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Young Langston Hughes was a dreamer. He dreamed about heroes like Booker T. Washington, who was black just like him. When he heard the clackety-clack of train wheels, he dreamed about the places it had been. But most of all, he dreamed about having a happy home. And so, one day, he began turning…read more

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Creation and death, the wily trickster, wolves,  magic, and passion -- these are part of a rich  heritage of Native American mythology and folktales.  From tribes that vanished long ago, as well as  from great tribes like the Ojibwa and Zuni…read more

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This workbook encourages children to read and rewards them with stickers.read more

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Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope shows parents how to create personalized books for and with their children. They can be written and designed to fit any situation. Whether the issue is relatively straightforward, such as moving to a new home, or highly complex, such as a death in the family, the…read more