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An uninhibited human document, this book reveals the inner workings of two very different minds struggling to meet the high standards of authorship they had set for themselves. Each served as a mentor to the other. Everson, known later as Brother Antoninus, a…

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These compelling letters of two young enlisted men coming of age in the midst of war read like a good historical novel, complete with plot, character development, suspense, tragedy, and even more than a little romance, offering both a vivid picture of war at the…

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Tracing their shared vision in such works as Memoirs of Scriblerus, Gulliver's Travels, The Beggar's Opera, and The Dunciad, Brückmann identifies the pastoral as their common ideal and analyses their shared hostilities and anxieties regarding the erosion…


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Behan's friends and relatives, and people in his literary circle, have claimed he was not a prolific letter-writer. Even Behan himself has been quoted as saying, "Whoever writes my biography will get no help from my letters. I never write any." But in fact there…