Live Like You Mean It: Seven Celebrations To Rejuvenate Your Soul by Kathy TroccoliLive Like You Mean It: Seven Celebrations To Rejuvenate Your Soul by Kathy Troccoli

Live Like You Mean It: Seven Celebrations To Rejuvenate Your Soul

byKathy Troccoli

Paperback | January 24, 2006

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In each of the many vital roles you fill as a woman, you take your responsibilities seriously–but lately you’ve begun to wonder, “Where’s the joy?” Perhaps you’re feeling trapped in an energy-sapping cycle of “musts,” burdened by to-do lists, relationship challenges, and endless expectations. You find yourself grasping for the life you “should” have while missing out on the beauty of what is.

If you yearn to recapture a sense of passion and purpose, here’s the hope you’ve been waiting for. Author, speaker, and singer Kathy Troccoli believes that life is full of rich gifts just waiting to be opened, but many women are missing out on the joy and adventure of living to the fullest.

Drawing on her own discoveries in embracing what her Italian-American family would call la dolce vita, the sweet life, she offers seven simple yet surprisingly effective practices to reenergize your life and your faith. These seven celebrations will awaken your heart and romance your soul, opening your eyes to God’s lavish gifts and seasoning your spirit with hopeful expectation.

Don’t wait another day. Dare to reach beyond mere routine and grab hold of a rich, passionate life. It’s time to Live Like You Mean It.

From the Hardcover edition.
Kathy Troccoli is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and author. Her rich, melodic voice has garnered numerous number-one radio hits, two Dove Awards, and three Grammy nominations. Kathy is the author and coauthor of several books, including Hope for a Woman’s Heart and the bestseller Falling in Love with Jesus. Her numerous televisi...
Title:Live Like You Mean It: Seven Celebrations To Rejuvenate Your SoulFormat:PaperbackDimensions:304 pages, 8.25 × 5.25 × 0.44 inPublished:January 24, 2006Publisher:The Crown Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

Excerpt from Chapter One: Live La Dolce VivaDo you ever have those days when nothing makes sense and you wonder if anything matters? I certainly do. I live with an ache in my soul for my real home.This life certainly isn’t heaven. I have good days and bad days. Actually I have some really fabulous days and some really devastating ones. I even have days when I still question the point of my very existence. But I do have a love for life—when I’m not wishing myself out of the discomfort of this world. I am eager to live my days with passion and a spirit of adventure. I am determined to live life richly and to let its bouquet romance my soul. I am committed to give life all I’ve got.• I love to laugh till my belly hurts; I have criedas hard.• I enjoy people, but they can hurt me.• Friends love me, and I can hurt them.• Bread comforts me. So does pizza…and Oreos.(But I hate how these delicacies can so easily endup around my thighs and my middle.)• I love to sleep, but I hate the sound of the alarmclock.• I am always amazed when the sun sets. I wishI got out of bed more often to see it rise.• I work really hard, but I can play with just asmuch energy.In the midst of cell phones and e-mails and pagers,we’re losing the art of conversation. We’ve stopped reachingout to the person we don’t know. And we miss somuch. Those are the ways God shows Himself to us andto others. Those are the very ways God increases ourhearts’ capacity to a size that makes room for Him. Whenwe generously share a word, a thought, or a story, ourhearts enlarge. Our own experiences can jade us, leavingus judgmental and close minded. When we participate insweet moments with others, however, we beautify thelandscape of our own territories. We see farther and feeldeeper.At the core of the sweet life is the enjoyment of people.Participating in their lives in ways that bless and encourageand lift up. This exchange most of the time will presentitself in unexpected places. I am frequently in airports,and at any gate in any airport right now you will see morepeople engaging with technology than with anotherhuman soul. Then we wonder why some of our kids justgrunt at us and our guests. Many of us grownups havebecome apathetic and self-absorbed, never even entertainingthe thought of just asking people how they are.It was quite common years ago to sit on a porch at theclose of a day. Young mothers asked advice from the ladynext door. Kids played with actual toys and used theirimaginations. “Game boys” were nothing more than childrenplaying—not robotic kids losing a sense of life andtime and relationship because a tiny machine in theirhands hypnotically entrances them. Don’t get me wrong.It is all exciting and cool and fun. But somehow we arelosing balance. We’re falling off the edge of the mountaintopsfrom which God has designed for us to haveclear vision. That is where we will keep a passionate heartabout His concerns for the world and for one another. Welose that, and we will slowly lose our souls.I was at a Subway sandwich shop in Nashvillerecently and ran into my friends Dick and Melody Tunney.It was a beautiful sunny day, and they were havinglunch with their two twentysomething daughters. Iwatched them through the window as they sat at a tableoutside and talked. It was clear that they were thoroughlyenjoying one another.As I left, I took the time to tell them how encouragingit was for me to see them chatting away. I told them howunique I thought that was in this day and age. It was gloriousto witness the sweet life through this family. Simplyand purely. It was a drastic difference from the day beforeat Borders bookstore. A man and a woman sipping coffeeat a table with their daughter. The entire time they satthere, the daughter talked nonstop on her cell phone. Theparents seemed numb and used to it. It saddened my heart.Life flies by, time ticks away, and we miss out on allthe richness of love we could be sharing with one another.Most of the time it takes awareness to stop the slippage.Sometimes it takes work. But you will find yourself awealthy person when you arrive in heaven if you’re willingto grasp la dolce vita now.For where your treasure is, there your heartwill be also. (Matthew 6:21)From the Hardcover edition.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Live Like You Mean ItLive Like You Mean It is the feel-good book of the season–filled with vital girlfriend chatter and other melodious matters of a woman’s heart. Kathy’s deep, rich, honest voice is matched by her radiant spiritual vigor for life! Enjoy!–Patsy Clairmont, Women of Faith Speaker, Author I Grew Up Little “It is a tragedy when we fail to live our one, glorious life for someone or something less than Jesus. I know of no one I respect more for living a rich, full, passionate, and Christ-centered life than Kathy Troccoli. She invites us to the strength of faithfulness and the glorious sensuality of love. This is a book to savor as you marvel at the life God has created for you to live.”–Dan B. Allender PhD, president, Mars Hill Graduate School, author, The Wounded Heart and To Be Told “If there is anyone who swallows life in great gulps, it’s Kathy Trocolli. It’s not just that she’s Italian — though, I admit, that helps — but also that she has chosen to follow a God that is not risk-free, but who promises a life of abondanza, as Kathy would say. The great news, as this delightful book shows us, is that a fully alive life is not just an Italian party, it’s for the Irish, too, and the Russian, German, Japanese, Iranian, and…”–Gloria Gaither, lyricist, author, speaker“Kathy Troccoli lives life to the fullest. Whether singing to the masses in sold-out concerts or reaching out to children in remote African villages, Kathy seeks to bless others and, as she describes, ‘to absorb the glory of every moment.’ She not only absorbs it, she exudes it. Her stirring words will inspire readers to seize the life of passion, romance, and adventure that Christ freely offers.”–James Robison, president and founder, LIFE Outreach International“From her colorful Italian heritage to her present worldwide ministry, Kathy Troccoli is one of the finest, most enjoyable talents on stage today. With warmth, humor, charm, and incredible giftedness, my wonderful friend steals your heart. But there’s so much more. She loves God, people, and life. Read all about it in Live Like You Mean It.”—Luci Swindoll, speaker and author of I Married AdventureReading this book is like opening a box full of love letters. Kathy’s passion for God spills off every page as she describes the richness of life He has given her. Live Like You Mean It is honest, unguarded, funny, and extremely inspirational as Kathy encourages all of us to experience how wonderful life can be if we trust God completely. I believe she means it.– R. Martin Coleman, Chief Operating Officer, FamilyNet Television“You’ll search a long time before you find a sweeter heart, deeper faith, and better communicator than Kathy Troccoli. I’ve known her more than a decade–she’s a fresh voice for these tough times.”– Max Lucado, best-selling author of It’s Not About Me, When God Whispers Your Name, and other booksFrom the Hardcover edition.