Mega Quiz Book 3: 12,000 Questions - 480 Quizzes on a Kobo by Sam Thornton

Mega Quiz Book 3: 12,000 Questions - 480 Quizzes on a Kobo

bySam Thornton

Kobo ebook | October 8, 2013

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Truly a mega-sized book of 12,000 trivia questions, divided into 480 separate quizzes.

Fun for the family or professional quiz nights. Ideal for revising your general knowledge or entertaining others on long journeys.

This book mixes up easy to hard questions across random subjects, so it's fun for everyone to read. Learn some new things today!


12,000 questions
480 quizzes
25 questions per quiz


What 'P' comes before corn, music and gun?
- Pop

Which movie star published an autobiography in 2002 entitled "Lucky Man"?
- Michael J Fox

In the world of sport what has the maximum dimensions of 60 metres by 30 metres?
- Ice skating rink

What 'J' is an African or South Asian animal related to the dog?
- Jackal

Which country left the Commonwealth in 1972?
- Pakistan

What unusual property do the words flour, tern, and thirsty have in common?
- Take out one letter and they each spell a number.

In what famous children's novel will you find the character Wilbur the Pig?
- Charlotte's Web

What was the name of the gas that caused horrific skin blistering in the trenches during World War One, which can also be associated with a common food accompaniment?
- Mustard gas

In which year was Y.M.C.A. Released? 1975, 1977 or 1979?
- 1979

The main street in 'Back to the Future' is also the main street in what other classic 1980's movie?
- Gremlins

How many episodes were made of the comedy series "Friends"? 123, 234, 345?
- 234

How much did Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg pay for "Instagram", the photo sharing website?
- $1 billion

What company made Pacman?
- Bally Midway

What fruit is a cantaloupe?
- Melon

in which century was the Black Death?
- Fourteenth (75-200 million people died)

What american states border with Florida?
- Georgia and Alabama

Which leader died at St Helena, a South Atlantic island?
- Napoleon Bonaparte

What 'IR' collects income tax in Britain and what 'IRS' in America?
- Inland Revenue + Internal Revenue Service

In what American State are the headquarters of the motorcycle company 'Harley Davidson' based?
- Wisconsin

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