Law And Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary Dialogue by Massimo MonteduroLaw And Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary Dialogue by Massimo Monteduro

Law And Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary Dialogue

byMassimo MonteduroEditorPierangelo Buongiorno, Saverio Di Benedetto

Paperback | October 29, 2016

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This book represents a first attempt to investigate the relations between Law and Agroecology.

There is a need to adopt a transdisciplinary approach to multifunctional agriculture in order to integrate the agroecological paradigm in legal regulation. This does not require a super-law that hierarchically purports to incorporate and supplant the existing legal fields; rather, it calls for the creation of a trans-law that progressively works to coordinate interlegalities between different legal fields, respecting their autonomy but emphasizing their common historical roots in rus in the process.

Rus, the rural phenomenon as a whole, reflects the plurality and interdependence of different complex systems based jointly on the land as a central point of reference. "Rural" is more than "agricultural": if agriculture is understood traditionally as an activity aimed at exploiting the land for the production of material goods for use, consumption and private exchange, rurality marks the reintegration of agriculture into a broader sphere, one that is not only economic, but also social and cultural; not only material, but also ideal, relational, historical, and symbolic; and not only private, but also public.

In approaching rus, the natural and social sciences first became specialized, multiplied, and compartmentalized in a plurality of first-order disciplines; later, they began a process of integration into Agroecology as a second-order, multi-perspective and shared research platform. Today, Agroecology is a transdiscipline that integrates other fields of knowledge into the concept of agroecosystems viewed as socio-ecological systems.

However, the law seems to still be stuck in the first stage. Following a reductionist approach, law has deconstructed and shattered the universe of rus into countless, disjointed legal elementary particles, multiplying the planes of analysis and, in particular, keeping Agricultural Law and Environmental Law two separate fields.

Title:Law And Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary DialogueFormat:PaperbackDimensions:494 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.17 inPublished:October 29, 2016Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I: Law and Agroecology: Crossing the Boundaries Between Natural, Social and Legal Sciences: 1. History and Development of Agroecology and Theory of Agroecosystemsby Fabio Caporali.- 2. Regulation of Agroecosystems: A Social Systems Analysis of Agroecology and Lawby Egon B. Noe and Hugo F. Alroe.- 3. Addressing Law and Agroecosystems, Sovereignty and Sustainability from a Legal Pluralistic Perspectiveby Otto Hospes.- 4. From Agroecology and Law to Agroecological Law? Exploring Integration Between Scientia Ruris and Scientia Iurisby Massimo Monteduro.- 5. Agriculture, Environment and Law Between Ancient Experiences and Present Knowledge: Some Remarksby Pierangelo Buongiorno.- 6. Agriculture and the Environment in International Law: Towards a New Legal Paradigm?by Saverio Di Benedetto.- 7. Ecosystem Services: European Agricultural Law and Rural Developmentby Brian Jack.- 8. The Rural Development Programme (RDP) as a Strategic Tool for Linking Legal and Agroecological Perspectivesby Giuseppina Buia and Mariacristina Antonucci.- Part II: Multidimensional Relations Between Land, Agriculture and the Environment: 9. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): Achievements and Future Prospectsby Alessandro Isoni.- 10. Environment, Landscape, Agriculture and Food in the Framework of State and Regional Legislative Powers as per Art. 117 of the Italian Constitutionby Michele Troisi.- 11. The Relationship between Agricultural Law and Environmental Law in Italyby Eloisa Cristiani.- 12. The Relationship between Agricultural Law and Environmental Law in Franceby Carole Hermon.- 13. The Relationship between Agricultural Law and Environmental Law in Hungaryby János Ede Szilágyi.- 14. The Relationship between Agricultural Law and Environmental Law in The United States of Americaby Elizabeth Dooley.- 15. Crossing the Boundaries between Agricultural Law and Landscape Law: The Rural Landscapeby Marco Brocca.- 16. Agri-Food Market And Eco-Oriented Consumer Law: Towards a New Modelby Sara Tommasi.- 17. Emerging Land-Use Cross-Scale Patterns and the Pirsig's Monkey Trapby Giovanni Zurlini, Teodoro Semeraro, Roberta Aretano, Maria Rita Pasimeni, Antonella De Marco, Idelberto Castorini, Nicola Zaccarelli, and Irene Petrosillo.- 18. Reshaping Agriculture toward a Transition to a Post-Fossil Bioeconomyby Massimo Monteleone.- 19. Biofuel Regulation in the EU: A Failure in the Path towards Environmental Sustainability and Food Security? byMariagrazia Alabrese.- Part III: Rural Sustainable Development and Rural Civilization: 20. Agroecology and Politics: On the Importance of Public Policies in Europeby Manuel González de Molina Navarro.- 21. Sustainability Science: A Possible Strategy to Enhance Resilience to Climate and Rural Ecosystem Changesby Stefano Grego and Vincenzo Naso.- 22. Agriculture, Climate Change and Lawby Scilla Vernile.- 23. Knowledge-Based Greening as a New Bioeconomy Strategy for Development: Agroecological Utopia or Revolution?by Emmanuel G. Koukios.- 24. Agrobiodiversity, Intellectual Property Rights and Right to Food: The Case of Andean Countriesby Maurizia Pierri.- 25. The Constitutional Dimension of Traditional Rural Skills: Protection and Promotionby Antonello Denuzzo.- 26. On the Humanity of Landby Achille de Nitto.