Lady Texas: Webmaster by Don Ship

Lady Texas: Webmaster

byDon Ship

Kobo ebook | May 27, 2013

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A fierce, gritty super heroine in peril story!

Young and beautiful super heroine, Lady Texas, is an Alpha Meta woman, and a member of the most celebrated and honored super heroine organization: Alpha Meta Sisterhood of Super Heroines.  A former classmate and super geek has created a website to teach criminals how to capture, de-power, and tame Super Heroines.  That's bad enough, but his information is spot on, and Dallas' top costumed vigilante cannot let that stand.  Can Lady Texas defeat the man who knows more about taking down Super Heroines than anyone else?

Warning: This is a very explicit super heroine in peril story.  It is action oriented, with an emphasis on fighting/violence.  Sex, bondage, and domination are also within this story.  It is just over 12,000 words of actual story.

"I hope you invested your profits well, Gilbert," she muttered with a cruel smile.  She always smiled when she recalled how she smashed up his servers.  "Lean times are a-coming.  Right after this ass-whooping I'm about to delivery."

Lady Texas was hovering a good hundred feet above his house.  She was back in full costume.  A working Super Heroine had to keep multiple pieces of each article of her costume.  A month, much less a week, rarely went by without some article of clothing being damaged some how.

"Time to put you down," Lady Texas snarled, and started to drop feet first.

The sexy Super Heroine fell straight down.  She rather enjoyed freefall.  Most people, Amazons included, did not.  But she had supreme confidence in her Power to stop herself in the knick of time.  And she did, too, slamming to a stop a-top one of four chimneys.  To her it felt like jumping straight up and coming back down.  It jolted her large breasts, making them bouncing, but she didn't mind.

Standing atop his chimney, Lady Texas summoned up her Power and began to search the house room by room, from top to bottom, looking for anyone.  She found three people were in the house.  All together in a large room on the first floor.  They were all very close together.

"Is it wrong how much I will enjoy this?" she said, grinning.  "Naaa."

Lady Texas jumped off the chimney and landed feet first on the steep cedar roof.  Her sexy stiletto boots slide over that roofing material wonderfully, and she was soon speeding down the roof like a surfer or skateboarder.


When she slid off the edge, she twisted in midair and caught herself with her Power, and power drove herself straight at the large bay window into the room that Gilbert was relaxing inside.  Seconds before smashing through the window, Lady Texas used her Power to smash it into a thousand pieces and send all the sharp glass to either side so she didn't get cut.

The sexy Super Heroine swooped in amid terrified feminine shrieks. 

"What the Hell?" Gilbert cried, leaping to his feet.

"Payback is a bitch, Gilbert," Lady Texas said with a smug smile.

About the Author:
Don has been hooked on sexy super heroines since the day he watched Frau Fausta Grables chloroform and capture Wonder Woman on TV.  It was a simple step from there into super heroines in peril stories.  Now he writes his own characters, and it having the time of his life doing so.

Title:Lady Texas: WebmasterFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 27, 2013Publisher:Rogue House PressLanguage:English

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