Let the Devil Sleep (Dave Gurney, No. 3): A Novel by John Verdon

Let the Devil Sleep (Dave Gurney, No. 3): A Novel

byJohn Verdon

Kobo ebook | July 24, 2012

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In this latest novel from bestselling author John Verdon, ingenious puzzle solver Dave Gurney puts under the magnifying glass a notorious serial murder case – one whose motives have been enshrined as law-enforcement dogma - and discovers that everyone has it wrong.
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The most decorated homicide detective in NYPD history, Dave Gurney is still trying to adjust to his life of quasi-retirement in upstate New York when a young woman who is producing a documentary on a notorious murder spree seeks his counsel.  Soon after, Gurney begins feeling threatened: a razor-sharp hunting arrow lands in his yard, and he narrowly escapes serious injury in a booby-trapped basement.  As things grow more bizarre, he finds himself reexamining the case of The Good Shepherd, which ten years before involved a series of roadside shootings and a rage-against-the-rich manifesto.  The killings ceased, and a cult of analysis grew up around the case with a consensus opinion that no one would dream of challenging  -- no one, that is, but Dave Gurney. 
Mocked even by some who’d been his supporters in previous investigations, Dave realizes that the killer is too clever to ever be found.  The only gambit that may make sense is also the most dangerous – to make himself a target and get the killer to come to him.
To survive, Gurney must rely on three allies: his beloved wife Madeleine, impressively intuitive and a beacon of light in the gathering darkness; his de-facto investigative “partner” Jack Hardwick, always ready to spit in authority’s face but wily when it counts; and his son Kyle, who has come back into Gurney’s life with surprising force, love and loyalty.
Displaying all the hallmarks for which the Dave Gurney series is lauded -- well-etched characters, deft black humor, and ingenious deduction that ends in a climactic showdown – Let the Devil Sleep is something more: a reminder of the power of self-belief in a world that contains too little of it.

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Title:Let the Devil Sleep (Dave Gurney, No. 3): A NovelFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:July 24, 2012Publisher:Crown/ArchetypeLanguage:English

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Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not as Good as I've come to expect from Verdon I've come to expect great things from John Verdon and his fictional detective, Dave Gurney. The first two murder mysteries in the series were very good, and kept me wondering not only who did it but how they did it. In this third offering by Verdon, the fact that there are so many eccentric characters, most of whom have motive to be the killer, takes away from the mystery of who actually did it. In addition, it seems at times that Verdon had an idea, ran with it for a bit, then let it drop off by the wayside. It won't spoil anything to potential readers when I say:" the red arrow isn't important to the story". And yet, there it is, front and centre at a couple junctures in the novel. It was that kind of thing that put me off a it with this book,must I'm still a fan and will read more in the future.
Date published: 2017-03-29
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Great mystery, unlikable characters! What this author has going for him is that he can write a good mystery. Once again, I ripped right through this book just because of that. What he's not so good at is writing likable characters. Dave is growing on me a bit, but he has some major problems. He ran around during the whole book acting like he had suffered a traumatic brain injury during that near-fatal shooting of the last book. He was confrontational and downright annoying. He certainly didn't learn anything from that shooting, as he jumped right back into the stupid decisions he had made in the last two books. As much as he likes to act like he doesn't like the attention, he certainly seems to have a god complex, that no one else could possibly solve the case but him. I don't understand why the FBI as a whole had to be portrayed as idiots.Madeleine seemed to behave herself for the most part in this third book. The awkwardness of their relationship and communication was downplayed, likely because they had guests through most of the book. The "epiphany" that Dave had about his wife while sitting in Clinter's cabin was just weird. Were we expected to believe, or agree with, his thoughts that his wife is his angel and that she has never seen anything but good in him? She is one of the most annoying, passive-aggressive characters I have encountered and far from being an angel. No, that's wrong because Kim, the new character introduced in this book, was even more annoying than Madeleine! I don't know why Kyle felt the need to hook up with her. Which brings me to the best part of this book. I finally found a character that I think I like: Kyle. Now here is a fairly smart, down to earth, empathetic character I can relate to. Alas, as interesting as the mysteries have been, I think I will take a break from Gurney and his weird relationships for a while.
Date published: 2017-01-26
Rated 4 out of 5 by from great mystery! I saw this on sale so I decided to pick it up without knowing anything about the book nor the author. Boy was I glad that I did! Very suspenseful and I didn't see the ending at all!
Date published: 2016-11-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Let the Devil Sleep Another great page turner. Couldn't put the book down!
Date published: 2016-11-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Let The Devil Sleep Wonderful novel! Well written, insightful, suspenseful and full of characters I cared about. Couldn't have been better.
Date published: 2014-03-24
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great book I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I very much enjoyed reading the whole Dave gurney book series. I hope he has some new novels again soon.
Date published: 2014-01-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Another engaging story! Mr Verdon has become one of my favourite authors. From his first novel to "Let the devil sleep", detective Gurney has delivered another passionate adventure. Let the devil sleep is by far a progression in Verdon's fascinating writing style. The villain is dark and mysterious, the complexity of the crimes and the brilliant investigative process are very enjoyable. Great job tying all the knots of the story. I want more Gurney.
Date published: 2013-10-18
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Some Good Things - Some Not As a favor to a distant friend Dave Gurney finds himself “consulting” for a young woman producing a documentary on “The Good Shepherd” serial killings. Just barely accustomed to his semi-retirement status Dave finds himself falling deeper into the cold case than he anticipated. Trying to pull back to save his sanity (and his marriage) he suddenly finds himself threatened. The Good Shepherd killer is still out there and he is teasing Gurney back into the investigation. I enjoyed this book because as part of the series the characters progressed and that’s always something I look forward to eagerly. I can only say that I hope Gurney is a little less morose in any future installments. He was just a little too introspective for me. And the character of Kim was beyond annoying … now I know that was part of her character … but even that has its limits. I got the impression that she is going to reappearing in future books, so I hope she grows up a little bit in between.
Date published: 2013-07-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Dave Gurney returns I was lucky enough to be an early reader (and fan) of John Verdon's debut novel - Think of a Numb3r. I love getting in on the ground floor of a new series. His second book - Shut Your Eyes Tight - was just as good and proved that Verdon wasn't a one book wonder. The latest book in his Dave Gurney series - Let the Devil Sleep - was fantastic! John Verdon just gets better and better. Retired NYPD Homicide Detective Dave Gurney has spent the last six months recovering from gunshot wounds sustained during his last attempt to bring down a serial killer. Yes, he's retired - but can't help himself - puzzles intrigue him and unsolved cases still call his name. He had the highest solve rate in the NYPD's history when he retired. But this time, he just can't seem to shake things off - he's out of sorts, short tempered with his ever patient wife Madeleine, can't stop worrying about his lingering symptoms and has no interest in doing anything. When Connie, an old journalist friend contacts him to ask a favour, he agrees out of a sense of obligation. Her daughter Kim is doing a series of interviews with families of the victims of a serial killer dubbed The Good Shepherd. Ten years ago, the killer targeted the wealthy, specifically those driving black Mercedes. The case remains unsolved and Kim would like to have him look over what she's doing with his cop's eye and give her feedback. But a lot occurs in that one day - there's more going on with Kim than she initially mentioned. And the interviews and files on The Good Shepherd pique Gurney's interest. It is Madeleine who notes that Gurney has done more in a day than he has in months - and he's not worrying about his symptoms every five minutes. Slowly, but surely, Dave is hooked again. He believes the initial investigation was flawed. In the beginning of the series, I wasn't sure what I thought about Gurney. But, as the series grows, so does Dave. This time out, we get to meet his son Kyle, with whom Dave has a difficult relationship. Verdon explores this dynamic well, letting us get a view of Gurney beneath the controlled exterior. Gurney's enigmatic wife Madeleine continually intrigues me. Her love of nature, colour and life are in stark contrast to Gurney's pursuit of killers. What makes this marriage work? Verdon allows to see into this relationship a little more every time. Madeline is still my favourite supporting character. Another recurring character is Detective Jack Hartwick. The testy relationship between Jack and Dave is entertaining. I did find it hard to warm up to Kim; I found her to be manipulative and self centered. So, the characters are great. What about the plot? Well, this is where Verdon shines. The plotting is impeccable, complex and devious. There are two plot lines running simultaneously - could they connected? Gurney's reasoning and thought processes were fascinating. I enjoyed the matching of wits between the FBI, their psychologist consultant and Dave. We get to reopen the case with Dave as he explores past files. However, the past is not content to stay buried and the tension, thrills and stakes are heightened as the killer puts Dave squarely in his line of sight. I had absolutely no idea whodunit until the last few pages. I love not being able to figure out the case until the end. Just a great series. You could read any of the books as a stand alone, but I bet you'll be hunting down the other two!
Date published: 2012-07-30