Mind Dimensions Books 0, 1, & 2 by Dima Zales

Mind Dimensions Books 0, 1, & 2

byDima Zales, Anna Zaires

Kobo ebook | June 10, 2015

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The first 3 stories in the Mind Dimensions series, now available in one convenient, low-priced bundle from a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author!


The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)


Darren's had it easy his whole life. Finishing Harvard at eighteen, a lucrative job on Wall Street at twenty-one—all things are possible when you can cheat by stepping outside time. Thanks to his ability, he's a know-it-all, but what he doesn't know is how he's able to do what he does.


That is, until he meets Mira and discovers her dangerous, hidden world.


The Time Stopper (A Mind Dimensions Story Prequel)


Mira can stop time, but she can't change anything. After her parents are murdered, she'll do anything to get revenge—even take on the Russian mob.


The Thought Pushers (Mind Dimensions Book 2)


Darren’s life turned upside down when he met Mira. Now, as he races to uncover his own identity, he confronts new enemies—and realizes his unique powers might extend further than he ever imagined...

Title:Mind Dimensions Books 0, 1, & 2Format:Kobo ebookPublished:June 10, 2015Publisher:Mozaika LLCLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Unexpectedly fun read Albeit using the setting that we have seen before with mind powers, main characters are likeable to a degree that i didn't mind cliches of the plot. It was written with a style to enjoy the fast paced story. Overall, it's a good read.
Date published: 2015-09-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very nice sci-fi-thriller for young adults Since it is almost impossible to review all three books as one without throwing in a lot of spoilers I decided to post separate reviews of these books in one post. BOOK 0: THE TIME STOPPER Mira is a young, beautiful woman, who watched her parents die by a bomb planted on their car. Now she is angry. Very angry. And she has a secret that will help her have her revenge. ------ This novella is a prequel to a publicly acclaimed Mind Dimensions series. As I haven't read any of the previous novels I was a bit afraid that I won't be able to understand what this series is all about. I didn't need to worry, though - this novella can be read on its own, explaining basic concepts of a mind dimension, and giving us an insight into the life of the characters that will show up later in the series. What intrigued me most was the decision not to have numerous battles with many splits to a mind dimension. On the contrary, instead of an action-packed, fast-paced thriller, this was more like a drama - drama that happens in the head of a young girl after watching her parents die. How she copes with it, how she uses her unique ability to delay that final moment as long as she can, how she deals with the fact that she will have to kill someone to have her revenge. Do not think there won't be some action though. We will see how the main protagonist uses her ability to fight Russian mobsters. We will also feel the frustration she has about the limits of her ability - she can stop the time, she can read someone's thoughts for a couple of minutes, but she cannot change anything in the real world. I would recommend this book to any young reader who is interested in the concept of mind-reading, coupled with some action. And if you are an adult - give it a shot. You might be surprised with what you will find. BOOK 1: THE THOUGHT READERS Having previously listened to "The Time Stopper" I already had some insight into the Mind Dimensions, but in this book the concepts are explained in detail. Here is Darren, a guy who makes a lot of money at a hedge fund. What no one knows is that he is cheating. And this kind of cheating is not possible to detect. The first part of the book brings us into Darren's mind; since his strange ability to freeze time is something he has never heard of before we find out that he is not completely sure that he is sane. He even has a therapist with whom he shares his experiences in this strange world he calls "The Quiet". This doesn't change the fact that he makes a lot of money, though. Everything changes when he incidentally meets another person who has the same ability, and who runs away when realising that he has it too. In his search for this person he finds out that this world he calls "The Quiet" is actually called Mind Dimension. He also gets a detailed explanations about what the Mind Dimension is and how it all works. This leads to the second part of the book, which is pure action. This part of the book I really enjoyed; with lots of chases and fights we find out how characters use the data from Mind Dimension in order to tweak things in the real world. As for why there are chases and fights, I won't spoil it for you - you will have to read for yourself. Then there is an unexpected ending. It is so well written that you immediately want to get your hands on the second book of the series and see what happens next. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone (especially to young adults) who is interested in a casual fantasy-science fiction. BOOK 2: THE THOUGHT PUSHERS Part two of the series brings us into the world of pushers - the other group of people who can visit the Mind Dimension. Instead of reading people's minds, as readers do, they have the ability to push people into doing whatever they want. The following text contains spoilers for those who did not read the first book. Please read it first. The story begins with Darren thinking about who he really is. It troubles him that he can read other people, but also can push them, which is unheard of. He will soon meet a group of pushers, and he will find out how two groups became separated. This meeting will present us with a view that not everything is black or white, good or bad. I particularly liked this part because it can be projected to the real world, too. With this new knowledge he will go back to his fellow readers. What follows is something you should read for yourself, since it is impossible to describe it without spoilers. I will just say that there will be quite a few unexpected twists, and the story will grab you and not let you go until you read all of it. Some of the scenes will literary make your heart jump. I can definitely say that this is the strongest book in the series, at least from an action-thriller standpoint. I will eagerly wait for the next book in the series, especially since I have no idea where it could lead us from here.
Date published: 2015-08-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from You can't miss this series! The Time stopper is definitely a favourite but is hard to decide where The Time Stopper is ranked in my audiobooks, but is sure in a high rank for all the intrigue, action and emotions involved in this mini-prequel. I love when the author makes an insight to the life of one of the most relevant actors in a book, it makes me feel like the world in the book is more real, more profound and deep that i thought at first. For the Thought Pushers Roberto Scarlato brought action, drama, emotions and a well representation of each character. If I would just read the book, of course I would enjoy it also, there was an awesome cliff hanger from book 1 which will bring me those emotions I experienced. But Roberto Scarlato brings to life my imagination of how the story unfolds. My favourite part in The Thought Readers was that the narrator was narrating the book like he was Darren in first person. For me that has pro's and con's. I liked it because it was more of an "inside of his head point of view" and that related so nice with the whole plot of the story, it was like those movies filmed from the character's eyes point of view, like for example, Enter The Void. It felt like that and I liked it. But, to be honest, I enjoy more when the narrator changes drastically character's voices and because Roberto's narration was just over Darren's point of view it lost that. Is just because I've previously enjoyed the book The Sorcery Code Volume 1, also by Dima Zales, and I like that the way the narrator in that book, personifies each character. Is just a personal preference.
Date published: 2015-08-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Can't Wait to read more! First off I have to say I love this series of books. The story is so new and fresh, I had never read any story like it. The author does a great job telling the story and drawing you in. The story follows Mira, her brother Eugene and Darren through situations like stopping time, reading minds, splitting into other dimensions, mystery, murder and a lot of intrigue. Each book draws you further into the storyline, you just want to keep going to find out what is happening next. With each book more characters are introduced and you find out more about each one and how their lives really intertwine, even when they had never met each other before. There are some great unexpected twists that you don't see coming. I would definitely recommend this set of books and without a doubt would love to read anything else from this author, especially the next one in this series.
Date published: 2015-06-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from a must read for all sci-fi fans out there! The Mind Dimensions Series is a must read for all you hardcore fans out there looking for a new author, this is true work of science fiction! The Time Stopper: Mind Dimensions, Book 0 This story is told through Mira’s perspective, so we not only learn of her situation firsthand, but we are able to feel her anger and thirst to exact vengeance for her parents' death. Emotions were believable and intense and I truly felt for Mira and everything that happened to her throughout. The author did a phenomenal job bringing the scenes to life—so entirely that I caught myself cringing at times while shaking off an intense visual, or wholeheartedly delighting in one. Overall, I enjoyed the story. It's a solid prequel to the Mind Dimensions series, The Thought Readers, which will leave you craving for more. The Thought Readers: Mind Dimensions, Book 1 This is my second book by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires and i must say that I am really impressed! The duo did a great job in writing this book and never failed to disappoint. The Thought Readers is a well written book about a guy named Darren with an unusual gift of stopping time around him by phasing into what he calls "the Quiet". One fateful night in the casino, he discovered that he was not the only one who possessed this gift but another mysterious girl who went by the name Mira. With the help of his hacker friend, Albert, Darren tracked her and found himself facing her brother Eugene, instead. Darren found out that he had another special ability and later discovered that there were two types of people like them who had this gift, the Reader, like him who could get inside someone's thoughts; and the Pusher, who could make someone do what they want. As the story progressed, i was hooked! If you are a fan of sci-fi & fantasy novels then this is definitely a must-read! The Thought Pushers: Mind Dimensions, Book 2 After I have finished The Thought Readers, I was looking forward to the next installment, The Thought Pushers and when I finally got my hands on this one, I was so ecstatic to read it right away! Authors, Dima Zales and Anna Zaires, writes with a persuasive pen that will pull you deep into the story. From the first page, the readers get thrusted into the continuation of Darren's exploits with secrets unfolding page after page. Finally, he finds out his true identity– him not only being a reader, but a pusher at the same time; finding out that his shrink is a guide(less harsh term for a pusher); learning that he has an aunt and that pushers are not really their enemies like what Mira and Eugene believes. Darren also learns that the real killers of Mira and Eugene's, as well as his parents are not who they think. I don't want to give away too much info regarding the twists so it's up to you to find out! Get this book now! You can thank me later.
Date published: 2015-06-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Great Science Fiction Book I have been reading Dima Zales' books the Mind Dimensions series since the beginning, and I have to say, I absolutely love them. The characters spring to life, and are identifiable, even though we are in a supernatural world with telepathy and other powers of the mind. The author knows how to make his fantasy world real for the reader. Also, he keeps the pace as the sequels to the books are written. You do not feel as if there is a bunch of filler, or that it the sequel was an after thought, but you feel as if everything was planned, and as it falls into place perfectly, just as it should be. Most of all, it keeps me wanting more and more. The books are exciting, and it is one of those things that if you begin reading and say your only going to read a half an hour, your likely to suddenly find your still reading two hours lately. I hope to see more from this author in the future.
Date published: 2015-06-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great story from start to finish! BOOK 0 - This novella encompasses a span of 24 hours centered around Mira’s 18th birthday. Her brother, Eugene, tries his best to make her breakfast and celebrate. Their typical awkwardness results in Mira packing a bag and taking off to blow off steam. Eventually she decides on going to a club where everything comes to a head. She is a thought reader. She can see into people’s minds and experience their thoughts and feelings. In the mind dimension she can undress people, look in their wallets, and learn more about them. This gift has shown to be both beneficial and detrimental. Just ask her about her last few minutes with her father. Mira finds herself in a sticky situation with the club owner, named Victor, and an acquaintance of his, Shkillet, whom she had met at a card game the previous night. A night that hadn’t gone as he’d planned… BOOK 1 - The book starts out a little slow but a few chapters in and you'll be hooked! I originally planned on listening to a few chapters here and there but wound up listening to all 6 hours from start to finish in one sitting! I was hooked on knowing more about Darren and his unique abilities. His new friends seem to know a lot more about it all than just benefiting here or there when playing cards or at the office. Although that was a "good start" to honing his skills on his own, he's about to be propelled into a world of readers and pushers. Initially believing he was the only one, he never fathomed what truly exists and yet his life may depend on it. The real question... what IS Darren?! Can't wait for the next installment to learn more about his family's past and how he handles what he has learned so far and where his journey goes next. BOOK 2 - What exactly is Darren? Who were his parents and why were they killed? Is it somehow linked with Mira and Eugene’s parents? This book delves more into the worlds of the readers and the guides. Darren gets an in-depth look into both sides from the inside. He also learns he has a relative. Who is the puppet master that keeps pushing to kill Darren, Mira and Eugene? It all goes down at the bridge. This was an intense page turner from start to finish. Darren is even more powerful than either group initially thought. Who can he trust, whose side should he choose? I can’t wait for the 3rd installment to reveal more answers and twists!
Date published: 2015-06-23