Math Essentials 9 Student Resource 2nd Edition

Paperback | April 27, 2011

byJodi Clarke, Steve Etienne, Liisa Suurtamm

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An updated and revised edition developed by Ontario Educators specifically for the new Ontario Locally Developed Compulsory Course (LDCC) for Mathematics 9 and 10

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An updated and revised edition developed by Ontario Educators specifically for the new Ontario Locally Developed Compulsory Course (LDCC) for Mathematics 9 and 10

Format:PaperbackDimensions:10.8 × 8.3 × 0.9 inPublished:April 27, 2011Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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Extra Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Money Matters
1.1 Where Does It Go?
Skills Practice 1: Money
1.2 Food for Thought
Skills Practice 2: Place Value and Rounding
1.3 Shopping on a Budget
1.4 Making Change
Skills Practice 3: Returning Change
Skills Practice 4: Percent
1.5 Tax Not Included
1.6 Calculating HST
1.7 My Spending
1.8 Items on Sale
1.9 Comparing Apples to Apples
Chapter 1
Review Task: Stocking Up for School

Chapter 2 Linear Measurement: Metric
2.1 Metric Lengths and References
Skills Practice 5: Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten
2.2 Estimating and Measuring Metric Lengths
2.3 Thinking Outside the Box
Skills Practice 6: Scale Diagrams
2.4 Monster Trucks!
Chapter 2 Review
Task: School Renovations

Chapter 3 Linear Measurement: Imperial
3.1 Introduction to Imperial Measure
Skills Practice 7: Equivalent Fractions
3.2 Imperial Lengths and References
Skills Practice 8: Adding Imperial Measures
Skills Practice 9: Multiplying Imperial Measures
3.3 Calculating Perimeter Using Imperial Measures
3.4 My Own Room!
Chapter 3 Review
Task: The Master Bedroom

Chapter 4 Cooking
4.1 Measuring Tools
Skills Practice 10: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
4.2 Cooking for a Crowd
Skills Practice 11: Writing and Reducing Ratios
4.3 Snack Time 4.4 Shopping For Ingredients
Chapter 4 Review
Task: Working With Recipes

Chapter 5 Sports and Leisure
5.1 Personal Rates
Skills Practice 12: Equivalent Ratios
Skills Practice 13: Equivalent Rates and Rate Problems
5.2 Lining a Soccer Field (A Metric Activity)
5.3 Swimming in an Olympic Size Pool (Metric Measure)
Skills Practice 14: Multiplying by 12
5.4 Defying Gravity (An Imperial Activity)
Skills Practice 15: Converting Between Imperial Units of Length
5.5 Playing Shinny (Imperial Measure)
5.6 Money and Sports
Chapter 5 Review
Task: Beach Volleyball

Chapter 6 Dining Out
6.1 School Lunches
6.2 Fast Food
Skills Practice 16: Estimating Long Sums
6.3 Your Treat
6.4 At the Movies
6.5 Today’s Special
Skills Practice 17: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Chapter 6 Review
Task: Out for Dinner

Chapter 7 Home Improvement
7.1 About How Many Metres? (or Feet?)
7.2 Measuring Surfaces With Squares
7.3 About How Many Square Centimetres?
Skills Practice 18: Converting Metric Area Units
7.4 Regions and Rectangles
7.5 How Much Do You Need?
7.6 Area of a Triangle
7.7 Work With Triangular Areas
Chapter 7 Review
Task: Fix Up a Shed

Chapter 8 Healthy Choices
8.1 Estimating and Measuring Mass
8.2 Choosing Units for Mass
8.3 How Are Foods Sold?
8.4 Portion Sizes
8.5 What You Get in Packaged Foods
Skills Practice 19: Reducing Ratios
8.6 Comparing Amounts of Nutrients Chapter 8 Review
Task: Planning a Healthy Day

Chapter 9 Boxed In
9.1 How Many Ways Can You Package It?
Skills Practice 20: Drawing 3-Dimensional Shapes on Isometric Grids
9.2 Volume
9.3 Boxes, Boxes, Boxes
9.4 Changing Bases
9.5 Boxes for Charity
Chapter 9 Review Task: Shipping Help
Chapter 10 The World of Work
Skills Practice 21: Time
10.1 Babysitting
10.2 A Week’s Work
Skills Practice 22: Adding Whole Numbers and Fractions
10.3 Moving On Up 10.4 Where Does It Go?
Chapter 10 Review
Task: Where Does Your Money Go?