La Danza

March 8, 2022|
La Danza by Anna Harsh


Imagine an assignment in college as a dance major opening a door and leading you to a life-long mission after just one performance.

Anna Harsh made a vision board in 6th grade about dancing professionally, traveling to Italy, and meeting the Pope. Fast forward to her senior thesis project that catapulted her journey fulfilling that vision and so much more.

Her quest to find traditional Italian dances creates questions about her own life. Be prepared to immerse yourself in Italian dances, how families deal with grief, and the highs and lows of directing a dance company.

You'll discover:

How her dream and desire for preserving traditional Italian dances manifested in unexpected ways.

How, through this journey, she learns more about her family legacy by meeting long-lost family and friends.

How chance meetings and happy accidents change her perspective and convince her why she must preserve these precious dances.

La Danza – Conflict, Passion, and Healing is a travel memoir of an adventure that has forever changed the life of this Italian-American dancer. Through experiences and humor, Anna invites you along her dancing journey, exploring villages steeped in tradition and local culture. Take a contemporary look of Italy through the eyes of a dancer and experience firsthand the Italian gusto, traditions, history, culture, and family legacy in this exciting read.

Title:La Danza
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 8, 2022
Publisher:​Anna Harsh
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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