Mechanisms of Plant Defense Responses by B. FritigMechanisms of Plant Defense Responses by B. Fritig

Mechanisms of Plant Defense Responses

byB. FritigEditorM. Legrand

Paperback | October 29, 2012

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Research on the mechanisms of plant defense responses to stress and pathogen attack has attracted much attention in recent years. This increasing interest stems from the fact that the tools of molecular biology now enable us to study the molecular basis of old biological concepts such as host-pathogen recognition (and particularly the gene­ for-gene relationship), hypersensitive cell death and systemic acquired resistance. Our knowledge about avirulence and resistance genes, elicitors, signal transduction and genes involved in plant defense is rapidly expanding. Moreover we are just beginning to test in planta the potential of these results for biotechnological applications, aimed at improving plant resistance to diseases. The 2nd Conference of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology, hosted by the "Societe Fran<_aise20_de20_phytopathologie22_2c_20_was20_devoted20_to20_22_mechanisms20_of20_plant20_defense20_responses22_20_and20_was20_held20_in20_strasbourg2c_20_france.20_it20_brought20_together20_over20_35020_scientists20_from20_universities2c_20_research20_institutes20_and20_private20_sectors20_of20_2420_countries.20_major20_advances20_in20_the20_areas20_under20_study20_have20_been20_reviewed20_in20_plenary20_lectures20_and20_are20_developed20_in20_the20_main20_articles20_of20_this20_book.20_over20_16020_high-quality20_posters20_were20_presented20_and20_are20_summarized20_in20_short20_articles.20_data20_from20_outstanding20_posters2c_20_which20_were20_discussed20_after20_a20_short20_oral20_presentation2c_20_are20_found20_in20_extended20_articles.20_as20_a20_whole20_the20_book20_presents20_a20_collection20_of20_papers20_arranged20_in20_six20_sections20_and20_reflecting20_the20_present20_day20_state-of-the-art20_of20_research20_in20_the20_field20_of20_plant20_defense20_reactions. de="" _phytopathologie22_2c_="" was="" devoted="" to="" _22_mechanisms="" of="" plant="" defense="" _responses22_="" and="" held="" in="" _strasbourg2c_="" france.="" it="" brought="" together="" over="" 350="" scientists="" from="" _universities2c_="" research="" institutes="" private="" sectors="" 24="" countries.="" major="" advances="" the="" areas="" under="" study="" have="" been="" reviewed="" plenary="" lectures="" are="" developed="" main="" articles="" this="" book.="" 160="" high-quality="" posters="" were="" presented="" summarized="" short="" articles.="" data="" outstanding="" _posters2c_="" which="" discussed="" after="" a="" oral="" _presentation2c_="" found="" extended="" as="" whole="" book="" presents="" collection="" papers="" arranged="" six="" sections="" reflecting="" present="" day="" state-of-the-art="" field="">
Title:Mechanisms of Plant Defense ResponsesFormat:PaperbackDimensions:481 pagesPublished:October 29, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Genes for Incompatibility between Plants and Pathogens. Section 2: Pathogenicity Genes and Signals for Establishment of Infection. Section 3: Elicitors and Signal Transduction. Section 4: Plant Defence Response Genes and Signals for Their Regulation. Section 5: Results and Perspectives of Biotechnological Applications. Section 6: Other Aspects of Plant-Pathogen Interactions. Subject Index. Author Index.