Love & Catastrophē Poetrē

June 18, 2021|
Love & Catastrophē Poetrē by Michel Weatherall


This collection of local Ottawa poets address the loves and losses during the catastrophies of 2020.

"There is so much of love in this collection, so much to love in the time of a pandemic, to abuse the phrase. In a period where we are bereft of touch and intimacy, love in all its forms encourages us to connect and, better yet, to hope. And, as much as love hurts in "Touch," love always has the power to heal a very broken world.

"Love changes and changes us with it, as evidenced in this marvellous collection of poems that encompass so much in so little space."

Julie Beun

"This collection captures an outpouring of emotion from a year of catastrophe and loss, interwoven through the themes of wildfire, pandemic and hurricane. The poems are vignettes of sorrow, destruction, loneliness and separation, but also with glimmers of hope. For lovers of poignant poetry."

Rachel B. Brown, CEO

North Grenville Public Library

Title:Love & Catastrophē Poetrē
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 18, 2021
Publisher:​Broken Keys Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781988253312

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