McGraw-Hill Ryerson Mathematics 8: Making Connections: Making Connections by Wayne ErdmanMcGraw-Hill Ryerson Mathematics 8: Making Connections: Making Connections by Wayne Erdman

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Mathematics 8: Making Connections: Making Connections

byWayne Erdman, Elizabeth Ainslie, Dan Gilfoy

Hardcover | August 15, 2004

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A program developed to help intermediate students and teachers experience success with mathematics. This program has been developed on a foundation of research on how intermediate students learn mathematics and the challenges facing teachers of these grades.

Title:McGraw-Hill Ryerson Mathematics 8: Making Connections: Making ConnectionsFormat:HardcoverDimensions:10.8 × 8.2 × 1.3 inPublished:August 15, 2004Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0070917612

ISBN - 13:9780070917613


Table of Contents

A Tour of Your Textbook
Problem Solving
Get Ready for Grade 8
1 Fractions, Metric Units, Estimation
2 Convert Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Perfect Squares and Square Roots
3 Patterns With Natural Numbers, Fractions, and Integers

Chapter 1 Measurement and Number Sense
Get Ready
1.1 Discover the Pi Relationship
1.2 Circumference Relationships
1.3 Discover the Area of a Circle
1.4 Draw Circles Using a Set of Compasses
1.5 Construct Circles From Given Data
Use Technology
Construct Circles Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
1.6 Choose and Apply Circle Formulas
Practice Test

Chapter 2 Two-Dimensional Geometry
Get Ready
2.1 Discover the Pythagorean Relationship
Use Technology
Explore the Pythagorean Relationship Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
2.2 Find Approximate Values of Square Roots
2.3 Apply the Pythagorean Relationship
2.4 Use the Pythagorean Relationship
Practice Test
Task: Design a Playground With a Wading Pool

Chapter 3 Fraction Operations
Get Ready
3.1 Add and Subtract Fractions
3.2 Investigate Multiplying Fractions
3.3 Investigate Dividing Fractions
3.4 Order of Operations With Fractions
3.5 Operations With Mixed Numbers
Practice Test

Chapter 4 Probability
Get Ready
4.1 Explore Basic Probability
4.2 Organize Outcomes and Compare Probabilities
4.3 More on Predicted Probabilities
4.4 Extension: Simulations
4.5 Apply Probability to Real Life
Practice Test
Task: Spin the Spinner; Pick a Card
Chapters 1–4 Review

Chapter 5 Ratios, Rates, and Percents
Get Ready
5.1 Apply Ratio and Proportion
5.2 Explore Rates
5.3 Apply Percent to Sales Taxes and Discounts
5.4 Apply Percent to Commission
5.5 Calculate Simple Interest
Practice Test

Chapter 6 Patterning and Algebra
Get Ready
6.1 Identify Patterns
6.2 Define Patterns Using Algebra
6.3 Explore Relationships on a Grid
6.4 Apply Patterning Strategies
Practice Test
Task: What’s the Best Buy?

Chapter 7 Exponents
Get Ready
7.1 Pattern With Powers and Exponents
7.2 Order of Operations With Exponents
7.3 Discover Scientific Notation
7.4 Solve Fermi Problems
Practice Test

Chapter 8 Three-Dimensional Geometry and Measurement
Get Ready
8.1 Recognize and Sketch Three-Dimensional Figures
8.2 Build Models of Three-Dimensional Figures
8.3 Surface Area of a Triangular Prism
8.4 Volume of a Triangular Prism
8.5 Surface Area or Volume of Triangular Prisms
Practice Test
Task: Design a Runway
Chapters 5–8 Review

Chapter 9 Data Management: Collection and Display
Get Ready
9.1 Collect, Organize, and Use Data
9.2 Comparative Bar Graphs
9.3 Histograms
Use Technology
Create Histograms Using Fathom™
9.4 Use Databases to Solve Problems
9.5 Use a Spreadsheet to Present Data and Solve Problems
Practice Test

Chapter 10 Data Management: Analysis and Interpretation
Get Ready
10.1 Analyse Data and Make Inferences
10.2 Understand and Apply Measures of Central Tendency
10.3 Bias in Samples
10.4 Make and Evaluate Arguments Based on Data
Practice Test
Task: What Interests You?

Chapter 11 Integers
Get Ready
11.1 Add Integers
11.2 Subtract Integers
11.3 Multiply Integers
11.4 Divide Integers
11.5 Order of Operations With Integers
11.6 Patterns and Trends With Integers
Practice Test

Chapter 12 Patterning and Equations
Get Ready
12.1 Model and Solve Equations
12.2 Apply the Opposite Operations
12.3 Model Problems With Equations
12.4 Explore Inequalities
Practice Test
Task: Design a Garden
Chapters 9–12 Review

Chapter 13 Geometry of Angle Properties
Get Ready
13.1 Internal Angles of a Triangle
Use Technology
Explore the Internal Angles of a Triangle Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
13.2 Angle Properties of Intersecting and Perpendicular Lines
Use Technology
Explore Intersecting and Perpendicular Lines Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
13.3 Angle Properties of Parallel Lines
Use Technology
Explore Parallel Lines Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
13.4 Apply Angle Measures
13.5 Construct Line Segments and Angles
Practice Test