Mass-Losing Pulsating Stars and their Circumstellar Matter: Observations and Theory by Y. NakadaMass-Losing Pulsating Stars and their Circumstellar Matter: Observations and Theory by Y. Nakada

Mass-Losing Pulsating Stars and their Circumstellar Matter: Observations and Theory

byY. NakadaEditorM. Honma, M. Seki

Paperback | October 14, 2012

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Editing the proceedings of a scientific meeting is not an easy task. Sometimes people who give an excellent talk do not send the manuscript by the deadline. However, this time, thanks to the punctuality of all the participants, we have this excellent volume for the workshop on mass­ losing pulsating stars and their circumstellar matter prepared in time. Almost all of the oral presentations including the summary are collected in this volume. We regret that we cannot put in this volume a few posters that we failed to receive before the editorial work. The workshop was planned as a small meeting with less than fifty attendants because the city of Sendai was far from the most of the active institutions. However, the number of submitted papers exceeded the SOC's expectation; many interesting contributions had to be scheduled in the poster session. Still, the oral sessions were so tight that many participants might have felt frustrated for the shortage of discussions. The organizers of the workshop have to apologize to the attendants for the inconvenience caused from such a happy underestimate about the size of the workshop.
Title:Mass-Losing Pulsating Stars and their Circumstellar Matter: Observations and TheoryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:429 pages, 24 × 16 × 0.68 inPublished:October 14, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I Recent Results of Massive Photometry.- The Sequence of Mass-Losing AGB Stars in the Magellanic Clouds.- Three Aspects of Red Giant Studies in the Magellanic Clouds.- Luminosities of AGB Variables.- Photometric Properties of Long-Period Variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Stellar Sources in the ISOGAL Intermediate Bulge Fields.- GAIA: AGB Stars as Tracers of Star Formation Histories in the Galaxy and Beyond.- Characteristics of AGB Stars in the ISOGAL, MACHO and Other Databases.- II Pulsation and Properties of Mass-Losing Stars.- Structure and Evolution of AGB Stars: Current Understandings and Beyond.- Nonlinear Properties of the Semi-Regular Variable Stars.- Regular and Irregular Pulsations of Luminous Blue Variables.- Mass-Losing and Pulsating AGB Stars in the Magellanic Clouds.- The Galactic Kinematics of Mira Variables.- Period Evolution in Mira Variables.- Chaotic Pulsations in Irregular Variables.- Time Dependent Modelling of Mass Loss on the AGB.- Asymmetric Mass-Loss on the AGB: Examples from IRAS Data.- The Extended Atmosphere and Evolution of the RV Tauri Star, R Scuti.- Monochromatic Radii: a Tool of Mira Diagnostics.- The Wigner Distribution for Pulsation Behaviors in Post-AGB.- An Implication on the Excitation Mechanism of AGB Variables.- Evolution of Binaries Containing an AGB Giant.- On the Motion of an Infinitesimal Mass in the Gravitational Potential of a Binary Star System.- Numerical Investigation of the Stability of Motion of a Mass Element Ejected from a Component of a Binary Star System.- 2:1 Resonance in RV Tauri Stars.- The Determination of Intrinsic Polarization for RV Tauri Stars.- Multi-Color Interferometric Observations of Mira Stars.- Origin and Propagation of Shocks in the Atmospheres of Mira-Type Stars.- Theoretical Color Mass-Loss Relations for O-Rich Mira Stars.- High-Precision Measurements of Cool Giant Stars with the VLTI.- The Stability of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Stellar Winds.- III Optical and IR Observations of Circumstellar Matter.- Confronting Consistent Dust Shell Models with Observations of Long-Period Variable Stars.- Mid-Infrared Observations of Mass-Losing Red Giants.- High-Resolution Imaging of Dust Shells.- ISO/SWS Observations of the Extended Atmospheres and Their Time Variations.- The Circumstellar Environment of AGB Stars Studied by Polarimetry.- Violet Spectra of Carbon Stars Associated with Silicate Features.- Multiple Shells around IRC+10216.- NIR Monitoring of Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds.- The Brightest AGB Stars of the Leo I Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy.- Molecules and Dust around Oxygen-Rich AGB Stars.- Detection of Extended Water Vapor Atmosphere of Mira by Near-Infrared Spectroimagery.- NIR Survey of Variable Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Mass Loss History of the Local Miras.- Near-Infrared Monitoring to Study the Transition from AGB to Post-AGB Stars.- Identification and NIR Photometry of the Arecibo Sample of OH/IR Stars.- Infrared Properties of 0-/C-Rich MIRAs Close to the Galactic Plane.- Water Vapor in the Outer Atmospheres of Red Giants Probed by High-Resolution, Mid-Infrared Observations.- The Mass-Loss History of Carbon Stars Probed by CO Line and Dust Continuum Emission.- An Analysis of the 2.6 - 3.7 Micron Spectrum of R Dor.- Annual Parallax Measurements of Mira-Type Variables with Phase-Reference VLBI Observation.- Mapping the Circumstellar Envelope of OH26.5+0.6.- A Study of OH and H2O Masers in the Circumstellar Envelopes around Miras.- Variations of Physical Parameters in Circumstellar Envelopes around Carbon-Rich Mira Variables.- Radiative Transfer Modeling of Periodic Mass-Loss Enhancement during the AGB Phase.- Spatially Resolved 3 ?m Spectroscopy of IRAS 22272 + 5435.- Formation and Evolution of Dust Clumps around Cool Stars.- The Polarimetric Evidence of the Circumstellar Dust in Symbiotic Star Z Andromedae.- Bispectrum Speckle Interferometry of the Carbon Star IRC + 10216.- Ground Based MIR Observations of C-Rich Proto Planetary Nebulae.- Mid-Infrared Polarimetry of Axi-Symmetric Mass Loss and the Shaping of NGC 7027.- High Resolution Imaging and Polarimetry of the Red Rectangle.- Time Variation of Mid-Infrared Spectra of M-Type Mira Variables.- Three Micron Spectra of Carbon Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud.- IV Radio and mm Observations of Circumstellar Matter.- The Structure of Winds in AGB Stars.- Molecular Data on Circumstellar Envelopes around AGB Stars.- Radio Photospheres: Imaging and Light Curves.- Magnetic Fields in the Envelopes of Late-Type Stars.- Phase Dependence of 43 GHz SiO Masers in the Mira Variable TX Cam.- Models of Masers in AGB Stars.- VLBA Observations of the v=l and 2 SiO J=l-0 Maser Emissions in VY CMa.- Optical and Microwave Spectroscopy of Long-Period Variable Stars.- 3D Modeling of 1612 MHz OH Masers.- Exploring Stellar-Pulsation-Driven Shock Waves Revealed in the Kinematics of Water Masers around RT Vir.- VLBI Observations of Water Masers in the Circumstellar Envelope of IRC + 60169.- First OH Polarimetric Images of NML Cyg.- Detection of a Possible Bipolar Outflow around the Semi-Regular Variable Star R Crateris by the Japanese VLBI Network.- A Comparison of the SiO Masers in Orion KL with Those of Late-Type Stars.- Silicon Isotopic Abundances in Pulsating SiO Maser Stars.- V Distribution of Maser Sources in the Galaxy.- Infrared Properties and Galactic Distribution of OH/IR Stars.- Circumstellar Masers in the Galactic Center.- SiO Maser Sources near the Galactic Center.- Infrared Studies of Galactic Centre OH/IR Stars.- 86 GHz SiO Maser Survey of Late-Type Stars in the Inner Galaxy.- How Does the Galactic Bulge Rotate.- SiO Maser Survey towards the Stellar Cluster at the Galactic Center.- 43 GHz SiO Masers in Late-Type Stars with 86 GHz SiO Masers in the Inner Galaxy.- VI VERA and Other Future Projects.- Astrometry of Circumstellar Masers.- Astrometry of Mass-Losing Pulsating Stars with VERA.- Unveiling the Molecular Bipolar Outflow of the Peculiar Red Supergiant VY Canis Majoris.- IR Space Astrometry.- MIRA Project and the Observations of Mira Variables.- Mizusawa 10m Antenna System for Study of Pulsating Stars.- Phase Reference VLBI Astrometry for Mira-Type Stars.- VII Conference Summary.- Conference Summary.- List of Participants.- Topic Index.- Author Index.

Editorial Reviews

"AGB variables are far more interesting than I had previously thought. I don't hesitate to recommend this book, not only to those specifically involved with those stars, but also to those in the related fields of pulsation and/or mass loss, and even to a more-general readership."
(Rich Townsend in The Observatory, 124:1178 (February 2004)