Metamorphism And Metamorphic Belts by Akiho MiyashiroMetamorphism And Metamorphic Belts by Akiho Miyashiro

Metamorphism And Metamorphic Belts

byAkiho Miyashiro

Paperback | March 23, 1978

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My book Metamorphic Rocks and Metamorphic Belts (in Japanese) was published by Iwanami Shoten, Publishers, in Tokyo in 1965. A few years later, Mr D. Lynch-Blosse of George Allen & Unwin Ltd contacted me to explore the possibility of translating it into English. Thus, translation accompanied by rewriting of substantial parts of the book was made in subsequent years, resulting in the present book Metamorphism and Metamorphic Belts. This title was chosen to emphasize the tectonic Significance of metamorphic belts. Metamorphic geology has a long history. The microscopic description and classification of metamorphic rocks began in the late nineteenth century. The theory of equilibrium mineral assemblages began in the first half of the twentieth century. Detailed mineralogical studies and the experimental determination of the pressure-temperature conditions of metamorphism began in the 1950s. The importance of metamorphic petrology in our understanding of the tectonic processes has been realized only in the past decade. This book is intended to synthesize the mineralogic, petrologic" and tectonic aspects of metamorphism. Advanced treatment of the thermodynamic and structural aspects is not intended.
Title:Metamorphism And Metamorphic BeltsFormat:PaperbackPublished:March 23, 1978Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I Basis of Metamorphic Petrology.- 1 Introduction.- 1-1 Concept of metamorphism.- 1-2 Geologic classification of metamorphism.- 1-3 Compositional groups of metamorphic rocks.- 1-4 Nomenclature of metamorphic rock types.- 1-5 Distribution of metamorphic rocks.- 2 Basic Characteristics of Metamorphic Reactions.- 2-1 Aim of this chapter and units of measurement.- 2-2 Solid-solid reactions.- 2-3 Open system and models for the behaviour of H2O.- 2-4 Dehydration reactions.- 2-5 Mineral assemblages and element distribution.- 2-6 Decarbonation reactions.- 2-7 Oxidation and reduction in metamorphism.- 3 Basic Concepts of Metamorphic Petrology.- 3-1 Progressive regional metamorphism.- 3-2 Outline of metamorphic facies.- 3-3 Baric types and paired metamorphic belts.- 3-4 Baric types and geothermal gradients.- 3-5 Temperature and pressure corresponding to individual metamorphic facies.- 4 Some Important Problems in Metamorphic Geology.- 4-1 Igneous rock associations related to regional metamorphism.- 4-2 Volcanic arcs in relation to low-pressure regional metamorphism.- 4-3 Metamorphic facies and geologic age.- 4-4 Diversity in low-temperature metamorphism.- 4-5 Nature of contact metamorphism.- 5 Diagrammatic Representation of Mineral Parageneses.- 5-1 Mineralogical phase rules and composition-paragenesis diagrams.- 5-2 Eskola's A CF and A 'KF diagrams.- 5-3 AFM diagrams for metapelites.- 5-4 Schreinemakers bundle.- II Progressive Metamorphism.- 6A Zeolite and Prehnite-Pumpellyite Fades Metamorphism: Its Diversity.- 6A-1 Classification of burial metamorphic terranes in terms of geothermal gradients.- 6A-2 Zeolite and prehnite-pumpellyite facies terranes of the low-pressure type.- 6A-3 Zeolite distribution in active geothermal fields.- 6A-4 Zeolite and prehnite-pumpellyite facies terranes of the medium-pressure type.- 6A-5 Relevant data from high-pressure metamorphic terranes.- 6A-6 Other areas.- 6B Zeolite and Prehnite-Pumpellyite Facies Metamorphism: Progressive Mineral Changes.- 6B-1 Progressive changes in zeolite assemblages.- 6B-2 Experimental studies on the stabilities of zeolites.- 6B-3 Smectite, illite and mixed-layer clay minerals.- 6B-4 Prehnite and pumpellyite.- 6B-5 Opal, chalcedony and quartz.- 7A Metapelites: Diversity in Progressive Regional Metamorphism.- 7A-1 Nature of the diversity.- 7A-2 Low-pressure metapelites in the Ryoke belt and Abukuma Plateau, Japan.- 7A-3 Low-pressure metapelites in Australia.- 7A-4 Low-pressure metapelites in France and Spain.- 7A-5 Low-pressure metapelites in North America.- 7A-6 Medium-pressure metapelites in the Scottish Highlands.- 7A-7 Medium-pressure metapelites in the Northern Appalachians.- 7A-8 High-pressure metapelites in the Alps.- 7A-9 High-pressure metapelites in the Sanbagawa belt, Japan.- 7A-10 High-pressure metaclastics in the California Coast Ranges.- 7B Metapelites: Progressive Mineral Changes.- 7B-1 Order of discussions.- 7B-2 Disappearance of clay minerals.- 7B-3 Paragonite.- 7B-4 Muscovite.- 7B-5 Chloritoid.- 7B-6 Chlorite.- 7B-7 Formation of biotite.- 7B-8 Plagioclase.- 7B-9 Cordierite.- 7B-10 Pyralspite garnets.- 7B-11 Staurolite.- 7B-12 Formation of andalusite and kyanite.- 7B-13 Phase relations of andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite.- 7B-14 Microcline to orthoclase.- 7B-15 Breakdown of muscovite.- 7B-16 Partial melting.- 7B-17 Breakdown of biotite.- 7B-18 AFM diagrams for progressive metamorphism of pelites.- 7B-19 Lawsonite and aragonite.- 7B-20 Formation of jadeite.- 7B-21 Oxides and sulphides of iron.- 7B-22 Organic material and graphite.- 8A Metabasites: Diversity in Progressive Regional Metamorphism.- 8A-1 Mineralogical sensitivity of metabasites.- 8A-2 Low-pressure metabasites in the Ryoke belt and Abukuma Plateau, Japan.- 8A-3 Low-pressure metabasites in Spain.- 8A-4 Low-pressure metabasites in Michigan.- 8A-5 Medium-pressure metabasites in the Scottish Highlands and Norway.- 8A-6 Medium-pressure metabasites in the Northern Appalachians.- 8A-7 Metabasites in passage from the amphibolite to the granulite facies.- 8A-8 High-pressure metabasites in the Sanbagawa belt, Japan.- 8A-9 High-pressure metabasites of the California Coast Rariges.- 8B Metabasites: Progressive Mineral Changes.- 8B-1 Chlorite.- 8B-2 Epidote and zoisite.- 8B-3 Plagioclase.- 8B-4 Calcic and subcalcic amphiboles.- 8B-5 Cummingtonite, anthophyllite and gedrite.- 8B-6 Muscovite and biotite.- 8B-7 Almandine garnet.- 8B-8 Calcic clinopyroxene.- 8B-9 Orthopyroxene.- 8B-10 Glaucophane.- 8B-11 Stilpnomelane.- 8B-12 Oxides and sulphides of iron.- 9 Progressive Regional Metamorphism of Limestones.- 9-1 Compositions of limestone and fluids.- 9-2 Limestones in low-pressure regional metamorphism.- 9-3 Limestones in medium-pressure regional metamorphism.- 9-4 Limestones in high-pressure regional metamorphism.- 9-5 Progressive metamorphic reactions in siliceous dolomitic limestones.- 9-6 Metamorphic reactions in alumina-containing siliceous limestones.- 10 Progressive Contact Metamorphism and Pyrometamorphism.- 10-1 Contact metamorphism of pelites to produce andalusite as the only Al2SiO5 mineral.- 10-2 Contact metamorphism of pelites to produce sillimanite with or without andalusite.- 10-3 Contact metamorphism of pelites to produce staurolite and kyanite.- 10-4 Possible example of partial melting in a contact aureole.- 10-5 Pyrometamorphism of pelitic and psammitic rocks.- 10-6 Contact metamorphism of basic rocks.- 10-7 Contact metamorphism of limestones.- 11 Metamorphic Facies and Facies Series.- 11-1 Development of the concept of metamorphic facies.- 11-2 Metamorphic facies of the low-pressure type.- 11-3 Metamorphic facies of the medium-pressure type.- 11-4 Metamorphic facies of the high-pressure type.- 12 Eclogites and the Eclogite Facies.- 12-1 Eclogites and Eskola's concept of the eclogite facies.- 12-2 Relation between the granulite and the eclogite facies.- 12-3 Relation between the eclogite and hydrous metamorphic facies.- 12-4 Eclogite inclusions.- 12-5 Granites and metapelites in the eclogite facies.- III Metamorphism and Crustal Evolution.- 13 Metamorphic Belts of North America.- 13-1 Constitution of North America 3.- 13-2 Metamorphism in the Canadian Shield.- 13-3 The metamorphic belt of the Appalachians.- 13-4 Metamorphic belts in the Cordilleran Mountains.- 14 Metamorphic Belts of Europe.- 14-1 Constitution of Europe.- 14-2 Metamorphism in the Baltic Shield.- 14-3 Metamorphic belts in the Caledonides.- 14-4 Metamorphic belts in the west European Hercynides.- 14-5 Metamorphic belts in the west European Alpides.- 14-6 Correlation and basements of metamorphic belts in the Atlantic regions.- 15 Metamorphic Belts in Japan and its Environs.- 15-1 Present-day arcs of the Japanese Islands.- 15-2 The Asiatic Continent and the Japanese Islands.- 15-3 Paired metamorphic belts.- 15-4 Hida metamorphic complex.- 15-5 High-pressure metamorphic terranes older than the Sangun belt.- 15-6 Sangun metamorphic belt.- 15-7 Ryoke metamorphic belt and Abukuma Plateau.- 15-8 Sanbagawa metamorphic belt.- 15-9 Metamorphism of the Shimanto terrane and the Mizuho orogenic belt.- 15-10 Summary of the chronology and distribution of metamorphic belts in the Honshu Arc.- 15-11 Hidaka and Kamuikotan metamorphic belts in Hokkaido.- 15-12 Metamorphic belts of the Ryukyu Arc and Taiwan.- 16 Metamorphic Belts in the Southwest Pacific.- 16-1 Characteristics of the Southwest Pacific regions.- 16-2 The Australian Continent.- 16-3 New Zealand.- 16-4 Celebes.- 16-5 New Caledonia.- 16-6 Yap Islands.- 17 Tectonics of Regional Metamorphic Belts.- 17-1 Tectonic classification of metamorphic belts.- 17-2 Variation in the rate of plate convergence and the relation between paired and unpaired metamorphic belts.- 17-3 Summary of geologic features of metamorphic belts.- 17-4 Tectonic significance of medium-pressure regional metamorphism.- 17-5 Temperature distribution in orogenic belts.- 17-6 Major faults, slab surfaces, aad the uplift of high-pressure metamorphic complexes.- 17-7 Tectonics of island arcs and paired metamorphic belts in the main part of Japan.- 18 Metamorphic Structure of Continental Crusts.- 18-1 Constitution of continents.- 18-2 Precambrian shields.- 18-3 Vertical differentiation of continental crusts.- 18-4 Phanerozoic orogenic belts.- 19 Ocean-floor Metamorphism and its Significance.- 19-1 Hard rocks of deep ocean floors.- 19-2 Metabasalts and metagabbros from deep ocean floors.- 19-3 Significance of ocean-floor metamorphism.- 20 Cataclastic Metamorphism along Transform Faults.- 20-1 Classification and field relations of cataclastic metamorphic rocks.- 20-2 The San Andreas fault zone in California.- 20-3 The Alpine fault of Naw Zealand.- 20-4 Cataclastic rocks along transform faults in ocean floors.- Appendix History of the Study of Metamorphism.- References.