Knowing More About Jaundice: Prevention and Natural Cure Remedies of Jaundice by Dueep Jyot Singh

Knowing More About Jaundice: Prevention and Natural Cure Remedies of Jaundice

byDueep Jyot Singh

Kobo ebook | October 16, 2016

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Table of Contents

Infantile Jaundice
Traditional Remedies for Jaundice
Things You Are Not Going to Eat
The “Right” Vegetables
Traditional Cirrhosis of the Liver Cure
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How many times have you heard a person talking about a pessimistic person having a jaundiced view about life, things, or matters in general? Jaune, as in the French word for yellow and thus the word jaundiced describing somebody who looks at life “through yellow colored glasses,” has used a liver symptom and ailment to describe the state of mind.

And that is possibly why anybody in a bad mood is called liverish– [his liver is playing up…], somebody full of bitterness is said to be full of gall and bile and wormwood – talking about the secretions of your gallbladder, and so these two words – the liver and the gallbladder have become associated with possible ill health and bitterness.

Jaundice is one of the most common afflictions, inflicting mankind, for millenniums, and that is why down the centuries, he has always been looking for ways and means in which he can get his liver to work properly and naturally again.

Jaundice actually is not a disease. It is just a symptom of some other more powerful affliction that which is affected your liver and your gallbladder. The liver of a living thing is that important organ which is going to flush out all the toxins in your body. In the human being, the largest organ is of course the skin. The liver follows next in size, being up to 3 pounds in weight. It is dark brownish red in color, and can be considered to be the cleansing organ of your body.

The liver has two lobes, which in turn are made up of lots and lots of lobules, connected with small ducts, larger ducts, and then a large hepatic duct. This duct is responsible for transporting bile, which the liver sales produce to the rest of the digestive system, including the gallbladder, and the duodenum, – beginning of the smaller intestine – and then the ileum – large intestine and the stomach.

Your liver is necessary to regulate all the chemical functions of your body, especially in the blood. It is the maker of bile. This bile is an essential natural product, made by your body, to break down all the fat cells. Thus these cells can be absorbed and digested properly.

All the blood, which is leaving the intestines and the stomach, with all the nutritional ingredients present in them, thanks to the digestive process has to pass through your liver. Your liver is then going to clean all your blood, getting rid of all the toxins, doing the breaking up, cleansing, and manufacturing more nutritional ingredients from the items already present in the blood, and so on.

The liver is also the main organ, which is capable of breaking up all the toxins present in drugs, which you have taken and which are now present in your blood, so that the body can assimilate them better.
Naturally, sometimes the toxins – especially in drugs which are experimental and have been made with lots of chemicals in them cannot be broken up by the liver. And that is why the liver starts functioning sluggishly.

Apart from bile production, livers are used to process hemoglobin and stored the iron content present in them. The blood is also purified of all harmful substances like ammonia, which is turned into harmless urea. This is then excreted in urinary form, after they are filtered yet once again through the kidneys.

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