Kinks To Curls: The Natural Way Of Creating Your Desired Curly Look by Alexis PerkinsKinks To Curls: The Natural Way Of Creating Your Desired Curly Look by Alexis Perkins

Kinks To Curls: The Natural Way Of Creating Your Desired Curly Look

byAlexis Perkins, Tyshawna Witherspoon

Paperback | December 6, 2016

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Have you ever washed and conditioned your hair and thought to yourself, "Wow, this texture looks so pretty! I wish my hair would stay like this." Then your hair quickly dries into a coarse and kinky poof that you're now trying to work through and style in some manner. Are you tired of doing twist-outs night after night? Are you tired of feeling like your hair is "not good"? Well, "Kinks to Curls" is the book for you. You'll be able to make your curl pattern pop and hold over several days. Yes, ladies, no more twist-outs, and no more fighting through the kinks. "Kinks to Curls" will give you the step-by-step details on how to turn your kinks into curls, as well as how to maintain your style with a few quick and easy bedtime and morning steps. Once you discover its convenience and cost-effectiveness, you'll be able to confidently wear your natural hair and also inspire others to do the same. To get more tips and tricks or to send additional questions for your specific hair situation, please visit Alexis & Tyshawna at
Alexis Perkins graduated magna cum laude from Norfolk State University with a bachelor's degree in mass communication and broadcast journalism. Alexis then went on to get her Group Exercise Certification and Personal Fitness Trainer Certification through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She also continued her trai...
Title:Kinks To Curls: The Natural Way Of Creating Your Desired Curly LookFormat:PaperbackDimensions:48 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.68 inPublished:December 6, 2016Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Natural hair can be defined as hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical relaxers or texturizers.African American natural hair is most frequently described as "wooly" "kinky" "nappy"or even "cotton-like". Unfortunately, these are terms that are not associated with beauty. As a result, many black women feel as though their look is not desirable and seek to change it. In 1877, Garret Morgan created the relaxer with the purpose of making black women's hair more "manageable" by chemically straightening it. It was found that relaxers could also damage the hair and scalp during this process. (See Benefits of Going Natural).In May 2015 I googled "Beautiful Women". The results of my search displayed nothing but Caucasian women for the first twelve pages. The next nationality was Hispanic, then an Asian, an Indian and then finally an African America woman. Although the black woman was gorgeous I did notice that her hair was straight with extensions. I cannot remember how many scrolls it took to get to a black woman without a relaxer or weave. Needless to say black women with natural hair are not traditionally celebrated as beautiful. I believe that is all about to change.In 2009 Chris Rock released the documentary "Good Hair" that shed light on the damaging affects of relaxers as well as the perception of black beauty among black women. On Nov 10, 2015 Model Maria Borges made history by becoming the first African American to sport her natural hair on a Victoria Secret runway and Viola Davis was the highlight of the 2015 Emmys simply because pushed the envelope by wearing her "kinky fro". I would like to see this movement not only on our television screens and magazines but in the workplace as well. It is not uncommon for a person wearing their natural hair to hear that if they would like jobs in certain professions that they should straighten their hair or have it pulled back into a bun for a slick professional look. I find it interesting that straight is what most people consider professional. How can hair determine a professional look if it is clean and neat? It's like coarse hair worn naturally is viewed as the sweat pants of the workplace and straight hair is comparably seen as the business suit. In most circumstances it is white and Asian woman whose hair naturally grows straight. I am against conforming to another races natural beauty to reach an accepted look. I think professionalism should be based off cleanliness, education, and many other things that don't require changing the way our hairs grows out naturally.Currently there has been a decline in the purchase of hair relaxers and an increase of black women choosing to go natural. I believe this will continue as we learn new ways on how to take care of our beautiful natural hair. After learning how to manage my natural curls the reactions from other people was phenomenal. I was walking past a group of five black elementary school girls. I heard one whisper to the other "Is she mixed?" I turned around and asked them "Who asked if I was mixed?" and they just stared up at me. I then asked, "Why do you think I am mixed?" They replied "Because of your hair. Its so pretty! And big! and curly!" I then smiled and said "I'm black" They seemed so shocked! I said "Yes, I am black. and your black too and our hair is beautiful".When mentioning black hair that also includes blends of black or biracial. All mixtures create different kinds of curl patterns. No matter what a persons curl pattern is and no matter the length it is important to know that your hair can look absolutely stunning with just a few steps of care that can suit any level of curls across the board.It is important to redefine what society deems as beautiful. It is time to release the constraints that make people feel as though they have to alter their natural beauty. I have read articles, watched videos, and documentaries about "black hair". Many people view it in a negative unattractive light. People say things like "Natural hair is a headache" ,"I feel more confident with my weave", "Nobody wants kinky hair", the list can go on and on. This perception is what has been taught for many generations but the fact is, our hair is beautiful too! Without chemicals and without it being braided up with weave sewn on top. We have the option of wearing our hair out!I think the more we understand this and embrace it the less we will see parents putting chemicals in their little girl's hair. The more we will see a decline in the sale of relaxers. The more we will see actresses with natural hair in starring roles and not just the slave, woman in jail, black activist, or drug addict. Let's not only celebrate this for ourselves but also to show our youth that they too are beautiful naturally. Lets remove their desire to alter their hair textures via chemicals and instill in them a positive image of black beauty.All races are beautiful but unfortunately the European idea of beauty has caused media, employers, and individuals to believe that black hair is not something to be desired. Never has straight hair, loose curls, or waves been seen as unattractive or unprofessional and I think the time has come for kinky curls to be added to the list of what is beautiful. Whatever is natural is beautiful. The way that God created us is beautiful.

Table of Contents

Redefine Beauty
Benefits of Going Natural
Curl Patterns
Kinks to Curls Option 1
Kinks to Curls Option 2
Bedtime Hair Prep
Final Looks