Mindscape Issue 12 by Amanda J. OwenMindscape Issue 12 by Amanda J. Owen

Mindscape Issue 12

byAmanda J. Owen

Paperback | August 8, 2016

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Welcome to Issue 12 of Mindscape Magazine, where we offer you an eclectic and diverse mix of views, explorations and many varied and in-depth venturing's into the perceived known, the unexpected, and the unknown.

We feature some amazing and captivating writings by some wonderful new contributing authors to Mindscape, from sound-based healing and the amazing Bio-Acoustic research of Sharry Edwards, who’s work spans over 20 years. Her focus on vocal profiling via voice spectral analysis revealing how it can be, and is being, used as a tool to interpret the dynamic and complicated frequency interactions within the body allowing for ways to predict and also treat various health issues. These incredible techniques also provide a rich insight into the possibility that the math-based bio-markers contained in the vocal patterns present a holographic representation of the human body!

We have Part Two of Derrick Scott van Heerden’s brilliant and in-depth exploration into Life, the Universe and Sound Frequency, by delving into the imprint of sound and musical harmony that reveals how Sacred Geometry really is frozen musical harmony, or that musical harmony is vibrating Sacred Geometry using the intrinsic patterns and formulae found throughout nature, showing us a rich interconnectedness of all things.

We also bring you our dynamic regular contributor to Brendan D. Murphy, who reveals how post-kundalini awakenings can be jump-started and elevated to new heights via DNA Activations, a process not to be missed for those of you seeking to get their energetic informational systems online and fully operational. We also delve in further with Brendan’s Part Two of Diary of a DNA Potentiator, where he describes how higher purpose and transformation of self is actuated by DNA Activation using sound.

We also have great pleasure in featuring one of the pioneering minds of science today - a deep thinker and doer of recent times, and of times gone past - a man who’s expansive and endless vision and depth of knowledge in bringing about change in our world has steered a huge body of work (based on Russell and Keely’s expansive work) into the present, and into the forefront of our minds propelling us into the future. The founder of The Pond Science Institute, Dale Pond with his incredible lecture ‘Sympathetic Vibratory Physics  - The Science and Technology of John Ernst Worrell Keely’ given at the free energy conference in Switzerland, shows the depth of knowledge and its potential impact and complete relevance in todays world is as pertinent now as it was the day it was given… this is a must read!

Jenny Mannion outlines how the Hawaiian prayer and healing practice of Ho’oponopono can be used as a very simple yet profound tool for forgiveness, and Marie Poirier shows us how our individual and collective beliefs have the absolute and intrinsic power of moulding our experience of reality, highlighting the importance and function of belief and how it translates into creating our reality.

Jenny Smedley explores her insights into how to achieve a deeper connection, understanding and communication with our animal friends using love, trust and acceptance.

In the wonderfully eloquent writings of Deborah Mahmoudieh, she sets out for us what, or rather who, is working against our collective right to live compassionately in the world we live in today in her deeply insightful piece - To Defeat the Divide and Conquer. 

Title:Mindscape Issue 12Format:PaperbackDimensions:100 pages, 11.69 × 8.27 × 0.27 inPublished:August 8, 2016Publisher:Green Earth PublishingLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Ho'oponopono, Jenny MannionA simple, yet profound tool for forgiveness - Ho'oponopono, (an Hawaiian prayer and healing practice) - is based on the fact that we are all connected and that we are responsible for the reality that we each create, individually - as well as collectively.Life, the Universe and Sound Frequency Part 2, Derrick Scott van HeerdenWe continue on our journey in Part 2 of Derrick's intricate piece into the fascinating connection between sound and our lives within the universe - explorations of which reveal a rich, intricate interconnectedness throughout all of nature.Diary of a DNA Potentiator, Brendan D MurphyIn Part 2 of Diary of a DNA Potentiator, Brendan delves further into his understandings and experience of DNA Activations, revealing their ability to actually engineer our reality in a fluid and synchronistic way, allowing our lives to flow into a knowing of our real purpose in the world and for much deeper understandings to unfurl our higher purpose. The Mystery Teachings of Ancient Egypt Part 4, Dee SmithDee Smith takes us further into this intricate and in-depth exploration of the Mystery Teachings of Ancient Egypt using Hermetics, Sacred Geometry, Mythology and Biblical Scriptures and what they reveal to us when viewed and deciphered through the eyes of the Tarot. The System of Belief and its Function, Misunderstood by Many, Marie Poirer.We cannot function within this physical realm, without the knowledge, awareness and clarity - as to how the system of Belief operates and the Purpose of its function. But in order for us to know this - we need to more clearly understand just what a belief is - and its impact upon our creations within our reality. To Defeat the Divide and Conquer, Deborah MahmoudiehWe live in perilous times and the choices we make this day impact not only ourselves, but also all life on earth. Knowledge is the foundation of power within an intelligent species, and the knowledge shared here reflects the results of a lifetime's learning and deep thought on the issue of what it means to be a human being and WHY it is so difficult to live compassionately.Soul to Soul, Human to Animal Communication, Jenny SmedleyA deeply insightful look into human to animal communication and how to achieve a deeper connection to our animal friends. Best-selling author Jenny Smedley, explores how this is accessible to anyone interested in expanding their scope of communication - using Love, Trust and Acceptance.The Difference Between Awake and Activated, Brendan D. MurphyBrendan highlights and explores the process of DNA Activations as a method for a further and much more expanded evolution of our potential well beyond the First stage that is the 'Awakening' process.Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Dale PondWe are all One. The Science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics demonstrates that all things are related and gives us a broad field in which all things can be studied. They are relative parts to a comprehensive and expansive whole. Immerse yourself in these incredible and paradigm-shifting writings, from the unstoppable force that is Dale Pond, founder of the Pond Science Institute.Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease, Sharry EdwardsSharry Edwards takes us through the incredible concept and workings of the emerging model of "Maths as Medicine" being assembled from the Bio-Acoustic research data, showing the huge potential that voice spectral analysis imparts - used to predict and also heal various health issues. Mystical Experiences, Dreams and VisionsImmerse yourself in this exploration into all things mystical in our regular feature, where we invite you - the reader to submit your own experiences in the realms of the mystical.Focus on the Global Freedom Movement with Brendan D Murphy and Aimee DevlinBrendan and Aimee conduct a most enlightening interview with the incredible Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA.