Long Time Coming: Morgan Crossroads, #1

May 19, 2021|
Long Time Coming: Morgan Crossroads, #1 by Tom Buford


What exactly are two single women whose age is somewhere north of seventy, doing on a westbound Greyhound?

Life in Morgan Crossroads, Alabama is as normal its residents can make it before the tallest man to ever grace the porch of Brown's General Store shows up on foot. He and his dog Spotlight, whose parts don't all work exactly right, leave after a single night, having uncovered a fifty year-old secret that will forever transform Morgan Crossroads and its beloved residents—most of all, Marcella Peabody.

When Marcella and her life-long friend Eva Jo Clomper take off on an unannounced bus ride to Texas with little more than a pile of luggage and Marcella's wish to bring back the past, the Morgan Crossroads gossip lines light up. (Most tales that women in Polly's House of Beauty or men on the front porch of Brown's General Store hear have at least a morsel of truth in them. The trick is to figure out which do and which don't.)

Long Time Coming is both a love story and a story of the love that residents of a small rural community can have for each other. It is the first book in the Morgan Crossroads series of clean small town and rural fiction from author Tom Buford.

(Long Time Coming was previously published as Then Came Edgar.)

Title:Long Time Coming: Morgan Crossroads, #1
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 19, 2021
Publisher:​Quiet Place Media
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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