Last Chance For Love

March 16, 2018|
Last Chance For Love
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Kayla Ferrell's dead husband, Patrick, isn’t ready to move on yet. After their bright future is destroyed by a tragic car crash that leaves her in a wheelchair, he’s determined to give her another chance at life—and love. But she's terrified of loving another man and losing the special connection they still share.

When she travels to the exotic Fiji islands to watch her screenplay, Deadly Divergence, be made into an exciting motion picture, she finally meets Hollywood superstar Alex Matthews in person. This is exactly the opportunity Patrick has been searching for as instant attraction sizzles between Alex and Kayla.

Alex may hold Kayla’s heart, but a bitter divorce has left him emotionally scarred, unwilling to risk falling in love again. While Kayla struggles to regain the use of her legs, he struggles against his growing attraction to her.

Can Alex and Kayla find the strength to overcome their paralyzing fears and embrace true love before the filming ends, and their time together runs out?

You'll laugh, rejoice, and maybe even cry as you experience Kayla's grueling struggle to walk again, and her heartache and joy as she falls headlong in love with the one man who has the power to heal or shatter her fragile heart.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Kayla would always remember that first golden glimpse of Alex Matthews, looking like a guilty little kid caught in the cookie jar, while his normally-sober partner roared with laughter.

A keen pang of disappointment lanced through her heart. Of course she hadn’t really expected them to act just like their TV roles—yet somehow she had, anyway! Foolish of her.

She knew their screen characters intimately. She knew what they’d say, how they’d say it, how they’d react to any given situation. But these two glorious, larger-than-life people were total strangers to her. Suddenly she felt very shy, and more than a little awkward.

Alicia stepped forward first, and warmly clasped her hand. “Welcome to paradise!” she smiled, instinctively liking what she saw in the younger woman’s crystal-blue eyes. “Or as we like to call it, The Madhouse.”

Her grip was strong, yet somehow compassionate. Kayla felt her tensed nerves relax slightly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Huntington,” she smiled, and meant every word.

Quinn MacAllister had brought her back to life. Alicia’s character, Mariah Conners, had given her courage and strength through those first long months, when she’d been struggling to accept her grim new circumstances.

Alicia heard the sincerity in her voice, and remembered the rumors. Sometime soon, they’d have to cozy up for a nice long chat. But in the meantime…

“Allie, please,” she urged, waving aside propriety with an easy smile. “A film set’s no place for formality!”

You’re the one she’s here to see. Allie’s cheerful voice echoed in Alex’s ears as he drew a deep, steadying breath, and tried to still his racing pulse. Let’s make her week a memorable one.

He was an actor. He could handle this. No one else needed to know how his heart was pounding.

He stepped forward with a beaming smile pasted on his face. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Kayla Farrell. Welcome to Paradise Island!” And he made himself clasp her outstretched hand.

Heat exploded in his palm, and seared all the way up his arm and shoulder. Startled, he took a hasty step back.

Whatever he’d expected, her skin was vibrant and warm from the overhead noon sun.

He became aware of a fierce thudding in his belly—one that had nothing to do with her dreaded wheelchair, and everything to do with the heavy anvil gut-punching him.

Alicia’s eyebrows rose slightly as hot color flooded Kayla’s cheeks. So the sparks were already flying, how interesting! Sudden intriguing possibilities began to dance through her clever mind.

Title:Last Chance For Love
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 16, 2018
Publisher:Boruma Publishing LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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