byDonald Campbell

Kobo ebook | May 11, 2015

Lifeblade by Donald Campbell

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“Lifeblade” is a story of family love, woven within an Odessey of search. The search is for the fabled healing Spear which pierced the crucified Jesus. Artist David Whiting, his independent wife Janet and their young daughter Olivia, suffering her own battle for survival, confront perilous life events. There are near insurmountable roadblocks on their quest for possession of the Spear. David and his archaeologist friend Dr. Russell Canning navigate a perilous path through the brutal backstreets of Cairo, Beirut and Damascus. Their sheer determination and unswerving drive to obtain the all-powerful Spear become one as they dodge, regroup and proceed to outsmart their adversaries, The Egypt Federation Party.

David commences his journey while documenting images for a publication entitled “Scoundrels, Saints and Sinners”. Cairo is his locale where he meets Mr. Chalthoum, purveyor of antiquities. David acquires a mysterious box which is requested by Russell. The brilliant archaeologist instinctively knows the ancient relic is important. He is determined to explore and prove the role it played in the Christian pantheon. The box is trouble from the moment it is handed over to David. Death is not far away as he escapes from Egypt via Cyprus, box in hand. The EFP who are dogging his every move are determined to possess the treasured artifact. He spends time in a Tantric religious community hidden away in the Troodos Mountains, his ruthless adversaries know where he is. It is a fleeting exposure to communal living and jeopardizes his relationship with Janet and Olivia. Here however, he gains profound insight in reference to the important role of the box and his beloved family. Beirut calls as he delivers his treasure to Russell. Together they build a case for the authentication of the reliquary-box. They trace its history and with scientific verification establish what it contained over two millennia - the Spear.

David struggles to obtain a balanced life while bouncing between their permanent residency in England and their seasonal home of business in decadent Mykonos. Characters come in and out of their lives as they juggle the demands of being stellar parents for Olivia. Khadijah, a beauty from the Sudan, and Olivia’s nanny is entangled within the quest and proves to be indispensable as she interprets and exposes invaluable clues to aid the search. She becomes a devoted family member and blossoms into a favorite of the denizens of Mykonos. Her head is not turned however and she rides out the waves of seduction. All this is jeopardized as David is increasingly swept up into the search for the Spear. Syria and the fortress of the Krak des Chevalier is explored as it becomes the possible key to discovery with the analysis of archival photographs of Lawrence of Arabia and writings by the poet philosopher Gibran. Christina, a Paris journalist puts the puzzle together and reveals it to the world.

The EFP is intent on destroying not only David and Russell but anyone associated with them whom they interpret as threats to the parties’ radicalism. The EFP must have the box, murder is just one of their tools. The fragility of life is a constant in this tale of twists and turns, mystery and adventure. It will inspire, create hope and become a catalyst for reaching life’s successes.

Title:LifebladeFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 11, 2015Publisher:Donald CampbellLanguage:English

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