May Leads the Way: Trouble Near Tofino by KC Frantzen

May Leads the Way: Trouble Near Tofino

byKC Frantzen

Kobo ebook | November 1, 2013

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May graduates K9 Spy boot camp and returns home to find her archenemy’s plan to destroy the USA is counting down. She leads her family to safety, but suddenly, their haven becomes a trap.
Join Agent May on her first official mission as she learns the secrets of Resolute Mountain, confronts enemy dolphins determined to seize a nuclear submarine, and discovers the trouble near Tofino.

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"I have been reading May the K9 Spy: Trouble Near Tofino and it is good. I love May because she is funny. I am ten years old and I have enjoyed reading all the books. Miss Frantzen just keeps getting better at writing May's adventures."


"This was a fun book to read. It is written for children ages 8-12, and I believe this would be most suitable for that age group, though I certainly enjoyed reading it myself. I have not read the first two books in the series. While this one can stand alone, I think reading the first two would definitely be beneficial in learning who is who and being introduced to some of the spy lingo. The series also builds on itself. I think this lends to a successful following of fans as we get to know May and follow her career as a K9 Spy. This story centers around May the newest canine spy having just graduated from the spy academy. The story is written in first person from May's point of view. It is a fast paced adventure that will be enjoyed by all."


"The third book in the series, May Leads the Way, continues the mission of May the K9 Spy. May is closer to capturing Rukan, her former owner. Looking for a dog adventure? Look no further!

May gets home from Paris, and she and her family must go to the shed before a missile is launched that could cause communications and infrastructure in our country to be destroyed. While they are secluded under the shed, May discovers that even in the dark times, God is faithful. When you don’t know what is going on, God is in control.

May finds a way out of the shelter after they get barricaded in, but HQ has a mission for her and is called away before the rest of her family escapes. As May is deployed she learns from the general that you fail when you try to live on your own. With God on your side, you can do all things. She is used as bait to capture Rukan. Can she do it? Can May follow instructions and get the job done to save the country? You’ll have to read to find out!

For another high-energy espionage mission, pick up this book today! May the K9 spy is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys a great mystery, a Schnauzer who protects and serves her country with neat gadgets and helpful critters, while learning God’s truths for our own lives. The Creator’s plan is already in the works. If you’re alive, there is a plan for your life. In this mission, May must discover if she has enough grace to forgive others. No one is perfect. But to truly forgive, releasing resentment, brings peace to our own lives and it is this forgiveness that we wish others to extend to us.

This series is full of mystery and mahem, God’s truths for our lives, and May the K9 spy finding her way. Can’t wait to read more adventures!"


"May is a great canine agent. I love how other animals are used also. I enjoyed the mystery! I'm glad this is a series. Tweens need more book series to help keep them interested in reading!"


"As in all the “May the K9” books, it is difficult to decide whether children will enjoy these books more than the adults who might find themselves reading them to their children or grandchildren.

Dozens of photos exist with hordes of children loving May in real life on May’s website! And many more children have found joy reading about the 'May the character' in these inspiring stories.

While the “May the K9” books can be read in any order, I feel it is far better to read them in order. Reading them in order makes the unfolding enjoyment more accessible to children. A youngster is free to let the total enjoyment of the experience simply happen. It is the adult, however, who will gain most by watching the growth of May's character develop into adulthood as viewed from the vantage point of a life longer lived. The adult can see what the child cannot.

Each May book corresponds to a life changing phase in both human development and that of canines. In book I, May is little more than a puppy. She’d been abused until rescued by her new parents. She plays with toys much of the time and is still willing to love and trust while being happy to just experience what living is all about. It is only by accident that May has any inkling of the K9 Spy experience. Being a K9 Spy is just another game to May.

In book II May experiences growth and a youthful ‘look at coming of age’. She is like the young college student, who grabs a backpack, and is off to explore Europe with friends. Life is exciting and free. Every possibility seems obtainable. The real responsiblies of adulthood are still around the corner.

May goes to K9 School instead of college but before she can graduate she’s mistakenly off to Paris on an unofficial K9 Spy mission. Here she sees life as a wonderland of discovery. The reader sees Paris along with May 'for the first time'. The point of view is from about one foot above ground and heavily slanted to what May can smell. Paris has never looked like this. This is great fun for the adult who has been to Paris.

At this point May still loves to play and takes diversions from her necessary duties when such diversions promise more fun experiences. Life is still joyful and open to an unlimited expanse of exploration. That is the May of book II. This was my favorite May.

In book III May learns what it is to be an adult. There is almost no play. She has put away much of her puppy things. Her time in K9 Spy school has past. Adult reality has hit home! The world has been shaken with what all have most feared – the detonation of a horrid weapon of mass destruction!

May is still young and righteous. She disobeys orders when she thinks she knows best what should be done. Yet she knows her duty is to obey orders. She must seek forgiveness – something she has not had to do before. Yet this is a part of growing into a more mature adult. May must forgive another whom she has most justification for hating above all others. This choice is the key hinge of all the three books. This is a test that will determine whether one becomes a mature adult or something less. This is May’s great choice.

A child will not be aware of all this. For a child the action will be fun and the accepted fare for a book that holds a young person’s attention. The moral lessons are there for a child to understand but the life lessons are for the adult.

This reminds me that Mark Twain wrote “Tom Sawyer” for adults. It was his publisher’s idea to market it to children. This uncertainty as to who the book is written for is what I believe makes an excellent ‘children’s book’. The “May the K9” series is as thought-provoking for adults to read, as it is a pleasure for children to enjoy. The three “May the K9 Spy” books comprise this type of work. I believe these three books are ideal for an adult to read to a child and even more so for a child to read to their children once they are grown up. These are books I'd keep from childhood.

Highest Recommendation."

Title:May Leads the Way: Trouble Near TofinoFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:November 1, 2013Publisher:Bottom Line Clarity, LLCLanguage:English

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