Metaphysics: An Adventure in Self-discovery

December 23, 2014|
Metaphysics: An Adventure in Self-discovery by Peter Dennis


Have you ever wondered why you are here, where you came from or if there isn't a bigger picture? Do you know the Creator's purpose? How about yours? This book is about Metaphysical concepts, which, in reality, are Spiritual concepts. That's because meta means beyond and physics refers to the physical. Metaphysics, then is that branch of Philosophy that deals with the non-physical or the Spiritual. This book starts with the premise that we are spiritual beings existing in a physical universe, each with a specific purpose. It explains the nature of creation and our role in it, and it sheds considerable light on many of life's Bigger Questions, such as the ones cited above. As well, this book provides clear explanations for many of the spiritual concepts that are important to understanding our own spiritual nature, e.g. the densification of energy, past life regression, channeling, laws of the universe, extraterrestrials, meditation, creating the future, and a whole host of others. As we learn more about these concepts, we understand better where we fit in, we become more the architect of our destiny and less the victim of chance. As well, we can glimpse the beauty, order, and magnificence of the divine plan. Indeed, developing these insights and understandings is a great adventure, and importantly, an adventure in self-discovery. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Universe What Is God? God is All That Is God Is Not A Person God Is Pure Consciousness That Includes Everything God's Purpose Is To Experience And Create God Fragments Into Powerful Parts To Experience Limitation And Separation Summary We Are Multi-Dimensional And Holographic Summary We Densify Energy To Create The Illusion Of A Physical Universe The Seven Densities Summary 2. Some Other Pieces to the Puzzle Belief Reincarnation Laws of the Universe… Channeling Spirit Guides Angels Judgment Gratitude Injury, Dis-ease, and Aging Sleep Extraterrestrials Karma Predicting The Future Emotion 3. Some Thought Starters Birth and Death World Population The Earth as a Sentient Being Heroes The Observer The Disappearance of the Dinosaurs Lemuria Atlantis The Maya Play Television and Movies Climate Whales and Dolphins Domestic Pets Illness and Dis-ease Astrology Christ Consciousness A School of Patience A School of Relationships Self-Discovery 4. Meditation What Meditation Is Not… What Meditate Is Why Meditate? How to Meditate A Six-Step Procedure Some Additional Points About Meditation Meditation and Affirmations Some Example Affirmations Meditation and Goals The Power Of Written Goals S.M.A.R.T. Goals Some Additional Points About Goals… Summary How We Sabotage Goal Achievement Meditation and Stress A Few Points About Stress The Fight-Flight Response Meditation Is The Opposite To The Fight-Flight Response Major Stress Reducer #3, Diet Major Stress Reducer #4, Aerobic Exercise Major Stress Reducer #5, Be A Pleasure Seeker Summary A Guided meditation A Semi-guided Meditation 5. Applications Past Life Regression Seeing Auras The Ouija Board Intuition Psychometry 6. Conclusion & Summary 7. Bibliography

Title:Metaphysics: An Adventure in Self-discovery
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 23, 2014
Publisher:CAPCO International
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780969892694

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