Methods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics: To the Memory of Donald E. Carlson by Roger FosdickMethods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics: To the Memory of Donald E. Carlson by Roger Fosdick

Methods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics: To the Memory of Donald E. Carlson

byRoger Fosdick, Eliot Fried, Daniel Tortorelli

Hardcover | September 15, 2011

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This book is dedicated to the memory of Donald E. Carlson, who enjoyed a long distinguished career as a Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; he influenced the mechanics community through his teachings, publications and interactions. The book disseminates unique research investigations which give breadth and depth to the field of continuum mechanics and provide a vision for future advancements. The common bond of Don's publications was his sound theoretical developments and fundamental insight. He carefully delineated the principal roles of kinematics, conservation laws (including the second law of thermodynamics) and constitutive assumptions not only in his discussions and writings about fundamentals in mechanics but also in his work on the formulation of initial-boundary value problems that arise in modeling the behavior of elastic and thermoelastic bodies. This book expands this lucid practice by applying these roles to model a plethora of physical phenomena on the foundations and applications of modern continuum mechanics.This is a hardbound spinoff edition previously published in the Journal of Elasticity, volumes 104 and 105, 2011.
Title:Methods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics: To the Memory of Donald E. CarlsonFormat:HardcoverDimensions:828 pagesPublished:September 15, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface.- Microcanonical entropy and mesoscale dislocation mechanics and plasticity.- Plane-strain problems for a class of gradient elasticity models - a stress function approach.- Infinitesimal stability of the equilibrium states of an incompressible, Isotropic elastic tub under pressure.- Nonlinear thermoelastic materials with viscosity, and subject to internal constraints: a classical continuum thermodynamics approach.- Leading-order dynamics of gravity-driven flows in free-standing soap films.- On the thermodynamics of Korteweg fluids with heat conduction and viscosity.- Graphical illustrations for the Nur-Byerlee-Carroll proof of the formula for the Biot effective stress coefficient in poroelasticity.- Lonsdaleite model of open-cell elastic foams: theory and calibration.- Fiber remodeling during torsion of a fiber reinforced hyperelastic cylinder - unloading behavior.- Waves in fractal media.- A homogenized model for honeycomb cellular materials.- Errata for ``A homogenized model for honeycomb cellular materials".- Mindlin's problem for a half-space indented by a flexible plate.- On the motive power of chemical transformations in open systems.- Aspects of the phenomenological theory of elasticplastic deformation.- Towards a theory of thermoelastic conductors.- A large strain isotropic elasticity model based on molecular dynamics simulations of a metallic glass.- Of certain ambiguities and failings of Poisson's ratio in linear viscoelasticity.- On the bending and stretching elasticity of biopolymer filaments.- On the normal stresses in simple shearing of fiber-reinforced nonlinearly elastic materials.- On the formulation of thermodynamic models for solids as general equations for non-equilibrium reversible-irreversible coupling.- On a theory of thermoviscoelastic materials with voids.- The equations of equilibrium in orthogonal curvilinear reference coordinates.- Analysis of plane-strain crack problems (mode-I & mode-II) in the presence of surface elasticity.- Spatial behavior in pre-stressed constrained elastic cylinders.- A Simple Explicit formula for the Voigt-Reuss-Hill average of elastic polycrystals with arbitrary crystal and texture symmetries.- The moving plane inhomogeneity boundary with transformation strain.- Thermal stresses in an elastic rectangle.- Evolution equations for non-simple viscoelastic solids.- A Conceptual framework for problems in elastostatics.- On Stability analyses of three classical buckling problems for the elastic strut.- Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet.- Errata for ``Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet".- Response of an elastic body whose heat conduction is pressure dependent.- Velocities, stresses and vector bundle valued chains.- Simple thermomechanical materials with memory.- Equilibrium of phases with interfacial energy: a variational approach.- Theory of elastic shells based on a single constitutive assumption.- On the stability of incompressible elastic cylinders in uniaxial extension.- Secular equations for Rayleigh and Stoneley waves in exponentially graded elastic materials of general anisotropy under the influence of gravity.- A generalized formulation of elastodynnamics: small on rigid.- Huxley's model of muscle contraction with compliance.- Electromagnetically-induced deformation of functionalized fabric.