Krav Maga: Real World Solutions To Real World Violence - Disrupt - Damage - Destroy - Disengage by Gershon Ben KerenKrav Maga: Real World Solutions To Real World Violence - Disrupt - Damage - Destroy - Disengage by Gershon Ben Keren

Krav Maga: Real World Solutions To Real World Violence - Disrupt - Damage - Destroy - Disengage

byGershon Ben Keren

Paperback | December 23, 2014

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Krav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence presents a no-nonsense approach to neutralizing attackers in close quarters.Author Gershon Ben Keren explains the philosophy behind the Krav Maga method, which is the basis of the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) devastating close combat system. This book lays out a systematic approach to self-defense and provides illustrated confrontation scenarios paired with tailored practical responses.Accompanied by explicit, easy-to-follow photographs, practical combat skills are described in step-by-step detail, along with the movement patterns needed to make them useful in real-life settings. All of the photos in the book were shot in real-time, demonstrating what realistic movements-both from the attacker's and defender's perspective-look like. Where applicable, techniques have been shot in the scenarios in which they occur such as bars, restrooms, ATMs, etc. The situational components of such violent incidents are explained, so the reader can learn to identify, predict, and avoid violence before it occurs.Contents of this Krav Maga book include: - What is Krav Maga? - Krav Maga Yashir - Introduction to author Gershon Ben Keren - Basic Skills (Stances, Movement, Blocking and Striking)-The Timeline of Violence; Controlling Range; Relative Body Positioning; Groin Kick; Driving Knee - Self-Defense Scenarios-Knife Disarming; Gun to Front of Body; Abductions and Hostage Taking; Knife Shank; Improvised Weapons - Unarmed Assaults and Dynamic Components of Violence-Preventing a Front Headlock; Applying an Effective Guillotine; Defending Knees in a Clinch - and more!
Gershon Ben Keren is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Head of System for Krav Maga Yashir. He has been training in Krav Maga since 1994, in both Israel and Europe. In his over 25 years of experience, he has trained with many different trainers and associations, including some of the Israeli Defense ForcesAE most elite Close Combat/Krav Maga...
Title:Krav Maga: Real World Solutions To Real World Violence - Disrupt - Damage - Destroy - DisengageFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:192 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.45 inShipping dimensions:9 × 6 × 0.45 inPublished:December 23, 2014Publisher:Tuttle PublishingLanguage:English

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Editorial Reviews

The approaches highlighted in Gershon Ben Keren's Krav Maga book provide simple, effective solutions to common and complex attacks Whilst no book can replace ongoing, supervised reality-based training, this book provides a valuable reference for anyone serious about self-protection. Gershon has sought out and trained with many of Israel's leading self-defense experts and combined his findings with his experiences in the military, private security industry, and a successful martial arts career to produce an effective approach that is in line with best practices and proven techniques. This book should be a part of any serious martial arts and self-defense practitioner's reference library." -Dr. Gavriel Schneider 6th Dan, author of Beyond the Bodyguard and Head of System for Gendai Ryu and the Modern Warrior Alliance"As an ex-military intelligence operator with Special Forces units, I expect the highest standards from the self-defense school I choose. I have trained under Gershon for the last nine years and continue, with his encouragement, to explore other martial arts and self-defense systems although I have yet to find any as complete, thoughtful and practical as his. Gershon is more than just a self-defense instructor, he thinks about and tests his theories under the harshest conditions and deeplycares about his system and students." -SR, Private Security Contractor"As a professional security consultant, I have worked for the UK and US governments providing protective services to diplomats and military officers. Prior to this, I served in the UK military on Special Duties. Whilst in this unit, I was keen on learning more close quarters combative techniques, and this search took me to Krav Maga, where I met Gershon. His training, methodology and knowledge not just of the physical side of violence but the mental side of it, made me take notice. I havehappily worked alongside Gershon, and his training methods and ideas are continually developing. This makes him one of the most knowledgeable personal defense experts I know." -David Ashworth, Professional Security Consultant"Gershon is an excellent instructor. He teaches reality-based scenario techniques that are far more productive outside the studio than many martial arts available today. Gershon's expertise will also get you into the proper mindset for effective self-defense. I have practiced various martial arts, and I'm a former marine, but no one has prepared me better for personal security on the street than Gershon. Every class I attend I learn something new. He teaches aggressive, hardcore, comprehensive skills that give you the confidence you need to handle yourself if you're ever in danger. His credibility and knowledge of personal security have taught viewers of local newscasts to become more self-aware." -Jarrod Holbrook, Television News correspondent"The material it covers is good, solid self-defense. And again, you can easily find a way to incorporate this information into your own training. If you call your martial art, self-defense based, then you should be able to recognize all the good information presented in this book." -J. Wilson, Martial Thoughts blog"The book is a great guide to Krav Maga, how to defend yourself and when you should do so. Very worth a read, because one day something in it could save you, or your loved one's lives." - Martial Arts Lab blog"I recommend this book for combatant instructors, martial arts enthusiasts, and laypeople with interest in learning self-defense techniques" -Maj. John L. Hewitt, US Army, Military Review "