Miracles Still Happen... Trust Me: Giving Up Is Not An Option

January 22, 2018|
Miracles Still Happen... Trust Me: Giving Up Is Not An Option by Mary LaShonda Webber
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Miracles Still Happen . . . Trust Me is about a young African-American woman from a rural country town of Northwest Louisiana (Coushatta) who had some unfortunate tragedies throughout life that began with being molested by two uncles. This molestation set the tone for keeping secrets throughout her life's journey. With a hidden teenage pregnancy, suicide attempt, homelessness, a failed abusive marriage, surviving cancer, and a neurological disorder, which resulted in a total body paralysis, it is only through continued prayer and strong faith in God's divine promises that she overcomes the many challenges from childhood through her adult years. Throughout her life, she experiences trials, tragedies, and triumphs. However, it is not until she is challenged with a total body paralysis and has to depend on her thirteen-year-old son as her caretaker that her faith is tested greater than ever before, and she regains the most compelling spiritual, mental, and emotional connection with God. Miracles Still Happen . . . Trust Me shows how God chose a broken, hurt, country girl who mothered a child out of wedlock and protected her from death numerous times to witness and share her life's miracles. These same miracles would be used to encourage every soul to pray, to build a relationship with God, and to never give up or never let anyone's opinion define who you are or determine who you can become. Each of us is a unique miracle from God. Each time life begins, a miracle happens. Every walk of life is designed to build and mold you into the miracle that you are. If only we would have faith, learn to listen, obey, and trust God's direction, we could rest assured that miracles still happen.

Title:Miracles Still Happen... Trust Me: Giving Up Is Not An Option
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 22, 2018
Publisher:Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781641143677

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