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If you are a DIY cook looking for a new challenge, then you are in the right place! If baking a cake is something you can do with your eyes closed and you already know how to get a perfect sear on a steak, then it’s time to take on something a little more…
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**FREE SAMPLER** Following the bestselling Hog comes Prime . This fantastic book is an ode to all things beef from the ultimate authority in meat cookery. Beef is the star of many people's all-time favourite meals - from steak or a cheeseburger to roast beef with…

Low And Slow: How To Cook Meat

by Neil Rankin

|This title releases February 28, 2017


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STEAKS. ROASTS. BRAISES. BARBECUE. If you have ever cooked a steak medium-well instead of medium-rare, a chicken that ends up dry, a stew that's tough or stringy or a rack of ribs that fall too much off the bone then this book will make your life that little bit…