MHR Functions and Applications 11 Exercise & Homework Book

Paperback | September 9, 2008

byEileen Jung, Bradley Smith, Loretta Johnson

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Exercise and Homework Book:

- Consumable workbook for students to review and strengthentheir skills

- Additional activities and lessons to work on at home

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Exercise and Homework Book:- Consumable workbook for students to review and strengthentheir skills- Additional activities and lessons to work on at home

Format:PaperbackDimensions:10.8 × 8.3 × 0.4 inPublished:September 9, 2008Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Quadratic Functions
Prerequisite Skills
1.1 Identify Functions
1.2 Domain and Range
1.3 Analyse Quadratic Functions
1.4 Stretches of Functions
1.5 Translations of Functions
1.6 Sketch Graphs Using Transformations
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 1 Practice Exam

Chapter 2 Factor Quadratic Expressions
Prerequisite Skills
2.1 Quadratic Functions: Exploring Forms
2.2 Quadratic Functions: Comparing Forms
2.3 Factor Quadratic Expressions of the Form ax2+bx+c
2.4 Select and Apply Factoring Strategies
2.5 Solve Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 2 Practice Exam

Chapter 3 Represent Quadratic Functions
Prerequisite Skills
3.1 Complete the Square
3.2 The Quadratic Formula
3.3 Real Roots of Quadratic Equations
3.4 Multiple Forms of Quadratic Functions
3.5 Model With Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Practice Exam

Chapter 4 Trigonometry
Prerequisite Skills
4.1 Use Trigonometry to Find Lengths
4.2 Use Trigonometry to Find Angles
4.3 Solve Problems Involving Two Right Triangles
4.4 Investigate the Sine Law
4.5 Investigate the Cosine Law
4.6 Make Connections With the Sine Law and the Cosine Law
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 4 Practice Exam

Chapter 5 Sine Functions
Prerequisite Skills
5.1 Periodic Functions
5.2 Circles and the Sine Ratio
5.3 Investigate the Sine Function
5.4 Investigate Transformations of Sine Curves
5.5 Make Connections With Sine Functions
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 5 Practice Exam

Chapter 6 Exponential Functions
Prerequisite Skills
6.1 The Exponent Rules
6.2 Evaluate Powers With Integer Exponents
6.3 Investigate Rational Exponents
6.4 Model Data With Exponential Functions
6.5 Exponential Functions and Their Properties
6.6 Compare Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions
6.7 Exponential Growth and Decay
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 6 Practice Exam

Chapter 7 Compound Interest
Prerequisite Skills
7.1 Explore Simple Interest and Compound Interest
7.2 The Compound Interest Formula
7.3 Present Value
7.4 Solve Financial Problems Using Technology
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 7 Practice Exam

Chapter 8 Annuities
Prerequisite Skills
8.1 Future Value of an Ordinary Simple Annuity
8.2 Present Value of an Ordinary Simple Annuity
8.3 Payments and Total Interest
8.4 Effects of Changing the Conditions of an Ordinary Simple Annuity
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 8 Practice Exam