple and engaging. Richard Koch, entrepreneur, co-founder L.E.K. Consulting, author of The 80/20 Principle   This is a new, very practical and delightfully pithy approach to strategy making. It offers a fabulous compendium of the major strategy tools, woven into a no-nonsense, step-by-step strategy process. An enormously refreshing and helpful book, invaluable to novices and strategy experts alike. Marcus Alexander, Professor of Strategy and Enterprise, London Business School   A really practical guide to strategy development. All the relevant tools are explained in detail, but highlighting the essential ones is a master stroke that will save endless hours! Adrian Beecroft, Chairman, Dawn Capital and former Senior Managing Partner, Apax Partners   A comprehensive inventory of the tools and analytical frameworks of strategy. The key value of this book is the guidance it offers on how to apply these tools – and this is rooted in Vaughan Evans’ deep experience of working with them. Robert M. Grant, ENI Professor of Strategic Management, Bocconi University, Milan   This is an interesting and usable book. Evans helps you navigate through the myriad of theories and toolkits on business strategy with a highly practical approach. Whether your business is a start-up, an SME or a multi-national, use it to help you devise a coherent strategy. Anthony Karibian, CEO, Bonline Ltd and co-founder, Euroffice Ltd and XLN Telecom Ltd (both exited)   Everything you need from a tool kit, comprehensive, practical and high added value. Mike Garland, Partner and Head of Portfolio Group, Permira Advisers LLP   This book really works. I hope it becomes a standard for every management team seeking private equity; it would certainly make my life much easier. David Williamson, Managing Director, Nova Capital Management   A broad yet accessible explanation of the range of strategy tools actually used by businesses. Whether you are an experienced strategy specialist or newer to the field, you will find this an invaluable guide. Robert Samuelson, Executive Director Group Strategy, Virgin Media   Strategy is at the heart of a successful business – with this excellent book, Vaughan Evans has provided an extremely clear roadmap to achieving that success. James Courtenay, Global Head, Advisory & Infrastructure Finance, Standard Chartered Bank   A very satisfying read. This is a guide to strategy which covers all the necessary ground in a very straightforward and no nonsense way, employing a number of good real life examples of strategy in practice. It is written by a true expert and will prove an invaluable tool for anybody involved in the running of a business. Vince O’Brien, Director, Montagu Private Equity and Past Chairman of the British Venture Capital Association   It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of strategy, let alone how one guru’s work blends with those of his predecessors. Vaughan Evans has done it for us. He gives us a thorough refresher course, with each leading strategy theory, model or matrix presented as a tool in the manager’s toolkit – and carefully placed in each step of the strategy process. Each tool is described in a lucid and vivid style seldom found in a business manual. Refreshing and invaluable for a DIY strategist. Christine Harvey, former Director of Business Analysis and Planning, GlaxoSmithKline R&D    A practical approach, easy to read and understand, on how to build your business strategy, the steering direction that any business, large or small, needs to succeed. Jose-Maria Maldonado, Partner, Bridgepoint Capital, Madrid