Longing (Masked Emotions Book 2)

August 17, 2016|
Longing (Masked Emotions Book 2)
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This series may contain material that is unsettling to some readers.

Molly Edwards - 5-Star Review

For those who want to slip away and feel the emotions and passion to their very core, as if the story was them and they were the story. V.E. Campudoni created Enzio in a way that I felt as if he was my Master. I felt every touch he gave. He was truly a wonderful Dom and I want more of him already! This a worthy read, for sure, and the ending has me dying to read the next in this awesome series!

LONGING is Book 2 of the dangerously arousing series Masked Emotions.

Enzio’s longing for Lana is an endless, aching need. She is his drug. But Lana wants Enzio as her loving Master, and Dom 241 as the masked brute of a man who takes her roughly and shows her no mercy as he exhausts her sexually. She craves the beast with the bullwhip.

While Lana struggles between two Doms, Enzio confronts old demons, and enemies begin to surface. A dangerous, obsessed client stalks him, and a competitor’s club threatens his multi-million dollar business.


Lana stared at his tight abs and chest before moving up to his masked face. She gazed into his strong eyes and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a collar. “As of this moment, I am your Master,” he spoke sternly into her ear, “You will obey all of my orders and refer to me as Dom. Do you understand?”

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded. He pulled the leash and Lana stumbled toward him. “Welcome to the Gala experience,” he growled. “Why are you here, Darling?” he asked.

Lana didn’t know what to say as she watched him walk toward the door in the private room and click the lock. He turned to look at her and she felt a chill through her veins. “I won’t ask you again,” he growled. She tried to say something, but nothing came out. She felt his hands on her waist and he ran his fingers over her butt. Lana was shaking, and he pulled her hair. “I asked you a question, Darling,” his voice boomed.

“I…I was curious,” she stuttered.

“About what?”

“I was curious about you, Master.”

“I am not you Master!” he yelled. “You are already claimed. Call me Dom.”

She hesitated briefly. “Yes, Dom.”

“Does your Master satisfy you?”

“Yes, Dom.”

“Is your Master a good Master?”

“Oh yes, Dom, he’s wonderful.” Her words caused him to smile.

“Then I will ask you one last time, Darling, why are you here?”

She didn’t answer.

“What is it that you want from me that your Master cannot give to you, Lana?”

Still she didn’t answer.

“You have no safe word today,” he softly said, placing a blindfold over her eyes.

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