Legends of Earth: Age of the Zodiac

September 23, 2020|
Legends of Earth: Age of the Zodiac by E. Nigma
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Thousands of years had passed since man's patriarch, Adam, died. With his departure, humankind falls into a state of feuding tribes, competing for power and resources.

As their communities developed, it attracted the envious meddling of their arch-nemesis, Azazeel, a condemned demon vowing to dedicate his life's purpose to destroying man.

However, his goals are blocked by the Zodiac Guardians, an enhanced species, fashioned from the earth during the jinn's epic wars.

Striving to release his army, Azazeel patiently devised tactics to manipulate the Zodiacs into his evil slithering.

Concealed in the shadows, he stealthy convinced the Guardians to enslave humanity as their devoted worshippers.

As a result, four realms, powered by separate elements, were founded; earth, water, air and fire, but with the peace dwindling, a new threat began to rise.

With mankind subdued, Azazeel quickly shifted his attention to sowing the seeds of division between the united Guardians.

Fed by greed, deception, and power, the earth unveils the grand tale of twelve creatures, their race for global domination, and the permanent imprint they left on the human race...

Title:Legends of Earth: Age of the Zodiac
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 23, 2020
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228833970

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