Kinematics, Dynamics and Structure of the Milky Way: Proceedings of a Workshop on The Milky Way Held in Vancouver, Canada, May 17-19, 1982 by W.l.h. ShuterKinematics, Dynamics and Structure of the Milky Way: Proceedings of a Workshop on The Milky Way Held in Vancouver, Canada, May 17-19, 1982 by W.l.h. Shuter

Kinematics, Dynamics and Structure of the Milky Way: Proceedings of a Workshop on The Milky Way…

EditorW.l.h. Shuter

Paperback | October 15, 2011

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The idea of holding this workshop on "The Jllilky Way" arose at the conference dinner of a meeting on "Regions of Recent Star Formation" held at Penticton in June 1981. Leo Blitz (now at the University of Maryland) and I decided that there was a need, and agreed that we would organize one in Vancouver in the Spring of 1982. The purpose of the workshop was to have an intensive exchange of ideas between some of the most active workers in the field regarding the recent work which has been significantly changing our concepts of the Milky Way. To achieve this we limited the number of participants, and planned the program so that there was ample time for discussion. The meeting appeared to work very well, both scientifically and socially, and this volume contains 50 of the 55 papers that were The discussion was very lengthy, but since the papers were presented. written up after the meeting many of the points raised have been in the publications, and it seems pointless to reproduce it incorporated here. Leo and I would like to thank the many people who helped to make the meeting a success: at UBC) and Frank J. Kerr (Provost of MPSE C.V. Finnegan (Dean of Science at the University of Maryland) who welcomed the participants on behalf of the sponsoring Universities. Bart Bok who opened the scientific proceedings, and Maarten Schmidt who gave the closing summary.
Title:Kinematics, Dynamics and Structure of the Milky Way: Proceedings of a Workshop on The Milky Way…Format:PaperbackPublished:October 15, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

New Trends in Milky Way Research.- Magnetic Field Strength Measurements in Two Types of Region.- A Photometric Study of the Lower Main Sequences of the Hyades and the Field Stars.- The Coordination of Space and Ground-Based Parallax Programs for Improvement of the Stellar Luminosity Function.- Changes in Interstellar Atomic Abundances from the Galactic Plane to the Halo.- Gamma Radiation as a Tracer of the Local Interstellar Gas.- The Oort Comet Halo and Giant Molecular Clouds.- On the Local Standard of Rest.- On the Analysis of Motions Perpendicular to the Galactic Plane.- Local Galactic Structure and Velocity Field.- On the Determination of Ro.- The Velocity Fields of Gas and Stars Within 5 KPC of the Sun.- A Comparison of the Velocity Fields of Young Stellar Objects and of Sharpless HII Regions.- Determination of AR?.- Velocity Distribution of Stars and Relaxation in the Galactic Disk.- The Large-Scale Structure of Atomic Hydrogen.- Large-Scale Structure of HI in the Outer Galaxy.- More HI Shells and Supershells or a New Explanation of "Noncircular Motions" in the Galaxy.- Low Latitude Absorption Spectra.- The Distribution of Molecular Clouds in the Galaxy.- Kinematics of Molecular Clouds: Evidence for Agglomeration in Spiral Arms.- 13CO in the Galactic Plane: The Cloud-to-Cloud Velocity Dispersion in the Inner Galaxy.- How Confidently do We Know the CO Rotation Curve of the Outer Galaxy?.- The Distribution of HII Regions in the Outer Galaxy.- CO (J=2?1) Observations of Galactic HII-Regions.- Distribution of CO in the Southern Milky Way.- Galactic Emission of OH at 1720 MHz as a Tracer of Spiral Arms.- Galactic HII Regions, Anomalous 1720 MHz OH Clouds and Spiral Structure in the Galaxy.- The Large Scale Dust Distribution in the Inner Galaxy.- Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy.- The Distribution of Stars in the Galaxy.- Optical Spiral Structure between 1= 30° and 70°.- COS-B Gamma-Ray Measurements and the Large-Scale Distribution of Interstellar Matter.- The Rotation Curve of the Galaxy.- A Model for the Galaxy with Rising Rotational Velocity.- Radial Distribution of Atomic and Molecular Hydrogen from Propagating Star Formation.- Cloud-Particle Galactic Gas Dynamics and Star Formation.- Spiral Modes and the Milky Way.- A Modal Approach to Spiral Structure: Two Examples.- A Theory of Bending Waves with Applications to Disk Galaxies.- On Corotating High-Z HI.- The Mount Wilson Halo Mapping Project.- Orbital and Chemical Properties of Globular Clusters and Halo Stars.- Comments on the Galactic Halo.- Globular Clusters and the Distance to the Galactic Centre.- Globular Clusters and the Potential Well of the Galaxy.- Masses and Mystery in the Local Group.- Carbon Stars as a Constraint on Models of the Magellanic Stream and as a Kinematical Probe of the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Molecular Clouds in Spiral Galaxies.- NGC 3200: Is This What Our Galaxy is Like?.- Author Index.- Index of Astronomical Objects.