Millennial Leadership: Equipping Generations to Influence a New Millennium

November 12, 2019|
Millennial Leadership: Equipping Generations to Influence a New Millennium
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This new millennium has ushered in major global shifts. Technological advancements are shaping a brand new world and changing how people live. The Millennial generation is bringing significant changes to the workplace, and the shrinking global village is making each of us more aware of how we live with one another.

All of these changes are pointing to a revolutionary shift in leadership. Models used over the last century are becoming ineffective and having adverse effects on society's advancement.

The Millennial Leadership model is designed for this new millennium. Though designed from trends related to Millennials, this leadership model is for every generation. In the next five years, all leaders will need to shift if they want to remain relevant and effective. The Millennial Leader will be proficient at:

  • Being a Facilitator: leaders need to be brokers of their followers' success, leveraging their own platform for the betterment of others.
  • Being a Mentor: leaders need to teach what they know and systematically develop leaders under them to grow the overall leadership quotient.
  • Being a Futurist: leaders need to keep up with the speed of change by having the tools and skills to see the future before it is the present.
  • Being a Coach: leaders need to coach others to think, act, and make decisions rather than giving orders and pointing the way.

The Millennial Leadership model is the answer to the growing leadership conundrum created by the new world being built. Currently, we feel the problem in subtle ways where we can't place our fingers on it. Over the next five years, the problem will become an avalanche and leaders who fail to develop these roles in the Millennial Leadership model will find themselves swept out into the sea of ineffectiveness.

Title:Millennial Leadership: Equipping Generations to Influence a New Millennium
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 12, 2019
Publisher:Modern Inklings
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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