Mechanical Properties and Testing of Polymers: An A-Z Reference by G.M. SwalloweMechanical Properties and Testing of Polymers: An A-Z Reference by G.M. Swallowe

Mechanical Properties and Testing of Polymers: An A-Z Reference

EditorG.M. Swallowe

Paperback | December 6, 2010

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This volume provides a fully cross-referenced and concisely presented overview of the most important aspects of the mechanical properties of polymers. Short articles provide an invaluable quick reference guide for the busy professional as well as an excellent resource for postgraduate and undergraduate students. Coverage includes both background theory and test methods as well as comprehensive summaries of the somewhat neglected but highly important areas of adiabatic shear, high rate behavior, anelastic deformation, friction and wear, computer modeling, and structure-property relationships. Written by experienced scientists, each short article introduces a particular aspect of polymer properties and is accompanied by a list of references where in-depth information may be found. The work will appeal to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, experienced workers and those who require a rapid overview of polymer mechanical behavior.
Title:Mechanical Properties and Testing of Polymers: An A-Z ReferenceFormat:PaperbackDimensions:314 pagesPublished:December 6, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Accuracy and Errors; G.M. Swallowe. 2. Adhesion of Elastomers; M.A. Ansarifar. 3. Adiabatic Shear Instability: Observations and Techniques; S.M. Walley. 4. Adiabatic Shear Instability: Theory; N.A. Fleck. 5. Alloys and Blends; D.J. Hourston. 6. Amorphous Polymers; A.R. Rennie. 7. Crazing; G.M. Swallowe. 8. Creep; D.R. Moore. 9. Crystalline Polymers; A.R. Rennie. 10. Crystallinity; G.M. Swallowe. 11. Ductile-Brittle Transition; G.M. Swallowe. 12. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Techniques and Complex Modulus; J. Duncan. 13. Electron Microscopy applied to the Study of Polymer Deformation; A.M. Donald. 14. Environmental Effects; G.M. Swallowe. 15. Falling Weight Impact Tests; P.E. Reed. 16. Falling Weight Impact Testing Equipment; L. Warnet, P.E. Reed. 17. Falling Weight Impact Testing Principles; L. Warnet, P.E. Reed. 18. Fast Fracture in Polymers; P.S. Leevers. 19. Fatigue; E.J. Moskala. 20. The Finite Element Methods; M. Ashton. 21. Flow Properties of Molten Polymers; P.C. Dawson. 22. Fracture Mechanics; P.S. Leevers. 23. Friction; B.J. Briscoe, S.K. Shinha. 24. Glass Transition; D.J. Hourston. 25. Hardness and Normal Indentation of Polymers; B.J. Briscoe, S.K. Shinha. 26. The Hopkinson Bar; D.J. Parry. 27. Impact Strength; P.S. Leevers. 28. Impact and Rapid Crack Propagation Measurements Techniques; P.S. Leevers. 29. Manipulation of Poisson's Ratio; K.E. Evans. 30. Measurement of Creep; D.R. Moore. 31. Measurement of Poisson's Ratio; K.E. Evans. 32. Molecular Weight Distribution and Mechanical Properties; T.Q. Nguyen, H.H. Kausch. 33. Molecular Weight Distribution: Characterisation by GPC; T.Q. Nguyen, H.H. Kausch. 34. Monte Carlo Techniques; C. Chiu, M. Boyce. 35. Monte Carlo Techniques applied to Polymer Deformation; C. Chiu, M. Boyce. 36. Neutron Scattering; A.R. Rennie. 37. Non Elastic Deformation during a Mechanical Test; C. Gauthier. 38. Plasticisers; G.M. Swallowe. 39. Poisson's Ratio; K.E. Evans. 40. Polymer Models; D.J. Parry. 41. Recovery of Glassy Polymers; C. Gauthier. 42. Relaxations in Polymers; G.M. Swallowe. 43. Sensors and Transducers; G.M. Swallowe. 44. Slow Crack Growth and Fracture; P.S. Leevers. 45. Slow Crack Growth and Fracture: Measurement Techniques; P.S. Leevers. 46. Standards for Polymer Testing; G.M. Swallowe. 47. Strain Rate Effects; G.M. Swallowe. 48. Stress and Strain; G.M. Swallowe. 49. Structure-Property Relationships: Glassy Polymers; P.J. Ludovice. 50. Structure-Property Relationships: Large Strain; P.J. Ludovice. 51. Structure-Property Relationships: Rubbery Polymers; P.J. Ludovice. 52. Tensile and Compressive Testing; G.M. Swallowe. 53. Thermoplastics and Thermosets; A.R. Rennie. 54. Time-Temperature Equivalence; G.M. Swallowe. 55. Torsion and Bend Tests; G.M. Swallowe. 56. Toughening; G.M. Swallowe. 57. Ultrasonic Techniques; G.M. Swallowe. 58. Viscoelasticity; G.M. Swallowe. 59. Wear; B.J. Briscoe, S.K. Shinha. 60. X-Ray scattering Methods in the Study of Polymer Deformation; A.M. Donald. 61. Yield and Plastic Deformation; G.M. Swallowe. Appendices. Index.