Midnight Realm: Shadows can bring monsters

August 6, 2018|
Midnight Realm: Shadows can bring monsters
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Hannah Rowen has always wanted to visit Italy, so when she’s sent there by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to purchase a rare red diamond necklace, it’s a dream come true for the curator.
However, after she becomes entwined in an ancient vampire legend surrounding the beautiful necklace—known as the Jewel of Isis—she soon wishes they had sent someone else.

Armand was cursed into the mountains more than four hundred years ago by the goddess Isis, but thanks to an avalanche, he’s now free to roam the earth once more. He sets out to hunt down and kill the new guardian of the necklace that entombed him, but he becomes captivated with her instead; however, so has Valentino Aleron, who is a descendant of Egyptian vampire hunters.

On her trip to Venice, Hannah learns not all legends are fiction, and dreams can bring seduction. In a fight to stay alive and avoid becoming Armand’s immortal bride, she must trust Val and his family.

Shadows can bring monsters.

Title:Midnight Realm: Shadows can bring monsters
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 6, 2018
Publisher:Title Wave Publishing LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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