Krishna's Heretic Lovers: The Story of Chandidas and Rami by Mary Angelon YoungKrishna's Heretic Lovers: The Story of Chandidas and Rami by Mary Angelon Young

Krishna's Heretic Lovers: The Story of Chandidas and Rami

byMary Angelon Young

Paperback | September 1, 2016

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Krishna's Heretic Lovers is an historical romance that blends fiction and fact, love and sex, action and spiritual teachings, politics, and true characters with the authentic poetry written by the revered poet, Chandidas, the "Father of Bengali poetry." The synthesis of these elements, together with rare insight into the practices of a genuine tantric sect, creates an unforgettable alchemy for readers.The book recounts the passionate story of Chandidas and Rami, 14th century Bengalis. He is a young Brahmin priest who renounces his caste status to become a heretical poet-musician wandering the byways of India with a small band of mystics and bards. She (Rami) is a beautiful 20 year-old widow, of low caste, living with her two children. To survive, she washes the clothes of local villagers. An overwhelming magnetism of love and fate compels them to come together against prevailing religious and social customs. Rami leaves all of her familiar world behind to travel, sing and praise the Divine along the dusty roads of Bengal. Vivid descriptions of cultural and natural environments along with richly detailed characters capture the religion, politics, and lifestyle of the late 14th /early 15th century of remote Bengali villages. The reader is transported into an era when Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim or Sufi sects blended on a daily basis; when the basic human freedom to create, love, and worship based on one's natural impulse had to be carved from the stone of rigid hierarchical, even feudal, societal and religious structures. The tale darkens when Rami is captured and enslaved by a cruel feudal lord. The lovers, separated by circumstances beyond their control must confront inexorable realities harsher than caste prejudice. Now, it is a matter of life and death. Their desperate wish to be reunited and their subsequent struggle is interwoven with the poetry of Chandidas and the rich oral tradition that surrounds his life. Ultimately, this is a story of passion, heartbreak, transformation, and commitment to a powerful vision. This historical novel should draw the attention of students of comparative religion or anyone fascinated with Eastern traditions, especially those yearning for a love story that includes spiritual teachings (dharma) and scholarship.
Title:Krishna's Heretic Lovers: The Story of Chandidas and RamiFormat:PaperbackDimensions:288 pages, 8.25 × 5.25 × 0.75 inPublished:September 1, 2016Publisher:Hohm PressLanguage:English

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Lying still but restless inside, Rami knew she would not sleep until the rain began. The air was electric with the coming monsoon that glowered in the afternoon light, almost chartreuse against luminous blue-black clouds. While two small children napped peacefully at her side, light and color played in patterns beneath her closed eyelids, and she wondered at the surges of restless longing that had plagued her these past months. Rising from the pallet, she wrapped herself in a ragged cotton shawl and padded across the well-swept earthen floor. Moving into the damp kitchen, she lit a lamp against the growing dark and turned toward the household shrine to touch the feet of the goddess Kali-a blackened, ghee-soaked stone suggesting a female form, the deity of her ancestral mothers. Her grandmother had said, "You have been chosen by the goddess, child!" The mark on her breast, visible at birth, had never disappeared but became more vivid as she grew. To be so favored by her ishta or chosen one was a great boon, but when would the blessings take a more desirable turn? So far, her young life had been hard. Barely twenty years old with two small children, she was already a widow-or so it seemed. Her children were the only blessing Rajmohan had left when he departed mysteriously in the middle of the night months ago. And now, for many weeks, she had heard the call of Krishna's flute. Mother Kali, why do I have such restless yearnings? Why am I not satisfied, like others? You give me so much, you are tender and good to me.Beloved Mother, do not forsake me now! She crouched on the floor to light a humble fire in the open pit that served as a cook stove and oven. Reaching for a clay bowl, she carefully measured ghee, salt, coarse flour and mixed dough for chapattis. The dough stuck to slender brown fingers as she kneaded and shaped it into perfect small balls. Lightning struck, followed by a swift patter of heavy drops that swooped through the yard and into the open windows of her tiny two-room mud dwelling. Then, she heard the first compelling notes, music drifting across the village, past the banyan tree, banks of jasmine and flowering kadamba, neem and lime trees.