Landmark Papers in Allergy: Seminal Papers in Allergy with Expert Commentaries by Aziz SheikhLandmark Papers in Allergy: Seminal Papers in Allergy with Expert Commentaries by Aziz Sheikh

Landmark Papers in Allergy: Seminal Papers in Allergy with Expert Commentaries

EditorAziz Sheikh, Thomas Platts-Mills, Allison Worth

Hardcover | May 28, 2013

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The increasing incidence and prevalence of allergic disease worldwide is one of the most remarkable phenomena of the past 50 years. One in three people in developed countries will experience an allergic condition at some point in their lives and advances in understanding the causes of thistrend, and in allergy treatment and care, have captured the imagination of scientists, clinicians and the public. Landmark Papers in Allergy is a definitive collection of over 90 papers charting key discoveries and scientific advances in relation to allergy and the development of treatment and care for allergic disorders. Comprehensive in its coverage, the book includes the first clear descriptions of allergicdiseases; the major advances in treatments, such as the discovery of antihistamines, cortisone, biological therapies and immunotherapy; the great immunological advances, such as the discovery of immunoglobulin E (IgE) and leukotrienes; the possible factors behind the increase in allergy, such as thehouse dust mite, changes in hygiene and diet; and the growing understanding of the social, psychological and quality-of-life consequences of allergy. Including authoritative commentaries from leading international experts providing reflections on the historical importance and current relevance of each landmark paper, Landmark papers in Allergy is essential reading for any clinician or academic with an interest in allergy.
Aziz Sheikh trained in Physiology and Medicine, graduating from UCL, London in 1990 and 1993. After completing his training in general practice, he decided to specialise in the field of epidemiology. He has held academic posts in the Departments of Primary Health Care and General Practice at Imperial College, London and Public Health S...
Title:Landmark Papers in Allergy: Seminal Papers in Allergy with Expert CommentariesFormat:HardcoverDimensions:416 pages, 9.69 × 6.73 × 0 inPublished:May 28, 2013Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

SECTION I: 1800-18991. Jean Bousquet and Pascal Demoly: Did Bostock Discover Allergic Rhinitis?2. Gailen D. Marshall, Jr.: Early Insights into the Characteristics of Asthma3. Gailen D. Marshall, Jr.: Identifying Asthma Triggers4. Aziz Sheikh: Innovative Experiments Which Helped to Unravel the Aetiological Basis of Hay Fever5. Brian Hurwitz: Asthma Enters the Medical MainstreamSECTION II: 1900-19496. Barry Kay: What's in a Name? First Use of the Term 'Allergy'7. Gideon Lack: An Innovative Treatment for Food Allergy8. Glennis Scadding: Laying the Foundation for Specific Immunotherapy9. Torsten Zuberbier: Celebrating the Case Study: Schloss' Description of Atopic Dermatitis10. Phil Lieberman: Richet's Nobel Lecture11. Madeleine Ennis: A Serendipitous Discovery12. Anthony J Frew and Helen E Smith: Cooke's Early Insights into the Potentially Curative Role of Immunotherapy for Hay Fever13. Michael Ardern-Jones: . Does Eczema Have an Allergic Aetiology?14. Michael Ardern-Jones: ...and What about Angioedema and Urticaria?15. Jonathan Brostoff and A. William Frankland: Prausnitz, Kustner and the First Diagnostic Test for Allergy16. Harold S. Nelson: Introducing Atopy17. Munir Pirmohammed: Ephedra - Laying the Foundations for Modern Autonomic Pharmacology18. Hasan Arshad: First Attempts to Unravel the Relationship between Diet and Allergy19. N. Franklin Adkinson Jr: Demonstrating Serological Changes Induced by Ragweed Extract20. Martin K Church and Marcus Maurer: Bovet's Nobel Prize-winning Discovery of Antihistamines21. Sven-Erik Dahlen: Identification of Slow-Reacting Substance22. Victoria Cardona and Ignacio J. Ansotegui: Oral Allergy SyndromeSECTION III: 1950-199923. Andrew Bush: In Praise of Famous Men: Early Cortisone Studies24. Michael Kaliner: The Relationship between Mast Cells and Histamine25. Stephen R Durham: What Goes Round Comes Around: Developing Allergen Immunotherapy26. Sarah Howie: Burnet, Clonal Selection Theory and Acquired Immunological Tolerance27. Marc Peters-Golden: Slow-Reacting Substance of Anaphylaxis28. Anthony Dubois: Loveless and Wasp-venom Immunotherapy29. Stephen Wasserman: Developing an Understanding of Mast Cell Biology30. Alan Edwards: Disodium Cromoglycate for Allergic Asthma31. Anant Parekh: Ancient Egyptian Soup for Treating Asthma: Cox and Intal32. Shuaib Nasser: RAST: The Iconic Test for Allergic Sensitisation33. Sami L Bahna: The Discovery of IgE34. Lanny Rosenwasser: Penicillin Allergy: A Model for Practical Clinical Translational Science35. Angela Simpson: Unravelling the Relationship between Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus and Asthma36. William W. Busse: The Gell and Coombs Classification37. Hannah Gould: The Dawn of Molecular Allergology38. Walter Canonica: Immunotherapy Can Change the Natural History of Respiratory Allergy39. Paul O'Byrne: Anatomy of the Asthmatic Bronchi40. Paul Cullinan and Anthony Newman Taylor: Identifying a Novel Cause of Occupational Allergy41. Tom Platts-Mills: Delayed Hypersensitivity to Pollen Allergens42. Aziz Sheikh: Inhaled Beclomethasone Dipropionate: Stepping-up Asthma Care43. Thomas Ruzicka and Andreas Wollenberg: Challenging Notions of the "Atopic Personality"44. Graham Roberts: Establishing and Investigating the Relationship between Food Allergy and Asthma45. . Bruce R Thompson and Robyn E O'Hehir: The "Histamine-Inhalational Test"46. Jasmeet Soar: Allergic Reactions to Colloid Infusions-Another Chapter in the Colloid Debate47. Paul Greenberger: Total and Specific IgE and Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis48. Richard F. Lockey: Immunotherapy for Venom Allergy Comes of Age49. Roy Gerth van Wijk: Extending the Evidence for Immunotherapy to the Management of Children with House Dust Mite Triggered Asthma50. Peter Burney: Insights from Xhosa into Environmental Risk Factors for the Development of Asthma51. Jurgen Schwarze: Viral Infection, Allergic Sensitisation and Asthma52. Johannes Ring and Ulf Darsow: Immune Responses in Atopic Eczema53. Todor Popov: . Understanding the Relationship between Atopic Sensitisation and Airway Hyper-responsiveness in Asthma54. Alessandro Fiocchi: Key Insights into the Relationship between Food Allergy and Atopic Dermatitis55. Frank Austen: From Slow-Reacting Substance of Anaphylaxis to Anti-Leukotrienes56. Karl Staples and Ratko Djukanovic: Once More unto the Breach: the Role of the Damaged Bronchial Epithelium in Asthma57. Simon Brown: Management of Anaphylactic Shock58. Graham Devereux: The Hygiene Hypothesis59. Diane Gold: In Search of the Elixir for Childhood Allergy and Asthma60. Allison Worth: A New Way of Considering 'Quality of Life'61. Scott Sicherer: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis62. Sandra Kuiper and Constant P. van Schayck: Allergen Avoidance: The Isle of Wight Study63. Parameswaran Nair: Introducing Sputum Counts64. David Ahern: Atopic Asthma is a TH2-cell Mediated Disease65. Samantha M Walker: Investigating the Impact of Hay Fever on Educational Performance66. Tomohiro Utsunomiya and Motohiro Ebisawa: Findings from an Early Peanut Immunotherapy Trial67. Young Min Ye and Hae-Sim Park: Auto-Immune Mechanisms in Chronic Urticaria68. Frank J Kelly: Air Pollution, Mortality and the Need for Public Health Policy69. Seif Shaheen: The Geography of Asthma and Atopy: After the Berlin Wall Came Down70. Judith Woodfolk: The Role of Animal Allergens in Allergic Disease71. Innes Asher and Julian R Vyas: The Natural History of Wheezing: the Tucson Cohort72. Stacy Chin and Wesley Burks: Measuring Food-Specific IgE Values73. Mary Linehan: Tuberculosis Exposure and Atopy74. James Friedlander and Wanda Phipatanakul: The Inner-City Home Environment and Asthma75. Carsten Flohr: Mapping the Burden of Allergic Disease in Childhood: ISAAC76. David Beuther: The Relationship between Obesity and Asthma77. Michael Daines and Wayne Morgan: The Emergence of Monoclonal Antibodies78. John Warner: The Renaissance in Allergen Immunotherapy79. Somnath Mukhopadhyay: Pet Exposure in Early Life and the Development of Allergy and AsthmaSECTION IV: 2000-201280. Denis Ownby: Predicting the Development of Childhood Asthma81. Andrew J Wardlaw: IL-5 Blocking Monoclonal Antibody82. Simon Brown: Learning from Anaphylaxis Fatalities83. Audrey DunnGalvin: Peanut Allergy and Quality of Life84. Erika von Mutius: The Janus Face of Endotoxin: for Good and Bad?85. Carlos Camargo: Testing the 'Hygiene Hypothesis': Probiotics for the Primary Prevention of Atopic Eczema86. Antonella Muraro: The Impact of Food Allergy on Health-Related Quality of Life87. Stephan Bischoff: Does Idiopathic Eosinophilic Esophagitis have an Allergic Aetiology?88. Ian M Adcock: Dawn of the Genomic Age for Asthma89. Malcolm Sears: Endotoxins, Allergy and Tolerance90. William Cookson: Inherited Skin-Barrier Defects and Risk of Developing 'Atopic' Eczema91. Ulrich Wahn: Anti-IgE: Biologicals Reach the Inner-cities92. Tom Platts-Mills, Allison Worth and Aziz Sheikh: Conclusions: From the 18th to the 21st Century, and Beyond...