February 27, 2018|
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Naya, Slink, Stumpy and Hoo have all told their ‎stories, and now it’s Mewla’s turn. She would always ‎have to have the last word, of course!‎
The team is just leaving Mennon and its newly ‎restructured Warden Centre, and the Urzites are feeling ‎good. They did good work in Mennon. They finally got ‎revenge for Naya, so the Frightful Four can hold their ‎heads up at last. They also made new friends, righted ‎some wrongs, and made a lot of lives better. They can be ‎proud of themselves. Also, they’re almost to the hills and ‎Syana, in particular, has been looking forward to that for ‎weeks. It seems that life is finally settling down and they ‎can enjoy the rest of their journey in peace.‎
But, when Mewla is kidnapped, they realise there’s ‎more trouble to come. A criminal gang is out to capture ‎as many Urzites as they can and sell them. Humans and ‎Urzites are going to have to work together to overcome ‎this latest threat and keep the Urzites safe and, since ‎Mewla is the only one who can identify the kidnappers, ‎it’s going to be up to her to play a leading role. ‎
Can she put aside her brat cat ways and help save ‎herself and her friends from a fate worse than death? ‎Help, she might even have to stop being a spoiled kitten ‎and grow up a bit!‎

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 27, 2018
Publisher:Ashley Abbiss
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781370937905

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