Knots, Bends, Splices [Illustrated]: With Tables of Strengths of Ropes, Etc. and Wire Rigging by J. Netherclift Jutsum

Knots, Bends, Splices [Illustrated]: With Tables of Strengths of Ropes, Etc. and Wire Rigging

byJ. Netherclift Jutsum

Kobo ebook | November 1, 2012

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The Construction of Ropes     
Common Whipping,
Knots, etc., formed by a Single Rope's-end--
  Overhand Knot
  Figure of 8
  Simple Clinch
  Running or Inside Clinch   
  Outside Clinch
  Buntline Hitch
  Running Bowline
  Half Hitch 
  Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
  Clove Hitch
  Rolling Hitch
  Timber Hitch
  Fisherman's Bend
  Topsail Halliard Bend
  Stun'sail Bend
  Blackwall Hitch
  Midshipman's Hitch 
  Double Blackwall Hitch

Knots, etc., made on the Bight of a Rope--
  A Bowline on the Bight
  Marlinespike Hitch

Knots, Bends, etc., for Uniting Ropes--
  Reef Knot  
  Common or Sheet Bend
  Single Carrick Bend 
  Double Carrick Bend 
  Diamond Knot

Knots formed on Ropes by their own Strands--
  Wall Knot
  Double Wall Knot
  Crown Knot 
  Manrope Knot
  Stopper Knot
  Single Matthew Walker 
  Double Matthew Walker 
  Another form of Diamond Knot (Single) 
  Double Diamond Knot 
  Shroud Knot
  Spritsail Sheet Knot

  Eye Splice 
  Short Splice
  Cut Splice
  Long Splice

Wire Splicing--
  Eye Splice 
  Long Splice

  Single Whip
  Double Whip
  Gun Tackle 
  Handy Billy or Jigger
  Watch or Luff Tackle
  Double Luff
  Three-fold Purchase 
  Four-fold Purchase  
  Single Spanish Burton 
  Double Spanish Burton (two forms)
  Spanish Windlass

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends--
  Palm and Needle Whipping  
  West Country Whipping 
  American Whipping  
  To Point a Rope End 
  Turk's Head
  Mousing a Hook
  Securing Lead Line to Lead
  Fitting a Flag
  Lengthening the Rope of a Sail
  Jury Knot
  Sling for a Barrel
  Chain Knot
  Double Chain
  Twist or Plain Knot

Wire Rope Splicing, etc.--
  How to Handle Wire Rope    
  Set of Wire Rope Splicing Tools
  Directions for Splicing 
  Splicing Thimbles

Tables showing the Respective Weights and  Strengths of Various Cordage

Title:Knots, Bends, Splices [Illustrated]: With Tables of Strengths of Ropes, Etc. and Wire RiggingFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:November 1, 2012Publisher:VolumesOfValueLanguage:English

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