Memoirs of Mrs Caroline Chisholm by ENEAS MACKENZIE

Memoirs of Mrs Caroline Chisholm


Kobo ebook | July 5, 2013

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THE age of hero worship is rapidly passing away in the murky cloud of barbarous feudalism, and that of the champions of moral virtue benignantly dawning over the surface of the civilized world. The truly noble who give knowledge, dignity, peace, and love, to mankind, are becoming the recognized heroes of all people. The sun of truth is emerging into mental light a glorious phalanx, too long hidden by false teaching and interested policy; while justice ordains them, those positions in national honour, which have been, for ages past, hideously usurped. The mission of "nature's nobles" comprises the alleviation of the miseries attendant upon the human family, the teaching man his duty to man, the exalting him to self-respect, the instilling humanity, and thus creating that most illustrious of characters—a practical Christian:

"The drying up one tear has more
Of honest fame, than shedding seas of gore."

Firmly impressed with the conviction, that among the benefactors of the human race, the subject of the following pages will occupy the attention of future biographers, while the interesting documents relative to the distinguishing features of her career can readily be collected, and inaccuracies corrected by living witnesses, we have taken upon ourselves the pleasing duty of arranging them in chronological order; tracing the flow of active benevolence from its source until widened into a broad and useful purpose. We have attended more to positive public facts than to minute personal illustrations, as during the lifetime of an individual, more especially a lady, there is ever a feeling of delicacy against gratifying a mere morbid taste by rudely peering behind the veil of domestic life. The recounting the public acts of this amiable female allows of no scope for cutting sarcasms and anatomizing by the pen—we believe all her works "works of mercy", justly worthy of praise—and praise we therefore have accorded in the sincerity of our convictions—we have, in our investigations of the facts placed before the public, seen no seeking, in the spirit of vanity, for public applause, but a high-minded principle pervading every act—a self-denying zeal daily in operation—a practical wisdom ever exercised—a gentle womanly sympathy continually applied—a kind of intuitive knowledge of the secret workings of the human breast, added to a woman's keen penetration, by which the feelings of others were divined, and led into a channel either for personal or public benefit.

The woes and pains of those in affliction were soothed with a nobleness of mind, a disinterestedness of purpose, and a sublimity of virtue, that acts powerfully on our sympathies. We record them that they may be admired and imitated. Philanthropist! a word mighty in signifhcance, encircles with humanizing radiance the name of Caroline Chisholm.

Emigration is the seed from whence germinates a future nation. Its mode, its source, and other facts, are the first entries on a country's historic page, which succeeding generations pore over with intense interest. In its records are traced the blood and kindred that gives character to a people, and show from whence sprang their ideas of politic, social and moral laws, deeply imbuing the community at its sun-rise, and permeating its destinies in its zenith.

On emigration, Mrs. Chisholm has produced, by indomitable perseverance, a deep impression, the results of which will long be acknowledged, as it has given life, energy, and moral character to an important and rising colony. She found the stream polluted, and she has purified it. The weak she has protected, and the poor she has sheltered tenderly and affectionately. With a woman's courage and resolution she has asserted the dignity of her sex, and caused the unscrupulous voluptuary to shrink appalled, and respect nature's loveliest creation, although in want and in rags. The chances, perils, and difficulties of a new far off home she has reduced; the outset rendered more independent, the voyage one of health, industry and protection, the reception kind and secure, and the future prospects of life one of earthly happiness.

To add to the charms and delights of the tenderest chords that vibrate in the human bosom, to prevent them being bruised or torn asunder, has been a task performed with apostolic fervour and enthusiasm—a labour of love worthy of a heroic woman and the gratitude of her fellow beings.

So potent is truth, that a powerful government has made concession to its representations and the demands of humanity.

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