Materials Processing Under the Influence of External Fields by Qingyou HanMaterials Processing Under the Influence of External Fields by Qingyou Han

Materials Processing Under the Influence of External Fields

EditorQingyou Han, Gerard Ludtka, Qiije Zhai

Paperback | May 1, 2007

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This book covers several key areas in relation to materials processing under the influence of external fields, such as physical phenomena, analytical and numerical models, experimental studies, physical modeling, and the development of new processes. The external fields impacting materials processing include electrical, magnetic and acoustic. Specific processing areas focused on in the book are molten materials processing, solidification processing, and solid state materials processing.

A collection of papers from the 2007 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition held in Orlando, Florida, February 25–March 1, 2007.

Title:Materials Processing Under the Influence of External FieldsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:256 pages, 9.13 × 6.04 × 0.54 inPublished:May 1, 2007Publisher:WileyLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


Session I.

Time-Resolved Analyses of Microstructure in Advanced Materials under High Magnetic Fields at Elevated Temperature Using Neutrons (Gerard Ludtka, Frank Klose, Roger Kisner, Jaime Fernandez-Baca, Gail Mackiewicz-Ludtka, John B. Wilgen, Roger Jaramillo, Louis J. Santodonato, Xun-Li Wang, Camden R. Hubbard, and Fei Tang).

Isothermal Phase Transformation Cycling in Steel by Application of a High Magnetic Field (Gerard Ludtka, Roger Jaramillo, Roger Kisner, John B. Wilgen, and Gail Mackiewicz-Ludtka)

Solid State Materials Processing in a High Magnetic Field (Hideyuki Ohtsuka).

Impact of Magnetic Field on Recrystallization and Grain Growth in Non-Ferromagnetic Metals (Dmitri Molodov).

Application of Pulsed Magnetic Field Treatment for Residual Stress Reduction of a Welded Structure (Cai Zhipeng, Lin Jian, Zhao Haiyan, and Wang Mingdao).

Retained Austenite in SAE 52100 Steel Post Magnetic Processing and Heat Treatment (Nathaniel Pappas, Thomas Watkins, O. Burl Cavin, Gerard Ludtka, and Roger Jaramillo).

Session II.

Metals Solidification under the Influence of External Fields: Research Status in Shanghai University (Qi-Jie Zhai, and Yu-Lai Gao).

Experimental Study on Solidification Structure of Al Ingot by Pulse Magneto Oscillation (Yong-Yong Gong, Jin-Xian Jing, Yu-Lai Gao, Qi-Jie Zhai, and Chang-Jiang Song).

Effect of Pulsed Magnetic Field on the Solidified Structure of Pure Al Melt (Yu-Lai Gao, Qiu-Shu Li, Hai-Bin Li, and Qi-Jie Zhai).

High Magnetic Field Influences on Fabrication of Materials with Magnetic Phases (Ke Han and Bao Zhi Cui).

Synthesis of Acicular Magnetite Using Coprecipitation Method under Magnetic Field (XiYun Yang, Baizhen Chen, and Hui Xu).

Rapid Ceramic Processing by Field-Assisted Sintering Technique (Dat Quach, Veaceslav Zestrea, Vladimir Y. Kodash, Gregory Toguyeni, and Joanna Groza).

Session III.

The Use of Power Ultrasound for Material Processing (Qingyou Han).

Influence of Power Ultrasonic Treatment on Solidification Structure and Segregation of 1Cr18Ni9Ti Stainless Steel (Qing-Mei Liu, Fei-Peng Qi, Qi-Jie Zhai, and Qingyou Han).

A Numerical Investigation of the Solidification of Al-12.6%Si Alloy during Mold-Vibration (Numan Abu-Dheir, Marwan Khraisheh, and Kozo Saito).

Degassing of Molten Aluminum Using Ultrasonic Vibrations (Hanbing Xu, Thomas Meek, Qijie Zhai, and Qingyou Han).

Research Progress on Ultrasonic Cavitation Based Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Al/Mg Melts for Solidification Processing of Bulk Lightweight Metal Matrix Nanocomposite (Xiaochun Li).

Experimental Investigations on Rotary Ultrasonic Machining of Hard-to-Machine Materials (Nikhil Churi, Z. Pei, and Clyde Treadwell).

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Treatment of Metals in a Magnetic Field (John B. Wilgen, Roger Kisner, Roger Jaramillo, Gerard Ludtka, and Gail Mackiewicz-Ludtka).

Numerical Simulation for Mold-Filling and Coupled Heat Transfer Processes of Titanium Shaped Castings under Centrifugal Forces (Daming Xu, Hongliang Ma, and Jingjie Guo).

Session IV.

Integrated Multiphysics and Multiscale Modeling of Electromagnetically-Assisted Materials Processing Systems (Ben Li).

Coupled Modeling for Electromagnetic Solidification Transport Processes of Alloy Castings (Daming Xu, Yunfeng Bai, Jichun Xiong, and Hengzhi Fu).

Effect of Complex Electromagnetic Stirring on Solidification Structure and Segregation of 60Si 2CrVaT Spring Steel Bloom (Weidong Du, Kai Wang, Huigai Li, Xufeng Liu, Qijie Zhai, and Pei Zhao).

Influence of Electric Current Pulse on Solidification Structure of Hypoeutectic Al-Cu Alloy (Xi-Liang Liao, Yu-Lai Gao, Ren-Xing Li, and Qi-Jie Zhai).

Pulsed Electromagnetic Forming and Joining (Sergey Golovashchenko).

Solidification Behaviour under Intensive Forced Convection (Zhongyun Fan, Amitabha Das, Guojun Liu, and Michael Hitchcock).

Monte Carlo Simulation of Growth of Solid under Forced Fluid Flow (Amitabha Das and Zhongyun Fan).

Session V.

Steel Production with Microwave Assisted Electric Arc Furnace Technology (Jiann-Yang Hwang, Xiaodi Huang, and Shangzhao Shi).

Study on Fracture of Aluminium Alloy 2014 Conical Ring in Hot Rolling under Different Temperature (Jia Wei, and Hua Lin).

Author Index.

Subject Index.