Kitty's House Of Horrors by Carrie VaughnKitty's House Of Horrors by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty's House Of Horrors

byCarrie Vaughn

Mass Market Paperback | January 1, 2010

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Talk radio host and werewolf Kitty Norville has agreed to appear on TV's first all-supernatural reality show. She's expecting cheesy competitions and manufactured drama starring shapeshifters, vampires, and psychics. But what begins as a publicity stunt will turn into a fight for her life.

The cast members, including Kitty, arrive at the remote mountain lodge where the show is set. As soon as filming starts, violence erupts and Kitty suspects that the show is a cover for a nefarious plot. Then the cameras stop rolling, cast members start dying, and Kitty realizes she and her monster housemates are ironically the ultimate prize in a very different game. Stranded with no power, no phones, and no way to know who can be trusted, she must find a way to defeat the evil closing in . . . before it kills them all.
Carrie Vaughn had the nomadic childhood of the typical Air Force brat, with stops inCalifornia,Florida,North Dakota,Maryland, andColorado. She holds a Masters in English Literature and collects hobbies, fencing and sewing are currently high on the list. She lives inBoulder,Colorado. Her website is
Title:Kitty's House Of HorrorsFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:304 pages, 6.75 × 4.25 × 0.79 inPublished:January 1, 2010Publisher:Grand Central PublishingLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best So Far-SPOILERS Kiity and the house of Horrors Carrie Vaughn Since I discovered these books a couple of years back, they have been my guilty pleasure. I mean seriously a book series about a were-wolf named Kitty, and the titles reminiscent of old school porn or B-rated horror movies, what's not to love. In this one Kitty is finagled into being a celebrity participant on a reality show, whose production company has a dubious reputation for producing low brow sensational show. Reluctantly Kitty is brought on the project by scheming, smarmy, Hollywood producers, by lying to all of the participants. When thy get to the remote vacation lodge in Montana (so remote it is only accessible by plane or a 30 mile hike), Kitty is asked to use her skills as a talk show host to open up the participants and display and discuss their abilities to try convince a skeptic, that their abilities are real. So when they start to become uneasy about certain aspects of the production, and bodies start piling up, they realize they are effectively cutoff from the civilized world and they are being hunted. Like a horror movie they must figure out how to survive an enemy that is well financed and very studied on how to kill them, leaving them like sitting ducks and picking them off like fish in a barrel. This may be meant to be the start of premise that is to set the tone of the rest of the series, but it was also VERY good on it's own. It sets up the concept of the End Game, a power struggle within the Vampire kingdom. In this one Vaughn writes a tightly knit logical plot and subplots, with great dialogue and makes the characters come to life, making the unreal and improbable seam real and jump off the page. By far the best in the series, to date, in both writing and style, this one is a page turning mystery, that kept me burning the midnight oil. Vaughn does not bog down the plot with gratuitous violence and sex, but still has on of the most exciting books I have read in a long time, it will keep you up at night. Best book I have read so far this year, LOVED IT!
Date published: 2010-03-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from 100% Addicting Kitty's adventures just keep getting better and better along with becoming more addicting with each book! I feel like I often say this about every book when it comes to this series but honestly, this is one of my favorites. I loved the darker aspects of this book; by darker I mean the unleashed violence of being locked in a house of reality terror. Vaughn really struck gold with this plot. I felt like it was a brilliant way to dive deeper into some major players 'end game' that we learned about in Kitty Raises Hell without the book becoming 300 pages of Kitty researching and asking questions. The plot was fast paced and really put Kitty in a dire situation without her mate. And I think it was another stepping stone in showing how much our beloved wolf has grown. Vaughn has developed her characters so fabulously, never have I read one of her books and thought 'wow, where did this OOC come from?'. She writes in such a way that it just slowly happens; so feel safe in knowing that in no way does this book show Kitty as a hardened veteran battling the baddies but it definitely establishes that push come to shove our girl can push back and hard. I did miss the lack of Ben in this book. I love Kitty and Ben's interaction and they are among the few couples that were once in a potential love triangle and they actually ended up together. Normally in triangles, the pairing that occurs isn't the one I wanted. So, I love these two even more then normal because they beat the book triangle odds! Thankfully the time we did get between them was full of substance and had me smiling with glee. This book also brought the return of a beloved character and even if the plot and tease of ones end game wasn't involved I'd still be enthralled with this new addition simply for the return. If you haven't read any of this series I highly encourage you to pick it up. It's one series that I've loved from the start and will now be impatiently waiting the next book in this series.
Date published: 2010-03-07
Rated 3 out of 5 by from A More "Thriller" Take on Kitty Kitty returns, and this time the ironically named werewolf has been convinced to appear on a Reality TV show full of the supernaturals that have so recently "come out" to the world, and captured the attention of the masses. Bringing back some of my favorite characters from the previous Kitty books, Kitty's House of Horrors quickly turns into a thriller. Things are not as they seem at the remote cabin where the show is being filmed, and the death toll is quick and high. I found it a little out of character with the previous books (and once choice the author made actually made me put the book down for a while, angry) but if you're a Kitty fan, the "B" plot moves the Cormac story forward quite well. All in all, not my favorite Kitty book - just a bit too heavy on the death and carnage for me - but if you like your urban fantasy with a bit of gore, this will be right up your alley.
Date published: 2010-02-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It Shoud be Wrong to Enjoy Such a Blood Bath I'd love to just spend a few minutes inside of Vaughn's head. This book was a gruesome trip, one of the more aggressive ones in the Kitty series so far. I personally find there was much less focus on actual character development or moving the Kitty unvierse along, but it moves at a great pace and I was hooked from the beginning. Rather than life-changing revelations, it was nice to just read a horror story. This, of course, isn't to say that it was fluff in any way. Kitty is ever changing and discovering who she is. We are also introduced to some new characters... not all of which make it out alive! Together they form a colourful bunch with plenty of quirky moments. I also have to say that the brightest pages were those at the end... which elicited a small cheer from my lips. I wouldn't want to give too much away (or any names! ;) but if you follow my Carrie Vaugh nreviews, it won't be hard to guess what made this a special treat. The only thing I can bemoan is having to wait so long inbetween books! What I wouldn't give for a fastforward button.
Date published: 2010-01-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Must Read Series In this, the seventh Kitty Norville novel, Vaughn offers up another urban fantasy with quality humour, a touch of romance and just the right amount of horror. With each successive novel in this series I have claimed, this is the best one yet!....and this installment is no exception. From page one, Vaughn inhabits her characters and infuses them with charm, intelligence and wit. Kitty, a syndicated talk show host, is also a werewolf. When she and a number of other supernatural celebrities are invited to participate in a reality TV show being taped at a remote, isolated lodge, Kitty has her reservations, nevertheless she agrees to go. But when the film crew mysteriously disappears and the vampires, psychics and lycanthropes find themselves abandoned in a building with the phone dead and the electricity cut off, Kitty knows there's going to be trouble. Just like an Agatha Christie novel, someone starts eliminating the housemates and the terrified survivors begin bickering among themselves as they realize this is a slice of reality they want no part of. Vaughn captures and holds your attention from the get-go. I could not put this book down and read it practically in one sitting. Although I have never been a fan of reality television, I found myself enjoying the whole reality show concept and reading Vaughn's take on the subject. Vaughn gathers some of the more interesting characters that Kitty has encountered in previous novels including stage magician Odysseus Grant and ghost hunter Tina while adding a few more to the mix. Kitty's natural skepticism and snark keeps the commentary amusing even as the unease and worry grows. Vaughn does a fantastic job using the horror of the situation to strip away the complex characters to their cores - revealing basic, raw emotion that is painful and engaging at the same time. Without revealing what happens, I will say that the author surprised me more than once and I love how she keeps adding new dimensions to the relationships between the readers and Kitty. This is definitely a book worth checking out. If you are new to the series, I highly recommend it (first book is Kitty and the Midnight Hour). It may start a little slow, but trust me, Vaughn soon finds her stride and she hasn't missed a step yet. 2010-008
Date published: 2010-01-12