Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism

June 27, 2016|
Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism
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The labrys and horns—powerful symbols of ancient Minoan spirituality— are every bit as relevant now as they were in Crete all those centuries ago. They speak to an inner need for balance that we all feel from time to time. But even more important, they call to us to remember a time not so long ago when women were valued as equals to men, when the Great Mother Goddess took care of all Her children, and when the sacred touched every person every day of their lives. Come with me as we journey to the magical land of Minoan Crete, whose gods and goddesses are still very much alive today. We’ll meet the Minotaur, who isn’t really a monster at all, and discover his secret at the center of Ariadne’s Labyrinth. We’ll dance with Dionysus at the grape harvest and make our offerings to the Ancestors at their tombs. Most of all, we’ll discover how these ancient symbols and deities are still full of power today. They are so very vital to our modern Pagan lives at this important time in history, when we’re moving forward out of the days of inequality and oppression. Let’s make our journey hand-in-hand with the gods and goddesses of ancient Crete. Let’s bring them alive again and let them touch our hearts.

Title:Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 27, 2016
Publisher:Laura Perry
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781310378256

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