Meadowvale: A Novel

January 23, 2017|
Meadowvale: A Novel by Tim Chesterton


Tom Masefield has just graduated from Oxford University, but he chooses to take his first teaching job, not in England, but in the small town of Meadowvale, Saskatchewan, far away from everything and everyone he has ever known.

Kelly Reimer grew up in Meadowvale, but has been nursing in Jasper for a year. As a teenager she stepped away from her family’s Mennonite faith, but recently she has begun to think again.

Meadowvale is the biography of Tom and Kelly’s marriage, a story of life and love, struggle and loss. Their journey unfolds against the backdrop of the community of Meadowvale, with its network of extended families and rich characters. In this setting Tom, the shy introvert, gradually discovers a new faith and a new family, while Kelly, the confident extrovert, encounters challenges she had never dreamed of, coming face to face with the uncertainty of human life and her own need for help outside herself. As their story continues, Meadowvale explores the central truths of human existence: strength and weakness, anger and forgiveness, doubt and faith, life and death.

Title:Meadowvale: A Novel
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 23, 2017
Publisher:Tim Chesterton
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780995874305

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