Magic In The Blood by Devon MonkMagic In The Blood by Devon Monk

Magic In The Blood

byDevon Monk

Mass Market Paperback | May 5, 2009

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Working as a Hound-tracing illegal spells back to their casters-has taken its toll on Allison Beckstrom. But even though magic has given her migraines and stolen her recent memory, Allie isn't about to quit. Then the police's magic enforcement division asks her to consult on a missing persons case. But what seems to be a straightforward job turns out to be anything but, as Allie finds herself drawn into the underworld of criminals, ghosts, and blood magic.
Devon Monk has one husband, two sons, and a dog named Mojo. She lives in Oregon and is surrounded by colorful and numerous family members who mostly live within dinner-calling distance of each other. She has sold over fifty short stories to fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, and young adult magazines and anthologies. Her stori...
Title:Magic In The BloodFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:368 pages, 6.73 × 4.18 × 0.92 inPublished:May 5, 2009Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from A Surprise Turn of Events! I am loving Allie Beckstrom. She has such a wit about her and a sharp sense of humor. She’s all sarcasm. And in “Magic in the Blood”, the second installment in Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series, you really get to witness these qualities that I personally love in a kick ass lead heroine. That’s the perfect description for Allie. Even though she isn’t a gun wielding, knife throwing, kick boxing chick, she is totally kick ass. She’s got magic after all! She’s a Hound. Someone whose job is to track magical signatures back to the spell’s caster. And she uses magic to do so. But in Devon’s world, Magic users pay a price when they use it – they pay in pain. Allie tends to lean towards a migraine or flu. But sometimes when she overdoes it, she suffers from memory loss. “Magic in the Blood” begins with Allie trying to piece her life back after losing quite a chunk of time in the last book. She starts seeing things and feeling things that she can’t explain. Part of her thinks it’s due to the fact that she was in a coma for a while and part of her thinks it’s because she’s nuts. While trying to figure that out, she finds that her father, a big wig she’s tried very hard to separate herself from, is still trying to control her life even after his death. In addition to that, she’s being threatened by an ex-con evil guy whom she helped convict. And she’s been asked to Hound a job for a member of the police force who seems to be having a run of bad luck. You see, quite a few who Hound for this Detective Stotts wind up dead. Yup, our Allie has a lot going on, which means we get a full and stirring story. But that’s not all that Allie is dealing with. The most important thing is that she is trying to figure out her relationship (or lack of one) with Zayvion. By the end book one, you have no real idea who, what or why Zayvion Jones is. And really, by the end of book two you are no further along. Wait, that’s not completely true. You find out what he is…but then Allie passes out before she can ask questions. So once again, we are left wondering. Wondering about the dark, mysterious, talented magician that is Zayvion. Speculating about the man with the killer watt smile Zayvion. Thinking about sexy Zayvion. Oh who am I kidding? I’m trying to make it sound like a hardship but really, it’s not. If this book is any indication, we find out little bits and pieces here and there from book to book. But it’s not frustrating. It makes me want to read on. It makes me want to read more…while thinking of Zayvion. We know he cares for Allie and that he always happens to be around when she needs him. But when it comes to Zayvion, I think Allie says it best when she says: “Zayvion Jones just gets stranger and stranger.” There are other supporting characters in this book that I quite enjoyed and I’m hoping they will keep popping up throughout the series. Violet, Allie’s father’s widow (I could say Allie’s step-mother but she is pretty much Allie’s age and that would just be odd). Her gentle and kind nature is just what Allie needs to help balance her. Kevin, Violet’s bodyguard. We know he’s a powerful magician and a good ally to have. I love how he is with Violet. Pike. Oh Pike. And finally Davey. He’s a fellow Hound who was asked to watch over Allie during one job and has taken his new responsibility a little farther than Allie would like. He’s just a kid but he’s full of spunk and fire. And he’s got the perfect attitude to help deal with our sarcastic heroine who is convinced that she needs no one. The beginning of the book trudges along a little slowly due, of course, to the retelling of the events from book one, but you still get a taste as to where the story is headed. Once you get past that it’s go go go. And let me tell you, after reading book one and thinking I had a grasp on how this series is going to go, it went a whole other direction. One that completely took me by surprise but thrilled me just the same. I can see how there are endless possibilities as to where this series can go from here and I love it! And the ending of “Magic in the Blood” is a little more intense but still similar to the last one. Surprising but not dire. It makes you go “Whoa” and make you want to pick up the next book but not jump out of the window and hurt yourself to get to it. Those are the best cliffhanger endings. So if you have yet to pick up this series and you are a fan of strong female leads in an Urban Fantasy tale, give it a try. You won't regret it. Really.
Date published: 2010-11-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good second book I enjonyed her second book, and am looking forward to the next as she starts to learn more about the magic. She is really funny and I actually found myslef laughing out load at some parts. Her inner dialogue just cracks me up.
Date published: 2010-02-15
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Ok-Takes a While To Get Into Not bad. There is a bit too much on atmosphere and not enough on character development.
Date published: 2009-11-02
Rated 3 out of 5 by from A Good Follow Up This is the second book in Devon Monk's series about magic Hound, Allie Beckstrom. The story picks up several weeks after the ending of book one and we find Allie still plagued by headaches and suffering from memory loss. Despite this, Allie continues to eke out a living as a Hound and finds herself working for the police trying to track down some missing girls. She soon finds herself immersed in more than she bargained for including deadly blood magic and magic sucking ghosts. While not as action packed as the first, this book keeps a decent pace. Monk can turn a phrase and you will find yourself chuckling over Allie's inner monologue: "....that was so far down Creepy Lane that it intersected with Scaring the Hell Out of Me Avenue. I hate that avenue." I didn't give this book as high a review as the first because of a couple of things. First, it's a bit confusing and I'm as tired as Allie is with all the secretive who's following who and why. Besides the main story there seems to be another plot afoot having something to do with Zayvion Jones, the man she forgot she loved, and the mysterious group he works for, or does it have something do to with the secret organization her father worked with? Like I said, I'm confused. Second, as we learned in the first book, magic takes it toll and it seems to hit Allie especially hard, not only making her physically sick but stealing a little bit of her memory each time as well. After the end of the last book Allie is in rough shape. She has forgotten almost everything that happened and now that her body seems to be acting as a reservoir for magic she must work harder to control it and not let loose more magic than she wants each time she uses it. Sick, alone, confused, we only see glimpses of the take action Allie from book one and I didn't like this Allie as much. Still, I'm interested enough to see how it all turns out, and with the gotcha ending you know there is going to be a book three.
Date published: 2009-05-17