Let go, Heal, Be Happy: An In-depth Roadmap to Life-long Emotional Mastery by Mark Linden O'MearaLet go, Heal, Be Happy: An In-depth Roadmap to Life-long Emotional Mastery by Mark Linden O'Meara

Let go, Heal, Be Happy: An In-depth Roadmap to Life-long Emotional Mastery

byMark Linden O'Meara

Paperback | August 16, 2016

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Sometimes life can present difficulties that leave you feeling unbalanced and with unresolved emotions, or perhaps you have never fully let go of events from the past.

We’ve all been told “just let it go”, yet it’s been hard for you to do that. This book shows you how.

Let Go, Heal, Be Happy helps you learn about emotions and human nature, gain insight, develop new beliefs, heal, and ultimately transform adversity into strength, resilience and a new found sense of joy. Through tears, laughter, and self-expression you can begin to restore joy and satisfaction in your life.

Written in a friendly, entertaining and caring style, Mark walks you through awareness, change, and transformation to ultimately increase your self-knowledge, self-expression, and happiness.

Learn how to develop a new mastery over your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Having made a commitment to himself to heal, Mark began to search for a better way of dealing with life. Through the recollection of painful childhood memories and by challenging his self-limiting beliefs, Mark let go and found happiness: he discovered ways to resolve and release emotional pain and experience a greater connection with ...
Title:Let go, Heal, Be Happy: An In-depth Roadmap to Life-long Emotional MasteryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:338 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.7 inPublished:August 16, 2016Publisher:Soul Care PublishingLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION My First-Level Healing Defining "Letting Go" 2. EARLY EMOTIONAL CONDITIONING The Child's Natural Expression Emotional Myths and Role Models On Becoming Affectionate and Intimate 3. WHAT ARE EMOTIONS? Emotions - Your Natural Resource! Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence and Maturity 4. THE MANY LAYERS OF YOU The Nature/Nurture Dilemma Genetics and Physical Characteristics Mind-Body and Psychoneuroimmunology Personal Development History Daily Living, Emotions, Thoughts and Choices Your Insightful Higher Self 5. MIND, BODY, AND EMOTIONS Stress, Emotions and Physical Health Neuroplasticity and the Healing Brain Healing through Laughter and Tears 6. DEPRESSION - MANY MEANINGS, MANY CAUSES The Nature & Metaphors of Depression Causes of Depression The Secret Strength of Depression 7. THE TOP WAYS OF AVOIDING EMOTIONS The Masks You Wear The Top Behaviors to Avoid Your Feelings 8. OUCH! THINGS THAT HURT! Dealing with Loss and Grief Chronic Conditions Living, Loving and Learning Rejection, Betrayal and Let-Downs Bullying, Teasing and Humiliation Creative Soul Wounding Shame and Guilt Infidelity and Divorce Sexuality and Orientation Crimes of Personal Invasion Other People's Rules and Decisions Experiencing Poverty Ostracism, Isolation, and Humiliation Dealing with a Sociopath Broken Hearts and Unrequited Love Creative Constipation 9. ABUSE, TRAUMA AND THE WOUNDED SOUL Defining & Recognizing Abuse and Trauma The Impact of Traumatic Events and Delayed Reaction 10. HOW THE PAST IMPACTS THE PRESENT Triggers Events and Conditions Emotional Reaction Self-Talk, Frozen Needs and Attitudes Habits, Patterns and Behaviors 11. MEMORIES - FACT OR FICTION? Emotional Memory The Recovered Memory Debate Facilitating Memory Recall 12. DEVELOPING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Learning the Language of Feelings Learning to Meditate Developing the Inner Observer Awareness through Breath Body Awareness through Chakras 13. BIOLOGY OF BELIEFS Cognitive Biases and Blind Spots Are You Open-Minded? Unlocking Beliefs Challenging a Belief Attributions & Subtext Re-evaluating Your Assumptions Invoking New Behavior! 14. GETTING UN-STUCK Opening the Johari Window The Self-Pity Trap Reaching a Crisis Point Modifying Defeatist Behaviors Creating Creativity 15. DEVELOPING YOUR FOUNDATION FOR HEALING Finding Your Voice Developing Healing Skills A Connection with Nature Developing a Support System The Healing Hunch Invoking the Power of Hope Developing Self-Compassion over Self-Esteem 16. RELEASE AND LET GO! Beginning to Feel Again The Emotional Life Cycle Achieving a New Emotional Baseline 17. GOING DEEPER Five Stages of Deep Release 18. RESOLVING ANGER AND RESENTMENT Anger Expression Styles and the Anger Trait-State Undoing the Anger Habit Anger Resolution Exercises Healing Rage 19. REMEMBER AND FORGIVE Blocks and Catalysts to Forgiving Seven Steps to Forgiveness Self-Forgiveness 20. FINDING YOUR COMMUNITY The Roots of Loneliness Social Bargaining Healing Neediness Replacing Unavailable Family Becoming Self-Reliant 21. HEALING WITH CREATIVITY Express Your Traits and Talents Artistic Expression Create Ceremonies of Completion and Letting Go Scents and Aromatherapy Cultural and Religious Healing Practices 22. HEALTHY THINGS TO DO FOR YOURSELF Self-Soothing Activities PART V - TRANSFORMATION 23. HAPPINESS WITHOUT MONEY OR LUCK Redefining Happiness & Success A Positive or a Victim Attitude Reverse the Fading Happiness Trend 24. DEVELOP HEALTHY ATTITUDES AND HABITS 25. UTILIZE THESE FREE HAPPINESS TOOLS Learning to Forecast Your Emotions Learning Positive Words of Praise Building Your Social Capital Forming Pivotal Habits 26. TRANSFORMATIVE LIVING Effortless Creation Gratitude, Kindness and Compassion Look Outward With Empathy! 27. UNDERSTAND THE KEYS TO BOUNCING BACK The Value of Worthiness & Resilience Self-Evaluation

Editorial Reviews

"O’Meara’s foray into the self-help genre is stimulating despite occasionally being overly vague about process. O’Meara begins by detailing his own struggles with letting go, which led him to make a New Year’s resolution to “experience more joy.” He’s overly brief with how the process occurred in his own life and never defines what he experienced emotionally after a series of setbacks, including a neck injury. Much of what’s here will be familiar to anyone who’s ever picked up a self-help book, but O’Meara’s tone is admirably sincere. He attempts to cover a lot of bases, including depression, abuse, memory, shame, and emotional masks. Maybe the most important sections come when O’Meara criticizes the concept (which he cites as common among assertiveness coaches) that no one can make you feel what you don’t want to feel, and runs down the flaws and benefits of positive thinking. A concluding section offers a list of suggestions for how to continue to heal and grow. For some readers the book might be too optimistic, but there’s something to pick and choose and learn from for everyone. (BookLife) ” – Publishers Weekly"In spite of life's hardships, Mark has indeed found solutions to the frequently asked questions regarding lifes' suffering.  Let Go Heal Be Happy is a sincere personal account of  transformation. Mark gives a clear account of the process of letting go of old pain and transitioning into a life of new beginnings. Quotes by wise spiritual leaders throughout the ages give the book substance, offering true guidance to those that choose to take this journey of deep and permanent transcendence. Hope and gentle encouragement are the message of this book. The reader finds strength to pursue the inner work through the wisdom of first hand experience that Mark shares so generously."  - Helani Davison, Author of Daughter of Chaos"Breakthrough healing is possible and this book shows you how!" - Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul.