Miraculous Silence: A Journey To Illumination And Healing Through Prayer by Mitra RahbarMiraculous Silence: A Journey To Illumination And Healing Through Prayer by Mitra Rahbar

Miraculous Silence: A Journey To Illumination And Healing Through Prayer

byMitra Rahbar

Paperback | December 29, 2015

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Regardless of where you are in life—whether you’re celebrating new beginnings, mourning a loss, weathering a hardship, or seeking inspiration—you will find this book of prayers to be the perfect companion.

At seventeen, Mitra Rahbar left her homeland due to political unrest. However, she would soon find her way in an unfamiliar land through an ever-deepening prayer life that led her to her soul’s core. Turning outward, she pursued a life of service—first as a social worker and then as a spiritual teacher, healer, and guide. Having worked with students from many walks of life for more than thirty years, Rahbar has a deep understanding of what spiritual seekers long to learn and how best to teach them.

In Miraculous Silence, she takes us on a journey into the sacred space of prayer and spiritual healing, providing practical guidance on how to pray and meditate, as well as many of her own prayers to inspire and encourage us. Rahbar also suggests images to visualize and meditate on, mantras to recite in every situation, and stones to aid in the healing process. In these practices, prayers, and inspirations, you will find comfort, illumination, and renewal.
Mitra Rahbar is a spiritual teacher, healer, and guide. Born into the mystical tradition of Iran, Rahbar grew up in Tehran, surrounded by spiritual and literary influences that included her grandfather's Dervish philosophy, her mother's classical poetry, and the works of great Persian poets such as Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, and Gibran. Now l...
Title:Miraculous Silence: A Journey To Illumination And Healing Through PrayerFormat:PaperbackDimensions:400 pages, 8 × 5.3 × 1 inPublished:December 29, 2015Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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table of contentsprefaceFrom the time I found myself and my voice, I knew and felt my connection to the Divine. I knew God before I could speak—maybe not the word, but I knew God in the very fiber of my being; I knew I had come here with this faith and knowledge. At barely the age of four, in a conversation with my mother, I asked, “Did God create us all?”“Yes,” my mother replied.“Then we all have to love each other, because we’re made by the same God,” I said. In that moment, I felt the birth of a greater love in me: God resided in each of us, and therefore we were all connected. We were all the children of God. The seed of my soul had awakened to this knowledge that our Eternal Parent is the sacred thread that weaves us all together in this tapestry of life.As a young child, this understanding, coupled with my outgoing personality, led me to embrace everyone with a smile and a hug. I felt a knowing comfort in this connection. Strangers at first appeared to hesitate when I would smile at them, but in a matter of moments, each heart would melt at the sight of a young child who would not stop smiling. In a split second, my smile would be reciprocated!As a teenager, I found myself in a new country—due to political unrest in my homeland—far removed from all I knew, loved, and understood. The trials of immigration, loss of loved ones, financial struggles, and my deep longing for my beloved homeland and family were depleting the reserves of my young life. With the passage of time, my inner baggage was getting heavier. I found refuge in prayer circles comprised of women only. There, in the hours of chanting, and amidst the cries of my many sisters, I would lose myself in the infinite love of the Divine. As a young woman, pregnant tears would burst fervently upon my face, awakening a deep longing that would call to me. The prayers and chants were a much needed quiet for my yearning soul, but deep in my core, I knew that soon I would be unable to withstand the weight of the heavy baggage that remained with me.The suicide of a dear friend led me to the altar of a sacred sanctuary one afternoon in the midst of winter. My body could not contain my disbelief and shock. I swayed with this grief for countless minutes. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my head. I heard a voice as I lifted my eyes.“You have cried enough. God has heard you,” said an elderly man with a captivating presence. “Get up,” he said. I got up, in a haze, taken by his commanding demeanor and gentle voice.In the months that followed, the whimper of my soul was slowly becoming a cry, screaming, “Look at me, look at me.” A choice was upon me: to look or to ignore. The words of the old man kept ringing in my ears. Until that moment, I had understood prayer as going to a place of worship or just talking to God and allowing my soul to be dissolved in the Infinite. But this stranger had proposed a new thought to me: God had heard me. I had been heard. These four words opened the pathways of my mind to a deeper understanding of prayer and my connection to God. They implied that I could have a conversation with God, that He was within my reach, not somewhere far, but here with me. With that, I decided. I looked. I devoted myself to creating sacred space each day and laid my tired body at the gates of God’s love. I chanted, meditated, visualized, used stones, prayed . . . and prayed.In those years, in the midst of my inner chaos, I chose to delve deeper into my soul, peeling aside the layers of pain, one by one, to create healing. Like a soldier on a mission, I devoted my life to this. I would sit with God, talk with God, and rest with God. As I slowly unraveled, I could see a radiant light at my core—one that was fearless, with beautiful brilliance, as designed by the Beloved. The prayers had taken me to the seed of my soul, beyond the chatter and clutter. I could barely contain myself as my tears would birth a joy and love so profound upon my chest and being. In this silence, I had found the most precious and treasured gift of all: God and me.When friends would invite me out, I would leave early, thinking, I have a date with God! Sitting in prayer was the best part of my day . . . and of me. He was always waiting, and I was always yearning.For my entire life up to that point, I had been swimming against the tides of my culture, my peers, my friends, and my age. This had created some inner conflict and discomfort in me, although I had always followed my truth and heard my voice clearly. As I emerged, so did another truth: I realized that the tides were my tides, and I was following my own current; I embraced being different and choosing differently. In this acceptance and honoring of the self, I broke through the walls of judgment, guilt, and self-pity and found a new freedom of self and life. I surrendered to the divine design of the Universe and all its splendor.In over three decades of work, I have seen the yearning and emptiness we can all experience. I have seen the waves of uncertainty and fear that can wash out our reserve. And I have seen and known that our only real anchor is faith. It is faith that keeps us from staying down. It is faith that lifts us when we cannot find the strength to stand. And it is faith that sits in the space between the fall and the standing.To me, prayer was and is the best part of me, my life, and my day. I have never known another way but prayer—to awaken the heart and find the deep, loving bond with its Maker. As faith fuels me, anchors me, and guides me, prayer quiets me and connects me more deeply and beautifully to God. In the sacred space of prayer, there is no hierarchy and there are no separations: there is only the child and the Maker. None of His children is more valued, none more precious; all are equally loved, each special and beautiful to the Eternal Parent; there is only unconditional love.As the prayers found me, and I them, I realized that my life and my breath were a prayer each day. Today I know no other way of facing the travesties or unfairness we all sometimes witness or experience. As I know the sun shall rise tomorrow, I know what our planet needs for its healing is prayer—for prayer is the portal to the goodness, the light, that resides within us. This is the light that will lead us to a world and life of nonviolence, of harmony, compassion, kindness, and ultimately, peace.As this little book of prayer is now finished, I already miss the journey it took me on—a magical ride into the heart of the Beloved, sealed forever within my soul.My hope is that this collection of prayers will be a gateway to healing and a portal to self-love and God’s love. As you receive these prayers with your heart, may you further create healing in your life and the world.With love, I offer you these prayers—these passages to enlightenment, devotion, and healing. As you open your hearts to them, may you feel that the hand of God is lifting you, even when you cannot see it. As you read, may you believe, and as you believe, may you connect to the brilliance and beauty that lies between your heart and God.I offer you Miraculous Silence.notes from the authorMy hope is that Miraculous Silence will be received as intended—a book of prayers for healing and illumination for all. Here are a few notes, distinctions, and suggestions that I hope will enhance your experience and bring more clarity to the book’s contents:   • The words chosen to refer to God in this book are not meant to reflect any specific religion, but to allow for interpretation by the reader based on his or her own religious or spiritual background and/or to reflect the popular understanding of universal spirit/energy/source.   • Many titles are used interchangeably in referring to God—for example, Lord, Father, Mother, Eternal Parent, Beloved, Spirit, Divine, Light, Source, Maker.   • For consistency and simplicity, the masculine pronoun “He” is often used in reference to God, but it can be replaced with “She” based on the belief system or preference of the reader.   • Mother Earth is used to refer to the energy—the spirit of the earth—that nurtures us all.   • The words “Kingdom,” “Creation,” and “Universe” here are meant as a nonreligious reference to all of creation—the space of God’s domain.   • The words “Amen,” Namaste (Sanskrit, “I bow to you”), Khodaya (Farsi, “oh God,” to call to the Divine), and Shokran (Arabic, “to give thanks”) are used as ending notes for certain prayers throughout the book. Their derivation from different backgrounds reflects the book’s universal outlook.   • For best results, please release any judgments that might arise regarding body posture or specific mind-sets during the practices recommended here (meditation, mantra, etc.). Allow the practice to take its own form. Let your body and higher intuition guide you.   • The essence of any type of spiritual practice is intention. When the intention of the soul is to bring forth healing and awareness, all the pieces fall into place and flow beautifully. Intention, along with discipline, patience, belief, and allowance (openness of the mind and heart), are key to a fulfilling practice.   • Many prayers in the book include suggestions for the use of stones or mantras. These suggestions are meant to further enhance your healing and bring greater illumination to the focus of the prayer, but are completely optional. Integrate any of these suggestions only if you feel moved to, noting that while many choices are given, using just one or two stones and/or mantras is sufficient.   • Vedic and Buddhist mantras are used frequently in the prayers because these traditions have the largest collections of mantras.   • During any of the prayers and/or sacred space practices in this book, a white candle can be lit to provide further support in becoming focused and centered. The candle is not only comforting but also enhances our space. When praying for someone other than yourself, you may light additional candles.    • It is recommended that you remove jewelry (unless it has a special significance to you) and turn off mobile phones and other potential distractions during any of these sacred space practices. You might also run your hands through cold water to neutralize your energy fields.opening prayerPrayer is a whisper of the soul.Prayer is a yearning of the heart.Prayer is a nakedness of being,in receiving God.Let your soul sing this song.Let your heart beat with this pulse.Let your body let goand be with the Light,as intended.Speak, sing, be silent . . .Just open your soul to you.Open your soul to the Infinite . . .There,lies only a place of peace,a place of love.When this love is upon you,when your pregnant tears give birth to release,when laughter fills each cell of your body with love,when your sigh becomes a connectionwith everything around you . . .this will be Grace,upon each strand,each note,each pause.You will be in the highest joy,in the most poignant moment,in the most profound comfort . . .You will be with God.Allow this,create this,and become this:a light bearerof the Divine.sacred space (introduction)From a very young age, we learn to create space for all we do. We initially learn this from our bodies, instinctively, as we tune into our inner rhythms and, for example, know when we are hungry, and when we need to sleep. As we get older, we create other external spaces for playing, resting, eating, and doing homework. In time, we create physical space for our books, clothes, furniture, and electronics, and time slots for all the important activities of the day. We learn to value and respect these spaces and activities, and they become the fabric of our daily existence.Soon, however, the life we have created is governed by these allowances. All the available physical space for our possessions, and time slots on the daily “to-do” list, become very congested. And now in the age of modern technology, it has become commonplace for us to fill whatever remaining space we might have with a barrage of “virtual” interactions, such as social media and texting, until there is simply no space left at all.As a result, we may feel a sense of deep discontent over time, a void beyond what we can even express. Although our lives appear to be so full of activity, so filled with possessions, we may feel restless, anxious, or profoundly unfulfilled. This is the emptiness that results when the heart is void of devotion, of being with God. When we allow ourselves an instant of true quiet, we might hear a whisper or, at times, a powerful cry. This is our soul yearning for the Divine, reminding us that we have a task at hand; no one can ignore this cry for too long, for the anguish and decay will grow deeper and deeper.The inner child longs for the embrace and caress of the Eternal Parent—the Beloved—and it is only in this connection that the soul can regain its peace. The umbilical cord linking soul to God is never cut, even as our preoccupation with the physical realm and its ceaseless activity seems to take priority.The irony of this no-more-space/no-more-time reality is this: we have ignored the most important, fulfilling, and life-altering space there is—sacred space. Miraculous Silence is largely about reclaiming this space of worship, of light, of devotion, of connection with the Divine, through prayer and other supportive practices. This is, in fact, the only space we really have that consistently fuels us on the deepest level and provides us with true joy, happiness, and peace.We create this sacred space physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally within our core. As we open our hearts and awaken to the light that governs the Universe, we connect to the light within our own being. We create a sacred space to sit, talk, and be with God. We may have faith and feel like we know God, but now we recognize that to be at peace, to be fulfilled, to be elevated, and to be enlightened, we must not only believe but also engage in a devotional practice of connecting more deeply with God.Imagine a beautiful garden, lush with vibrant colors and alive with rich fragrance. We find a space of green grass amidst it, take off our shoes, and sit or lie down and embrace the warmth of the earth. Once we do, we are able to take in the beauty of the garden and bask in the full glory of the sun. Similarly, we need to create the sacred space within by tapping gently on the door of the soul. As it opens, we will see an even more magnificent garden—a feast for our senses—as we bask in the glory of God.The door to the spiritual garden of the soul can be opened through prayer and practices such as meditation, visualization, and reciting mantras. Devotion to such disciplines will open this sacred space beautifully.Wherever you are in your journey, I invite you to create this space, to allow it, and to embrace it. What will unfold to you will be a sacred space of ultimate peace—the ultimate gift you can receive . . . a miraculous silence.understanding prayerAs food is necessary for the body, prayer is necessary for the soul . . . believing in God, man cannot, should not live a moment without prayer.—MAHATMA GANDHIPrayer is an integral part of devotion. Understanding the significance and meaning of prayer will allow us to access a deeper place of intention and allowance while praying.WHAT IS PRAYER?Prayer is sitting with God and opening our hearts to Him. It is the act of communion with God. It is a calling out to God, optimally from a pure place within our soul, from the light within. It is a pure intention of the heart to be with the Divine. Whether in silence, or in the form of a whisper, a cry, a spoken word, a song, or a movement, the essence is the same: prayer is always between you and God.WHAT ARE THE ORIGINS OF PRAYER?The origins of prayer are unknown. However, we can only assume that from the time humans have existed on Earth, prayer has also existed in some form—be it as a conversation, a silence, or any other form of communication from the heart. There may not have been words that defined God or prayer, but in the depth of each heart there must have always been a connection, a communication to Source, that perhaps could not be named or defined.WHY IS PRAYER IMPORTANT?One of the best ways to reach true spiritual enlightenment is through prayer. Prayer is as critical to our spiritual being as water and food are to our physical bodies. A body that is malnourished will be more susceptible to illness. Similarly, a soul that does not communicate, or sit, with God may feel more restless or incomplete.The cry of a baby can only be quieted by the tender touch of a mother’s love. We are each the child, and God is our Mother, our Father. The child needs to be held in the embrace of the Eternal Parent. We need to allow ourselves to be embraced by, and in, this divine love. One of the best ways to achieve this is through prayer.When we pray, we allow ourselves to become whole, at peace, ignited by the love of the Divine, better understanding not only the realms of existence but also the connection of all forms of life and spirit to one another.HOW DO I PRAY?Find a physical space you are comfortable with and allow yourself to go to the deepest, purest place within your soul. Allow yourself to open your heart to the Divine. Do not focus on the words but on your heart: what does it wish to express? Close your eyes and reconnect to your inner core. You may not find words, but if you allow yourself to just be and feel, you will connect to the depth of your emotions, and they will flow and channel through you. As you relax more into this and allow yourself to sit nakedly before God, you will unveil yourself to God, and come closer to your truth. This is your communion, and in these moments your heart is connecting with the Divine and your soul is speaking to God. You will experience moments of miraculous silence in thought, speaking, and feeling. This is prayer.Prayer needs to come from a place of purity and goodness, void of ego or pride. If our hearts and thoughts are impure, even the most beautiful of spoken words will be meaningless. But if our hearts are calling to the Beloved from the space of our inner light, our prayers will come from a place of pure intention.Those who pray only occasionally may need to consciously create this sacred space; however, with regular devotion to the practice of prayer, we can more easily access this space. For sages, prophets, and men and women of the cloth—who are disciplined practitioners and have incorporated prayer into each moment of their lives—the space can typically be easily accessed. As we weave prayer into our daily routines, we can also access the sacred space without much effort and without conscious thought. This is truly allowing and living with the Divine in the landscape of our daily life.WHERE DO I PRAY?Throughout the world, people of various religions and backgrounds have their own ways and places to practice prayer. Many go to mosques, temples, churches, or synagogues to find that sacred space of prayer, while others may pray in the private sanctuary of their home or in nature. In truth, God is within our hearts at all times. He awaits us, at any moment, at any place, to be with Him.Prayer is about allowing and opening the sacred space within—no matter where we are. It need not be limited to places of worship but can take place anywhere—in a car in the middle of the highway, in an airplane, or in a kitchen. Many have expressed to me that they constantly speak to God while driving. Is this prayer of less value than that of a person who goes to a house of worship to pray? No, the value is in the purity of the intention behind the prayer, not the location.WHEN DO I PRAY?Prayer can be done at any time, in any place, at any moment. God does not ever move away from us. He is the Only Constant.Many turn to prayer only when they feel desperate or lost, or when they want to ask for something. It is never wrong to turn to God, in any circumstance or way, but as the great poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran states, “You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.” The heart yearns to seek God not only in times of distress but also in times of joy and confidence.Prayer can best create enlightenment and true spiritual growth when it is interwoven with our daily life. Do we think of eating one day but not the next? Do we think of sleeping one day but not the next? No, for food and rest are integral parts of our physical well-being. And similarly, prayer is an integral part of our spiritual well-being, elevation, and inner growth. When we pray each day, we are allowing our inner soul to sit with the Light, to be nurtured, loved, and nourished. God becomes a part of us, not something we think of only once in a while when we feel desperate or lonely.HOW DO I CHOOSE THE WORDS TO PRAY?Sometimes words do not suffice, or we simply cannot find the words to express our hearts’ prayers. At such times, just sit with God. You will find Him in your heart. He resides there. Do not analyze or overthink it. Just allow yourself to be, to unveil—therein lies your truth. As your feelings flow, the words may follow. However, remember that even if the words do not come to you, or if you cannot formulate the words well, your heart will still find God and communicate with Him. Your sentiments will ring of truth and purity.CAN PRAYER HAVE NO WORDS?Yes! Prayer is communion with God. Some may pray through dance, others through song, and others through their silent moments. They may feel the sacredness of their inner space and open their hearts in connecting and communicating with God without using spoken words. The soul does not need words to pray to the Divine; it only needs an open heart to embrace this communion.IS THERE ONE FORM OF PRAYER?No, there are many forms of prayer. The existing forms of prayer used by people throughout the world are varied and diverse, based on religion, tradition, faith, culture, and personal preference. For example, in traditional Islam the namaz is done five times a day, in sitting and standing positions, while in Sufism (the mystical dimension of Islam) prayer may be done through whirling, losing oneself in Infinite Grace. In Judaism, prayer may be done with shuckling (swaying of the body), while Christians may bow their heads or kneel during prayer. In Hinduism, the chanting of mantras may be used as a form of prayer, while some Native Americans may conduct prayer by dancing in rhythms.Different people and traditions have various rituals for praying, such as washing hands, taking off shoes, or wearing a specific headdress. Some use verses or passages from a holy book, while others may speak out loud, using their own words. Some may use songs, chants, or movements, while others pray in silence and stillness. Some pray in groups, while others do so individually.No matter the form, the essence of prayer does not change: it is to find a connection to the Divine.WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PRAYER WITH A GROUP?Prayer is a powerful practice—not only in bringing us closer to God, but to each other. In addition to praying individually, we can also pray with a group. When prayers are done in group settings—whether in synagogues, mosques, churches, or temples—the word “me” is often replaced by “us.” This creates a communal feeling and a synergy of selflessness, of all becoming one—as links of a chain—and brings us closer together, as we share our pain, our joy, and our connection to the Divine.Another benefit to group prayer is that we can use it as a powerful tool for praying collectively for the world, creating healing light, and bringing us closer to humanity. Together with others, we bring forth compassion and kindness, which we can carry into our daily lives and our communities. This is one of the most powerful and healing ways to pray.ARE PRAYERS ANSWERED?Some people practice prayer primarily because their souls crave, love, desire, and long for it, and from it, they receive their ultimate fulfillment. But many pray to God to find a solution to a dilemma or to make a specific request.Over the years, many have expressed their frustration to me, saying that their prayers have not been heard or answered although they sat earnestly, with pure intentions, night after night. “Ask and it will be given to you,” states Matthew 7:7, so when people do not receive what they have asked for, they feel disheartened. However, the next verse in Matthew holds the answer: “Search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” The key is the last few words: “the door will be opened to you.” This door may be that of knowledge, of faith, grace, or wisdom. Through continued prayer, the light will be shown to us to guide our way, and we will receive our answer—even if it is different from what we had hoped and wished for.If we feel our prayers have not been answered, we must trust and have faith that there is a divine reason—we may not be ready for it, it may not be intended by Spirit for us at this time, or it may not be part of our soul’s journey. We need to honor God’s plan for us. At such times, we need to learn to surrender our human wishes and expectations, and simply “give it to God.”Once you integrate prayer into the landscape of your life, you will see flowers blooming at each turn. This is prayer: the awakening of the heart to Creation.prayersdevotional prayersI AM THY GODI am not of earth or sky.I am not of sea or wind.I am not of fire or rain.I am not seen or touched.I am not heard or silenced.I am not of matter or structure.I am not of form or design.I am not fluid or solid.I am not future or past.I am the Creator.I am All, and there is nothing but I.I am that which has no definition.I am that which is eternal.I am the Only . . .Timeless.Light.Love.I am thy God.THE ALWAYS CONSTANTI am here,the Always Constant.I am here,in quiet or chaos.I am here,in peace or turmoil.I need no explanation.I need not your eyes to see mebut your heart to feel me.I need not your mind to question me,but your soul to search for the only truth that is . . .I am.I am within you.I am all that you see around you.I am all there is—that which you seeand that which you do not.I am it all.My children are of different forms and colors.All are of me.All are intertwined.I am the parent,and you are all my children.There is no present, past, or future . . .All is passing and fluid as time.You all know me.Even those who say they do not,know me in their quiet.Those who denounce me know mebut question my ways.Those who pray and speak to me know me.When they close their eyes,they feel me.Search not for me between walls and borders,but in the love that is between you.I lie there . . .You need not understand me,but learn to understand yourself,and through this,you will see me more clearly.I am to see all.I am to help you elevate.I am to be your guide.I am to be your God.I am here.Hear me.Listen . . .In the wind and rain,breeze and hail,cold and heat,it is I,caressing you always.In my children,Sun, Moon, and Stars,you will find my heavenly homenestled in the sky.In my children,Ocean and Earth,you will find your comfort and sanctuary.And in my forests and deserts,you will seek your refuge.Know,in each turn,in each quake,in each thunder,I am the Always Constant.And you are forevermy child.Here,now,and always.THAT WHICH ISThat which is given,and that which is mine to keep,and yet never belongs to me . . .That which is beyond meand yet within me,and that which resides within the coreand the entirety of my existence . . .That which I can still seein the deep, silent darknesswhen I close my eyes . . .That which is beyond the moon and stars,and encompasses the mountainsand the cycles of nature . . .That which cannot be definedand yet,is the definitionof all that is seen,felt, heard, touched, or sensed . . .That which lies within me,and strengthens mein the height of calamity,so I do not collapse . . .That which awakens within me,when I cannot bear waking upto face myself . . .That which is love,replacing all longing,releasing all fear and anger,all greed and guilt . . .That which is the voice of truth,even when I choose not to hear . . .That which is more sacred than any flesh or blood . . .past, present, or future . . .That which is so much more,and beyond my realm of thought or vision . . .That which believes in meeven when I do not,is kind to meeven when I am not,and forgives meeven when I cannot . . .Always.That which makes sensewhen I do not . . .That which needs no explanation . . .ThatisGod.I AM ALWAYS HEREIt is I who holds you.It is I who lifts you.It is I who believes in you always.It is I who loves you from before time began.It is I who will never leave you.Although you forget me at times,question me at times,denounce me at times,I will never stop believing in you,I will always carry you . . .for you are my child,my creation.I will never forget you.I will never begrudge you.I will never turn my back on you.See me,for I am here.In silence and chaos,I sit beside you.See me,for I am within you . . .the Light in the darkness,and the Light in the light.See me,for then you will see onlythe face of Love in each turn.And you will know . . .I am always here.ONCE AGAINSometimes we are unable to see the light of God, for our disappointments and sorrows feel overwhelming. At such moments, simply sit with God and feel His embrace.STONES TO USERHODONITE: to center and redirect to the higher selfTURQUOISE: to heal and connect to SpiritLAPIS LAZULI: to see through the eyes of higher wisdomGIRASOL: to bring forth the inner joy of beingMANTRAChant the name of the Divine, in any way that you wishWhen love disappoints and friendships fail,when life seems to go in a different directionthan what we had hoped for,when parents die and families disperse,when life crumbles and our dreams are shattered . . .In the heaviness of being in such moments,as we sit alone in darkness of thought,unable to see the light that carries us each day . . .In a space within our hearts,in the core of our existence . . .There,sits God,always,awaiting us.As we sit in this sacred space,the rays of light become brighter and fill our hearts,and slowly,the clouds of gray drift away . . .And there,magically,in a moment of time,we find hope,we find colors,we find life.There,we see God.Liftedinto a place of healing,slowly,we emerge . . .whole again.The promise of seasons,the promise that time does not hold still,the promise that this too shall pass,lightens the heavy-burdened heart.There,we sit with God . . .our only Ever Constant,forever and beyond . . .our Everything.As we lay our head on His lap,we sleep . . .His embrace lifts all sorrowfrom our weary soul.With the awakening of daylight,our eyelids opento a brand-new day of promise.All is possible now,for once again,we see God.I COME TO YOUAt times, we need to simply sit at the doorway of the Divine and allow our soul to cry. And in this quiet, we can listen . . . and hear the whisper of Truth. Allow, and you will find your answer.STONES TO USEROSE QUARTZ: to heal, to honor the selfRUBY/GARNET: to create vitality, to renew the spiritMOSS AGATE: to restoreGIRASOL: to bring forth optimismAMBER: to soothe and lift the spiritLAPIS LAZULI: to connect to higher wisdomMALACHITE/ONYX/TOPAZ: to strengthenMANTRAS“Thy love is upon me, I trust my heart will see”SATNAM: to connect with your higher truthSO HUM/HAM SA: to connect to the breath of life and the UniverseMangala Charan Mantra (see appendix A)Chant the name of the Divine, in any way that you wishMEDITATION/VISUALIZATIONAs you breathe in and out, see a beautiful golden white light within and around you. Nestle your being in this embrace. Sit with it and allow it to cradle you.I have come to You in quiet.I have come to You in anger.I have come to You screaming.I have come to You not understanding.I have always come to You.I understand not the twists and turns my life has taken.I understand not why the castle of my dreamscrumbled so quickly before my eyes.I understand not the bleeding of my torn heart,through dark nights of sheer terror.I understand not.I ask You today to lift me,for my legs are weak and cannot carry me.I ask You to help me build a new castle of dreams.I ask You to guide me,so I can make sense of the senselessness.And, above all,

Editorial Reviews

   •  “Mitra has been a dear friend and confidante for over twenty years. She is a healer and a teacher to many, a unique beauty and a bright Light. What an invaluable gift she has to offer through these prayers and through her wisdom, which has been born out of her life’s journey. Her voice is clear and will guide you, teach you, and inspire you. Wherever you are in your life, whatever challenge you are faced with that you feel is blocking you, there will be some gem found in this book that will help you break through and lead you forward.” --Jennifer Aniston   • "Mitra Rahbar offers poetic prayers and wisdom that relate to life's everyday practical moments, and gives us tools we can use and live by. Miraculous Silence is a very special book, in a class with Khalil Gibran's The Prophet." --Billy Dee Williams   •  “Mitra already brings so much Light and guidance to those of us who know her--I’m thrilled that now, so many others will get to experience this . . . Her poetic prayers are full of wisdom and insight. Miraculous Silence will guide you into a sacred space of love through prayer, and leads you on a powerful, meaningful spiritual journey into the heart of God. What a transformative and healing book!” --Sheryl Crow   •  “Mitra's voice is so soothing, and it's wonderful to have these prayers to remind us that we are all Light energy, and we are all one with the universe.” --Gisele Bundchen   •  “The mystical beauty in Mitra’s poetry and prayers is a precious, timeless gift. She has captured the essence of an audacious, empowering love and the reality of joy.” --Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential   •  “Mitra’s many gifts are beautifully reflected in her new inspirational and illuminating work. Her serene yet powerful prayers have helped me find a deeper experience of peace, joy, and love on a daily basis. For all those looking to create a more peaceful world and expand their spiritual path through prayer … I can think of no better source than Mitra’s book to turn to.” --Randolph Duke, fashion designer