Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs: The World's Most Respected Astrological Authority Reveals Her Secrets Of Creating And Interpreting by Linda GoodmanLinda Goodman's Relationship Signs: The World's Most Respected Astrological Authority Reveals Her Secrets Of Creating And Interpreting by Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs: The World's Most Respected Astrological Authority Reveals Her…

byLinda Goodman

Mass Market Paperback | June 1, 1999

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Available in paperback for the very first time, here's everything you need to make your own astrological readings of your most precious relationships

Why do you feel you've known someone for years when you've just met?
Why are you attracted to someone who seems like your complete opposite?
Why do you and your loved one argue the way you argue?
How can you make your relationships last in spite of your differences?

The answers to these questions can be found within your birth chart and that of your loved one. Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs is the first astrology book to provide a totally individual, detailed analysis of how compatible you and your partner really are. Whether you are familiar with astrology or a complete novice, this comprehensive reference shows you step-by-step how to find the keys to harmony and the areas of potential trouble--all you need is each person's birth date and time. Individually tailored to you and your loved one, here is your guide to the relationships that mean the most to you.
Linda Goodman's reputation as the world's foremost authority on astrology was established by her first book, Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. There are over 60 million copies of her books in print throughout the world.
Title:Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs: The World's Most Respected Astrological Authority Reveals Her…Format:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:480 pages, 6.86 × 4.21 × 1.23 inPublished:June 1, 1999Publisher:Random House Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Jane's Venus Sextile Ted's Mars:One important facet of your relationship is passion, passion, passion! You're blessed with the gift of combining romantic and tender affection with intense sexual desire, causing your physical union to be both profoundly erotic and a trembling experience... a powerful blend of innocence and mystery. If you have any conflicts from other planetary vibrations in your inter charts, they'll usually disappear in the bedroom! Couples who share one of these three aspects between Venus and Mars usually don't wait until marriage to "become one". Is that phrase too old fashioned for the mores of the New Age? Then let me state it in another way by telling you a story I once heard in Scout camp. A girl was in a store choosing a gown to wear for her approaching wedding... her first. She turned to the saleslady and said, "I'm not sure what color my bridal gown should be." "Well, " the saleslady replied, "if you've never been married before, it's traditional to wear white. If you have been married before, you should wear purple." The bride-to-be hesitated for a moment, then asked, "Uh... do you have something in the white with a small touch of lavender?"Only one minor warning note. If the aspect the two of you share is becoming the conduction, Mars may harbor hidden jealousy, a secret lack of self-esteem and bossy behavior, but Venus can usually soothe it all away.In the ancient texts, famed astrologer Ptolemy writes that any of these three aspects between Venus and Mars "lead to entire love and affection, which will be so marked as to attract attention and comment."Ted's Venus Square Jane's Mars:The sexual chemistry between you is powerful, but unfortunately, that's not the end of the story. Both before and after marriage, the strong stimulation of the passionate nature of both tends to break down restraint barriers, and there could be excessive sexuality in one or both partners, which may lead to indiscretions. Naturally, this can destroy harmony. Jealousy could bring serious friction in your relationship and you're both overly emotional. You'll need plenty of positive aspects from the other planets in your Nativities to dilute this one. A commitment is a commitment... so don't make one unless you intend to keep it. Subdue any latent promiscuity urges if you want love to last. The future of your relationship is yours to protect and nourish... or to destroy. Astrology can't make that decision for you. This vibration is a soul test. As the poet Kahlil Gibran wrote..."think not that you can direct the course of love... for love, if it finds you worthy, will direct your course."Ted's Sun Square Jane's Moon:There could be quite a few "lovers quarrels" and pretty much bickering between you. If this occurs too often, it could rather quickly lead to a break-up... and the chances are it will be permanent. Therefore, you are both advised to retreat...go on a brief vacation or stay with friends for a few days (separately) until the planetary transits causing the problems pass over and stop triggering irritations between you. Best to avoid these annoyances if you want to remain together forever. Another way is to take a silence vow when either of you is tempted to say something you'll surely be sorry for later when you've cooled off.Ted's Sun Square Jane's Mars:When it comes to love and marriage, the two of you may frequently lock horns, and mutual hostility can become emotionally explosive. Anger is too easily aroused, and you seem to put each other on the defensive too often, which naturally causes frequent arguments, with each trying to prove that he or she is right, and the other one is wrong. A marriage between you will endure only if you share several strongly positive aspects between other planets in your Nativities... and if you exercise lots of patience and tolerance. One of you will simply have to give in to the other in your quarrels, since compromise won't work. At least try to be fair and allow each of you to take turns giving in.

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Author Linda Goodman uses astrology and your birth charts to determine just how compatible you and your loved ones really are. The results are detailed and personalized with easy-to-read tables that will allow even those who are unfamiliar with astrological charts to use birth dates and time to unlock destinies in Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs.