Life On Aqua: The Astronomer's Cipher

May 10, 2015|
Life On Aqua: The Astronomer's Cipher
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Book One of the 4-part VITA cycle

From the Field Book of Dr. Thomas Banks:
7th March, 1998 KE
I have only days to live. I will not be able to komplete my quest. The doktors kan do no more for me other than manage my pain. I have been discharged from the hospital so that I kan live out my final days in the komfort of my own home. Maggie has rarely left my side over these past few months. She is my angel. Even with all she has done for me in our 35 years of marriage, I have asked her to karry out one last favor. She was resistant at first, but eventually relented when I told her it was my only dying request. She has agreed to go to the koordinates I had dekoded from the tablets. I just hope my kalkulations for the time of the event are akkurate. It should happen in three weeks’ time.

Fourteen years have passed since Dr. Banks wrote the final entry into his field book. His wife Maggie went to the coordinates as agreed, but she hasn’t told anyone what she witnessed that night – not even her adopted fifteen-year-old son, Will.

Will is a bright but reserved ninth-grader until the day he meets Pikabo, the intelligent and pretty new girl who just transferred to Santa Monika High. More than just lab partners in their Science class, Will and Pikabo’s lives become connected in ways they could never imagine. Circumstances at school and at home thrust them into an adventure of mystery, discovery, secret messages, and ciphers.

They find the field book of Maggie’s late husband, an astronomer on the fringe of his field. The book holds secrets of portals to alternate worlds and explains Will’s developing powers; He’s not from Aqua, but a world named Earth. But the book goes missing, as do their loved ones, and the adventure takes off. But unbeknownst to them, there is a spy in their midst and an evil mastermind with powers of his own who will burn anyone who gets in his way.

Will and Pikabo must decipher clues and uncover mysteries to save their loved ones and their Life On Aqua. They can’t do it alone, but who can they trust?

Title:Life On Aqua: The Astronomer's Cipher
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 10, 2015
Publisher:Rob De Hart
Appropriate for ages:9 - 12
ISBN - 13:9781301147205

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