Losing Home

April 17, 2015|
Losing Home by JK Fiala-Watson


Who’s Going to Be There in Your Final Days? Losing Home is an engaging real-life tale of one woman’s 5-decade long association with her childhood home, her stable family life and an energetic mom who became her best friend. This life, as both mom and daughter knew it, was supposed to go on forever and did so for 50 years. But nothing is forever and when her mom’s health suffered a sudden and unexpected decline, it signaled an immediate life-style change for both. Mom and daughter had a special pact that assisted living would never be an option. The experiences of both during the final months of her mother’s life provide eye-opening insights into a difficult journey of caring and compassion with many humorous moments sprinkled in. It’s a story of a mom and her only daughter, the cared for and the caregiver, one leaving and one forced to remain — every step of the way. This Book is a Multi-Generational MUST READ that’s been Over 50 Years in the Making! Born Before 1945. Flooding memories of family, stability and how things once were in America. Born a Boomer ’46 to '64. It hits where you live with aging parents, responsibilities, grandkids. Born Generation X ’65 to '80. A look at by-gone traditions and your memories in the making. Born Generation Y ’81 to the 2000s. A glimpse into your grandparent’s life and your own future.

Title:Losing Home
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 17, 2015
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781460255667

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